Guns and Transgenderism. It’s All About the Narrative.

We don’t yet know exactly why a transgender man (actually a female), killed six at a Nashville Christian school. She said she wanted to die and knew she would die that day (I refer to this person by her actual sex, not by the preferred one). She left behind a manifesto to explain everything, butContinue reading “Guns and Transgenderism. It’s All About the Narrative.”

Too Many Guns or Something Else?

I entered into a lengthy debate regarding gun control following my post: Gun-Control-Argument-is-Flawed. My critic posted the following counter and we engaged in a lengthy discussion on his page: “They are trying to take our guns!” In light of years of school shootings, staggering numbers of all sorts of gun related violence, and tragicomicContinue reading “Too Many Guns or Something Else?”

The Gun Control Argument is Flawed

I, like everyone else, am appalled at senseless shooting tragedies, whether in New Town Connecticut ten years ago or in Uvalde Texas last month. I don’t have easy solutions, but neither do folks spouting off publicly. Any ideas proposed, raising the legal age along with other ideas under consideration are not enough to move theContinue reading “The Gun Control Argument is Flawed”