The Bigotry of Low Expectations (and the Failure of the Systemic Racism Narrative)

This week I consider damning testimony provided me from a teacher friend at a local public school. I do not have extensive experience with public schools myself, but my wife and I researched as our kids reached school age and progressed through high school. We have been very selective because we believe our public educationContinue reading “The Bigotry of Low Expectations (and the Failure of the Systemic Racism Narrative)”

Writing a COVID Ending

How ironic that as COVID is reaching higher levels than ever around the world, we could actually be closer than ever to the end of this pandemic. How ironic also that as Representative Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Chicago Mayor Lightfoot contract COVID, they, of course, thank their lucky stars for being vaccinated. Actually, it’s no surpriseContinue reading “Writing a COVID Ending”

A Child is Not a Choice

A few months ago I compared the abortion regime in America to the Nazi holocaust. “Never Again” is the term used regarding the Nazi holocaust: never again should the world let down its guard and allow such a thing to happen. Unfortunately, we have allowed another holocaust, the holocaust of abortion Today’s holocaust isContinue reading “A Child is Not a Choice”

COVID Checklists (Please Be Prepared/Informed/Involved)

With Omicron! spreading so rapidly now, the chances you will contract COVID have increased dramatically. Even if you contracted COVID previously, the word is that there is a chance you can be infected again with Omicron! More than ever, you should be prepared for what to do if infected. I have put together a fewContinue reading “COVID Checklists (Please Be Prepared/Informed/Involved)”

All Roads Lead to the Vaccine (but Mother Nature Leads Us Out Instead)

The Omicron! variant is spreading like nothing ever seen before. The headline from CNN December 29 is: CDC director explains new Covid-19 guidance as the US heads into a harrowing phase of the pandemic. Yet again, we are told to run in circles and scream and shout. Should we be scared? Joe Biden warnedContinue reading “All Roads Lead to the Vaccine (but Mother Nature Leads Us Out Instead)”

COVID: Hope or Fear (and is Omicron Really the Big Bad Wolf?)

I like quoting CNN anchor Jake Tapper because he sometimes says the quiet part out loud. Last year, after President Trump was diagnosed with COVID, Tapper told us it is right for us to be afraid of COVID and he was aghast that Trump told the American people not to be afraid. Really? Cowering inContinue reading “COVID: Hope or Fear (and is Omicron Really the Big Bad Wolf?)”

Is COVID Overhyped? (Omicron! too?)

I wrote about the relatively low COVID numbers earlier this fall At the time, I mentioned COVID rates had declined into the first week of November, a surprising result for the respiratory virus to end all viruses. Since then Omicron! has invaded the U.S., but as I watch the numbers roll in, it seemsContinue reading “Is COVID Overhyped? (Omicron! too?)”

Rittenhouse Verdict: What it Means for Justice and Race in America

There are many sides to any story. In the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we can look at the prosecution’s case, the defense’s case, the case of the lying media, and a few others. My initial take back in 2020, when the shooting incident became a story, was that it was a clear case of self-defense. IContinue reading “Rittenhouse Verdict: What it Means for Justice and Race in America”

Curious Case of Sweden (and Omicron! Too)

The media does not like control groups because control groups provide a basis for comparison. Without a basis for comparison, our media and politicians can say without a doubt (as well as without adequate proof) that masks, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, curfews, and all the rest of their top-down controls work. But when there is aContinue reading “Curious Case of Sweden (and Omicron! Too)”