What Does the Reaction to Jordan Neely’s Death Say About our Culture?

Was the death of Jordan Neely, a homeless man who succumbed on a NYC subway train, an accident or further demonstration of white supremacy? The question should not even be debated. Rational thought can explain such events, but too many (especially those whose job it is to inform us) have abandoned such thought; consequently, truthContinue reading “What Does the Reaction to Jordan Neely’s Death Say About our Culture?”

Discussion: Systemically Racist Appraisals

I asked my liberal debating friend about this Rasmussen poll question: “Is it okay to be white?” I hope we all believe it is acceptable to be white, black, or to possess any other immutable trait. Yet, this disappointing result says I am viewed as problematic by a large percentage of people who don’t evenContinue reading “Discussion: Systemically Racist Appraisals”

Let’s Fight the Culture War. It Should be Easy Against These Folks.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former Trump press secretary and now governor of Arkansas, gave the State of the Union rebuttal last week. She defined the contrast in America today: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/sarah-huckabee-sanders-gives-republican-response-to-biden-full-text-11675829909 The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left.   The choice is between normal or crazy.  She re-iterated the point: And while youContinue reading “Let’s Fight the Culture War. It Should be Easy Against These Folks.”

Everything is White Supremacy, even When it is Not

Rev. Al Sharpton said that Tyre Nichols, beaten to death by Memphis police last month, would not have been beaten to death if he were white. How does he know that? “There is a certain class of race problem-solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds outContinue reading “Everything is White Supremacy, even When it is Not”

Sesame Place and the Lie of Systemic Racism

Two stories, juxtaposed in the news this week, demonstrate the lie we live with continually. America today is not a racist country. Americans are as tolerant a people as has ever lived and we live in a society as diverse as any that has ever existed. The political elites want it to be a racistContinue reading “Sesame Place and the Lie of Systemic Racism”

The Bigotry of Low Expectations (and the Failure of the Systemic Racism Narrative)

Today, I consider damning words provided me from a teacher friend at a local public school. I still hear many say it is possible to get a good education in public school; motivated kids can and often still do well.  There are bright spots in public education for sure, but the overall package is stillContinue reading “The Bigotry of Low Expectations (and the Failure of the Systemic Racism Narrative)”

Rittenhouse Verdict: What it Means for Justice and Race in America

There are many sides to any story. In the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we can look at the prosecution’s case, the defense’s case, the case of the lying media, and a few others. My initial take back in 2020, when the shooting incident became a story, was that it was a clear case of self-defense. IContinue reading “Rittenhouse Verdict: What it Means for Justice and Race in America”

Discussion: Systemic Racism and Education

This is a continued discussion in a multi-part series on systemic racism. My liberal friend contends it is alive and well in America, while I say it ended fifty years ago. We defined terms in our first discussion. I want to continue on this notion of “unconscious bias” which I believe is a made upContinue reading “Discussion: Systemic Racism and Education”

Discussion: Systemic Racism, Unconscious Bias, and Affirmative Action

A liberal friend of mine and I have engaged in off-an-on discussions of systemic racism in American institutions. I say it was eliminated in the 1960’s. He says it is a still a problem. Below, is the start of a formal discussion of this through this forum. He presents his case and then there isContinue reading “Discussion: Systemic Racism, Unconscious Bias, and Affirmative Action”

Who are the Real Racists?

A few weeks ago I addressed the question: is the orange man (Trump) the racist his opponents have continually claimed he is? https://seek-the-truth.com/2021/04/07/who-is-a-racist/. I start today from the premise that he is not. I don’t claim Trump never said a suspect thing (he has said many), and I don’t claim he has never said thingsContinue reading “Who are the Real Racists?”