Failed Banks, Excess Spending, and the Economy

Inflation became a problem in 2021, and the Fed has raised interest rates to combat it. The economy went into a brief recession last year but recovered quickly. Now, in 2023 several mid-size banks failed. What does it all mean? Are we in trouble or are these one-offs? Are we in for a “soft-landing” asContinue reading “Failed Banks, Excess Spending, and the Economy”

Ukraine One Year Later. What Next?

A year ago I asked a few questions about the Ukraine war: How did we get to this point? What is our national interest? What are the problems to overcome? What should our strategy be and what to expect next? These are still relevant questions. What-is-Happening-in-Ukraine-2021 In many ways, the war has been an overwhelmingContinue reading “Ukraine One Year Later. What Next?”

What is Really Happening in Ukraine?

There are so many differing views on Ukraine: what it meAans, what we should do or not do about it, what will happen next? The one-channel media, has its slanted take, of course. They were very excited to hear President Biden talk of deposing Vladimir Putin: “This man cannot remain in power”, the president imploredContinue reading “What is Really Happening in Ukraine?”