More to Come Soon

There’s much to update on the site as time permits. I will expand on these as soon as I can.

COVID update (as of March 2021): I am starting to watch the death numbers. They are coming down dramatically. This is likely because a large percentage of senior citizens have been vaccinated. Case numbers are declining as well, but a little less slowly than before. Nevertheless, the numbers are as low as they have been in nearly five months with cases down 78% from their peak. Cases may flatten out or may continue to decline slowly, but even if cases don’t drop to zero, we are still in a good situation.

Also: CDC is loosening guidelines (sort of), the CDC comes out with a mask study, we learn more about risk factors with COVID (so why are we quarantining the healthy?), the Texas Rangers intend to fill their stadium to capacity this Spring, and why are we spending so much money on COVID relief when COVID is ending and most of the money does not go towards COVID relief?

What’s a gender? Dr. Rachel Levine testifies to Congress. Dr. Levine’s response to Senator Paul regarding gender surgery is a denial of reality and immoral. Merrick Garland, the new attorney general, testifies as well and doesn’t seem to understand differences between men and women. The Equality act is another mind bender we are being asked to swallow without question.

What’s an insurrection? We had over 500 riots over the summer and then we have one that can pinned on the right and that’s the only one the media talks about. The so-called insurrection on January 6 was the most poorly planned revolution of all time. I wouldn’t call it an insurrection.

What is racist? What passes for racist is nothing of the sort these days. What is truly racist is excused. There are so many examples of this to share. I couldn’t care less about the royal family, but I am intrigued when Megan Markle claims she gave up everything (everything being a career as a B-rate actress that nobody had ever heard of) to marry the man she loved, a man who brought her fame and wealth. And she wants us to believe she got nothing in return? Pay no attention to that multi-million dollar endowment that her husband shares with her. Her interview with Oprah is probably her finest acting job yet. Of course, Oprah played along as well, asking nary a tough question while Markle blames everything on racism. Piers Morgan loses his job for criticizing Markle’s interview and Markle is the victim? The game is to tear down yet another icon of Western civilization because of racism.

What’s a fair election? An article in Time magazine outlines the Democrat strategy for winning the election. The strategy is exactly what Republicans said it was; the truth when spoken before the election got you censored, but now the same thing is spoken of openly as having saved the country. This supposedly was the most clean election ever, but the first bill the new Congress introduces (even before COVID) is to overhaul the election process, to codify the manner in which the election was rigged last year. Yes, it was rigged. Why was this bill needed? A bill that promotes ballot harvesting, prohibits validating the identity of voters, and makes voting easier than brushing your teeth is not what is needed.

Who is president? Ben Shapiro calls Joe Biden, President Houseplant. All I have to do is play clip after clip of Joe Biden to illustrate the point. He is just not with us, and everyone around him, including most of the media is covering for him. Why no press conferences? Why no State of the Union address this year? I am embarrassed to have such a person as our leader. Biden is not as bombastic or as confrontational as Trump, but then Trump was clearly in charge and had his faculties. I would rather a guy who is a rhetorical loose cannon with effective policies than a guy who is a puppet and implementing by fiat every radical, insane policy ever thought of by the progressives. God help us.


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