Student Loan Debt Forgiveness: What is this About?

First and foremost, student debt forgiveness is about votes. The approval ratings for President Biden are underwater in virtually every key demographic. He is also well underwater with 18 to 34 year-olds, the group most impacted by this decision. Young voters are generally liberal and open to voting Democrat. Typically, a Democrat president would beContinue reading “Student Loan Debt Forgiveness: What is this About?”

Chapter 4: O Sole Mio

My father certainly met a lot of famous people during his career.  At the West Point graduate luncheon in Charleston, he might sit next to “Westy”, Westy being General Westmoreland, the allied commander in Viet Nam.  And he often played handball with that somewhat famous guy who was an instructor at the Naval War CollegeContinue reading “Chapter 4: O Sole Mio”

Chapter 2: Beast Barracks

My father remembers the depression, World War II, and other cataclysmic world events. The major events of his youth were ones that affected everyone. Today we live through wars and disasters vicariously via television, but back then these events were so momentous you could not isolate yourself from them; they were not as distant andContinue reading “Chapter 2: Beast Barracks”

Chapter 1: Hired Killer

A hired killer, a grunt, an infantryman, my father calls himself. After thirty years of military service, he can lay claim to other titles as well: ranger, paratrooper, company commander, battalion commander, and G-something-or-other. Of course, these days he is primarily known as Grandpa, having retired from the Army many years ago. Commemorating his experiencesContinue reading “Chapter 1: Hired Killer”

Table of Contents: War Stories: Glimpses from the Foxhole

This is a memoir of my dad’s life, from the time he was a teenager growing up during WWII through his thirty plus years in the military, including his time in Viet Nam. Prologue Chapter 1: Hired Killer Chapter 2: Beast Barracks Chapter 3: Rambo Chapter 4: O Sole Mio Chapter 5: Winning the WarContinue reading “Table of Contents: War Stories: Glimpses from the Foxhole”