What Did We Learn from the January 6 Committee?

The J6 Committee wrapped up hearings in late July. If you want to know what actually happened January 6, 2021, I suggest not relying solely on this committee. We learned this committee is not intent on uncovering the truth. Many others have dug deep into the problems of January 6 (from varying perspectives); below, IContinue reading “What Did We Learn from the January 6 Committee?”

SI Models, Georgia Voting, Musk, Monkeypox, and More Truth Twisting

Discerning the truth about the public discourse these days can seem challenging as the craziness abounds. But not that much effort is truly needed. Those watching this modern game (and it is clearly a game) only need an open mind. You probably know something is wrong with the world today, but you may not knowContinue reading “SI Models, Georgia Voting, Musk, Monkeypox, and More Truth Twisting”

Because More Than 50 Intelligence Officials Said So. Really?

For my last post on election concerns, Was-The-Election-Rigged, I focused much on the 2016 election, following revelations from federal prosecutor John Durham regarding that election. Now I shift focus to the 2020 election dispute, one which was rife with claims of tampered voting machines, secret suitcases counted in the middle of the night, and allContinue reading “Because More Than 50 Intelligence Officials Said So. Really?”

Was The Election Rigged?

Donald Trump was kicked off social media for starting an insurrection and claiming the 2020 election was unfair. Thousands of people in cities all across the U.S. protested the 2016 election in the days following that election and nobody even hinted at the word insurrection. Stacy Abrams has claimed the last four years she isContinue reading “Was The Election Rigged?”