I Take National Secrets Seriously. The Garage was LOCKED, Damnit!

Hopefully, by now you are aware President Biden took classified materials from the White House to three different locations after his term as VP ended. One of the locations was his home garage (a LOCKED garage, mind you), next to the president’s prized Corvette. Fun Corvette fact: The 1967 Stingray can lose 60 classified documentsContinue reading “I Take National Secrets Seriously. The Garage was LOCKED, Damnit!”

More Like Mark Robinson, Less Like Mitt Romney

Executive Summary (warning: may contain sarcasm): Senator Mitt Romney was asked to define the term flip-flop: “Voters in Utah elected me to the Senate four years ago, but I couldn’t get elected as dog catcher in Utah now. You see, the voters have flip flopped on me. I blame Donald Trump. He has challenged theContinue reading “More Like Mark Robinson, Less Like Mitt Romney”

What is Really Happening in Ukraine?

There are so many differing views on Ukraine: what it meAans, what we should do or not do about it, what will happen next? The one-channel media, has its slanted take, of course. They were very excited to hear President Biden talk of deposing Vladimir Putin: “This man cannot remain in power”, the president imploredContinue reading “What is Really Happening in Ukraine?”