I Take National Secrets Seriously. The Garage was LOCKED, Damnit!

Hopefully, by now you are aware President Biden took classified materials from the White House to three different locations after his term as VP ended. One of the locations was his home garage (a LOCKED garage, mind you), next to the president’s prized Corvette. Fun Corvette fact: The 1967 Stingray can lose 60 classified documentsContinue reading “I Take National Secrets Seriously. The Garage was LOCKED, Damnit!”

Climate Change Failures

Last week, I highlighted the CDC Director’s admission that his agency “made up the science” on social distancing. He mistakenly believed decisive words demonstrated the government was acting quickly and effectively to protect the American people. Last week, I also highlighted several doctors who believed all government COVID policies lacked scientific backing, the science oftenContinue reading “Climate Change Failures”

CDC Director: “There is No Science. We Made it Up. ” Yes, We Already Knew.

The title line comes from a conversation Dr. Paul Alexander, an epidemiologist who served on the White House COVID-19 Task Force, had with former CDC director, Robert Redfield. Dr. Alexander, recounted the conversation during an interview on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s podcast. Dr. Alexander asked: “How did the CDC decide upon the ‘six feet rule’ forContinue reading “CDC Director: “There is No Science. We Made it Up. ” Yes, We Already Knew.”

Arizona Election Trial. Will Justice Prevail Eventually?

Executive Summary This past November, the Arizona JV led by the inexperienced freshman and total novice Katie Hobbs scored a surprising win over the more experienced Arizona Varsity led by the highly touted (but over-rated) Kari Lake. Hobbs father, known as Big Daddy Hobbs, the lead official in this contest, scoffed at suspicions raised byContinue reading “Arizona Election Trial. Will Justice Prevail Eventually?”

More Like Mark Robinson, Less Like Mitt Romney

Executive Summary (warning: may contain sarcasm): Senator Mitt Romney was asked to define the term flip-flop: “Voters in Utah elected me to the Senate four years ago, but I couldn’t get elected as dog catcher in Utah now. You see, the voters have flip flopped on me. I blame Donald Trump. He has challenged theContinue reading “More Like Mark Robinson, Less Like Mitt Romney”

Twitter Dumps: Corruption Revealed

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre said the release of Twitter’s past misdeeds by new Twitter Chief Elon Musk is “full of old news”. Specifically, Jean-Pierre said censorship of the 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story is a “distraction” from the rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric on Twitter. The speculation about Hunter Biden and his laptop hasContinue reading “Twitter Dumps: Corruption Revealed”

Dying Culture Refuses to Defend Marriage, Life, and Liberty

On November 29, the US Senate passed the Marriage Equality bill by a vote of 61-36, putting same sex marriage on the same plane as traditional marriage. Through almost all of civilization, marriage and family was recognized as the foundation of society. Doing what feels good, placing no limits whatsoever on sexual behavior, and notContinue reading “Dying Culture Refuses to Defend Marriage, Life, and Liberty”

The Elusive COVID Truth: Basic Data Tells the True Story

My children never received the COVID vaccine because they were never at risk from COVID. Except for those with chronic conditions, children and young adults don’t need the vaccines. Those over 50, account for 93.3% of all COVID deaths; those over 40 account for 97.5%. Minors account for just 0.01% of all deaths. These numbersContinue reading “The Elusive COVID Truth: Basic Data Tells the True Story”

When There are no Consequences, the Corruption Continues

Since last week’s post on the 2022 mid-terms Mid-term-2022-takeaways, we now know the not to be believed results in Arizona along with a few other items of note. Why Did Republicans Disappoint? Republicans did not do as well as expected in part because of kingmakers like Mitch McConnell didn’t put the money he controlled inContinue reading “When There are no Consequences, the Corruption Continues”

War Stories: Glimpses from the Foxhole

My dad told me the story of his life in snippets, often late nights at the kitchen table, over a period of thirty years. I’ve patched his many vignettes together, covering the time he was a teenager growing up during WWII through thirty years in the military, and then ordered these disparate stories into aContinue reading “War Stories: Glimpses from the Foxhole”