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The Elusive COVID Truth: Basic Data Tells the True Story

My children never received the COVID vaccine because they were never at risk from COVID. Except for those with chronic conditions, children and young adults don’t need the vaccines. Those over 50, account for 93.3% of all COVID deaths; those over 40 account for 97.5%. Minors account for just 0.01% of all deaths. These numbersContinue reading “The Elusive COVID Truth: Basic Data Tells the True Story”

When There are no Consequences, the Corruption Continues

Since last week’s post on the 2022 mid-terms Mid-term-2022-takeaways, we now know the not to be believed results in Arizona along with a few other items of note. Why Did Republicans Disappoint? Republicans did not do as well as expected in part because of kingmakers like Mitch McConnell didn’t put the money he controlled inContinue reading “When There are no Consequences, the Corruption Continues”


Following the trip to West Point, my father is once again talking about going back to Viet Nam.  “I’d like to go back to some of the places I was before.  I want to see how they’ve changed.  I don’t even know if they will let me in, but I want to try.  The nextContinue reading “Epilogue”

Mid-Term (2022) Takeaways

Republicans should indeed be disappointed with the 2022 mid-term results and Democrats are rightly thankful they dodged a bullet, but nonetheless the Democrats will lose control of the House of Representatives and control of the Senate is still in question. Let’s dig deeper into the impact. Democrat’s Fortunes President Biden was asked what he willContinue reading “Mid-Term (2022) Takeaways”

Quid Pro Quo: Trump Impeached for it. Why not Biden?

President Biden is clearly not in charge. Handlers guide him through each day; he has cheat notes for unscripted interviews and press conferences; he often blurts out the quiet part about doing what “they” told him to do or not to do; he often speaks incoherently, and often wanders off into nowhere. The 25th amendmentContinue reading “Quid Pro Quo: Trump Impeached for it. Why not Biden?”

Republicans are Imposing a Theocracy: Where’s the Beef?

Liberal counterparts are quick to inform me how awful (dangerous, controlling, etc.) religion is and that Republicans and the Religious Right seek to implement a theocracy in the US.  They are certain a theocracy is the goal. I am certain it is not. In my state of North Carolina, we have two weak-kneed Republican USContinue reading “Republicans are Imposing a Theocracy: Where’s the Beef?”

Defending Faith and Values: Absolute Lies Discredited

In my last post, I highlighted the media’s reflexive attack of the new Italian PM, Giorgia Meloni; they called her a racist and fascist because they don’t like her defense of religion, God, and traditional values. The hostility towards people of faith, especially Christians and Jews, is in the open today. Giorgia Meloni and DefendingContinue reading “Defending Faith and Values: Absolute Lies Discredited”


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