The Jesus Revolution, Revival, and Asbury

The just released movie Jesus Revolution is well done and inspiring. It is a story of three men in 1970s, men with vastly different backgrounds and life stories who were drawn together to bring California hippies to Jesus. The movie portrays the movement’s initial impetus, one which eventually expanded far beyond one California town. HeadlineContinue reading “The Jesus Revolution, Revival, and Asbury”

Let’s Fight the Culture War. It Should be Easy Against These Folks.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former Trump press secretary and now governor of Arkansas, gave the State of the Union rebuttal last week. She defined the contrast in America today: The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left.   The choice is between normal or crazy.  She re-iterated the point: And while youContinue reading “Let’s Fight the Culture War. It Should be Easy Against These Folks.”

Dying Culture Refuses to Defend Marriage, Life, and Liberty

On November 29, the US Senate passed the Marriage Equality bill by a vote of 61-36, putting same sex marriage on the same plane as traditional marriage. Through almost all of civilization, marriage and family was recognized as the foundation of society. Doing what feels good, placing no limits whatsoever on sexual behavior, and notContinue reading “Dying Culture Refuses to Defend Marriage, Life, and Liberty”

Republicans are Imposing a Theocracy: Where’s the Beef?

Liberal counterparts are quick to inform me how awful (dangerous, controlling, etc.) religion is and that Republicans and the Religious Right seek to implement a theocracy in the US.  They are certain a theocracy is the goal. I am certain it is not. In my state of North Carolina, we have two weak-kneed Republican USContinue reading “Republicans are Imposing a Theocracy: Where’s the Beef?”

Defending Faith and Values: Absolute Lies Discredited

In my last post, I highlighted the media’s reflexive attack of the new Italian PM, Giorgia Meloni; they called her a racist and fascist because they don’t like her defense of religion, God, and traditional values. The hostility towards people of faith, especially Christians and Jews, is in the open today. Giorgia Meloni and DefendingContinue reading “Defending Faith and Values: Absolute Lies Discredited”

Giorgia Meloni and Defending Faith and Values

During my entire adult life, those in the political opposition have reflexively attached the racist label if they don’t agree with a view on just about any issue. The label almost never fits, but it is so easy and so comfortable to label the opposition narrow-minded bigots. It is sloppy and illogical, but it isContinue reading “Giorgia Meloni and Defending Faith and Values”

The Normalization of Delusion

Recently, I wrote of the affirmation of Coach Joe Kennedy’s right to pray at mid-field after contests. I said this eight-year battle for this simple, Constitutionally protected right is not a harbinger that confirms your worst fears of Christians. Like many commenting on my posts, this person’s distaste for religious views seems prejudicial and unhealthy:Continue reading “The Normalization of Delusion”

Do You Have Hope? Where Does it Come From?

After recent posts on abortion, transgenderism, and the right to pray, I am criticized as a religious zealot, one attempting to impose my religious doctrine on others, one who believes Christianity should be advanced over other religions by our government, and one who would not act consistently to protect other faiths. My critics are oftenContinue reading “Do You Have Hope? Where Does it Come From?”

Freedom to Pray is Upheld. Why was it ever Threatened?

High School Coach Joe Kennedy was fired from his job at Bremerton (Washington) High School for praying at the 50-yard line immediately after each game. The coach engaged in this practice for nearly eight years (win or lose) until local officials determined it to be a threat to good order. Namely, they saw this asContinue reading “Freedom to Pray is Upheld. Why was it ever Threatened?”