Abortion Discussion: Seek to Understand

It is difficult to debate contemporary issues because we often only hear our own side of the argument. We can be so certain of ourselves, so we need only convince others of the correctness of our own view. I can quote numbers and provide anecdotes concerning abortion all day long, but I make no progressContinue reading “Abortion Discussion: Seek to Understand”

SI Models, Georgia Voting, Musk, Monkeypox, and More Truth Twisting

Discerning the truth about the public discourse these days can seem challenging as the craziness abounds. But not that much effort is truly needed. Those watching this modern game (and it is clearly a game) only need an open mind. You probably know something is wrong with the world today, but you may not knowContinue reading “SI Models, Georgia Voting, Musk, Monkeypox, and More Truth Twisting”

Discussion: Abortion is a Protection for Women or a Holocaust?

Is abortion a fundamental right now? What are the American public’s views on this issue? How will the American public respond if the rollback of Roe v. Wade is finalized? Is the American public wedded to the “protections” under Roe v. Wade or are they ambivalent? Why does any of this matter? I discuss theseContinue reading “Discussion: Abortion is a Protection for Women or a Holocaust?”

Twitter, Roe v. Wade, and the Re-Opening of American Democracy

Two events in recent days signal very positive signs regarding the re-assertion of American democracy: the changes promised by Elon Musk at Twitter and the revelation that Roe v. Wade may be on the chopping block. It is not clear yet if both will actually come to fruition, but both are heading in the rightContinue reading “Twitter, Roe v. Wade, and the Re-Opening of American Democracy”

The Hotel California is Real and Frightening

A society that does not protect its most vulnerable is a society in deep trouble. Once again, a frightening new trend begins in California and is bound to spread: https://www.christianpost.com/voices/the-golden-state-has-become-the-gangrene-state.html.    Under this proposed new legislation, mothers would not be held criminally responsible for actively or neglectfully killing their hours-old to weeks-old infants. And dependingContinue reading “The Hotel California is Real and Frightening”

A Child is Not a Choice

A few months ago I compared the abortion regime in America to the Nazi holocaust. “Never Again” is the term used regarding the Nazi holocaust: never again should the world let down its guard and allow such a thing to happen. Unfortunately, we have allowed another holocaust, the holocaust of abortion https://seek-the-truth.com/2021/10/07/never-again/. Today’s holocaust isContinue reading “A Child is Not a Choice”

Discussion on Freedom (with regard to COVID policy, abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, and more)

A couple months back I engaged in a discussion of system racism with a liberal friend. I gave him an opportunity to criticize my positions and included his comments verbatim. We didn’t snipe at each other in pithy 140-word tweets and then hide behind a curtain of anonymity. Instead, we laid out the arguments inContinue reading “Discussion on Freedom (with regard to COVID policy, abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, and more)”