Is This Racist?

Is opening schools in California racist?  One school board member says so:

I don’t like to guess at motivations, but this one is so transparent because it follows a standard playbook. The logic is simple although perverse.  The new definition of racism, white supremacy, and the like is: any action which the Left disagrees with is racist.  You discredit your opponents and their views by calling them racist.  Maybe you can shame them into changing their minds to avoid being labeled a racist (because there may be nothing worse in today’s America). You provide no proof of what you claim. It doesn’t even matter if the charge makes sense. This is how the game is played and this has been proven to be an effective strategy for winning an argument (at least in the arena of today’s public discourse).

The sin of racism is so awful that when confronted with the charge many will relent. Many who are non-political accidentally fall into this trap. Many on the Left accidentally speak their minds without realizing they’re not supporting the approved political narrative.

There really is no forgiveness for the sin of racism per Leftist ideology; however, by apologizing quickly, you can limit the damage to your reputation. If you are currently a member of the Left, you will be allowed to stay in the club (for now). But there is no absolution for you. You are on thin ice from now on. Don’t slip up again. Not once more.

On the other hand, if like this California school board member, you call out other racists, if you became an “anti-racist”, then you may be canonized. In today’s Leftist America, one can’t simply not be a racist; you can’t just live and let live; you must call out all forms of racism (i.e. all things that do not align with the Left’s political narrative). The holy grail of this fight for any true woke Leftist is to reach the exalted status of “anti-racist”. Once you are deemed an “anti-racist” then you will be insulated from criticism of any sort. You can even say racist things yourself (like Ilhan Omar, Al Sharpton, and others who have their racist comments ignored). If these racist statements are the right kinds of racist attacks, you will be fully inoculated against criticism because you as an anti-racist should not be discredited in any way. The political narrative (and you as a purveyor of that political narrative) must be protected at all costs. I have lots of examples to illustrate this point. They are legion.

I would have fired this California school board member if I had the authority. This kind of rhetoric needs to be discredited, but California will look askance at this comment; many will consider her heroic for standing up. I am sure that I would be the one considered the racist in this instance. Therefore, nothing I say from this point forward, on any topic whatsoever, would be considered valid. This is the world we live in.

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