COVID Theater

Senator Rand Paul last week called out Dr. Fauci for promoting political theatre, but Dr. Fauci is not the only one promoting COVID theatre; there’s much more political theatre to enjoy. Let’s start off with the American Rescue package, the so-call COVID relief bill just passed by Congress. Very few of the dollars in this bill goes to ordinary Americans like us. A significant portion of it goes to bailing out states which got in debt prior to COVID. A small percentage of it, I believe around 9% of the total package, goes to individuals, some of whom, like me and my family, don’t need it at all.

This is the third handout of checks to individual Americans, but why now? It’s because those in power want you to believe they are doing something, that it is their policies alone which are fixing the problem, that the situation began to improve only after the passage of this new bill. But even before this bill was finalized, we saw COVID cases plummet; we saw many states lift restrictions and return to normal; we saw the vaccine rollout steadily increase (we are now up to 2.5 million are being vaccinated daily); we saw people go back to work. The unemployment rate is now down to normal levels; this bill is not going to have much of an impact on employment, and even it it does, it’s not worth the incredible cost.

We don’t need another Keynsian jolt to the economy. All the money from the prior COVID packages hasn’t even been spent yet. We see the light at the end of the tunnel; we don’t need yet another rescue package; we don’t need to spend more money we don’t have (and burden our kids and grandkids with more unmanageable debt). But, like I’ve said many times, politics is a game, and the game is to get you to believe that this administration and not the last is the one who is solving the problem (they enjoy nothing more than manipulating what you think).

California Governor Gavin Newsome tells us the real reason for all this theatre. He spoke the quiet part out loud and revealed the real strategy last week. You’ve been waiting a year for this COVID nightmare to end, so we can all just return back to our lives as they were before, but Governor Newsome says it plainly, he and his party don’t want you to have that old life back. COVID has been an opportunity to change America and the progressives want to continue that change. What you considered normal a year ago, was not actually good, per the governor. No, Governor Newsome and his party are going to bring to you a new world, a new creation, a new normal because the old normal was always bad, despite what you might have thought previously. But who is he kidding? Governor Newsome couldn’t manage COVID and now he thinks people will submit to him managing everything else about their lives?

Gavin Newsom: ‘We’re Not Going Back to Normal’ Because It ‘Was Never Good Enough’ – Faithwire

The Democrats via Newsome in this instance are telling us what their real agenda is. Why don’t we listen to them and believe them when they tell us? Government is the ultimate good and ultimate arbiter of all, in their view; total government control (i.e. socialism) will bring the new paradise to America, better than it did in Venezula, Cuba, North Korea, the Soviet Union, and so many others in the last century. Maybe we have better people to manage this than those other countries had?

On the other end of the scale from Newsome, we see the Texas Rangers defy government warnings and make the bold decision of allowing full capacity in their stadium this year. Thank God some still believe in freedom. And why shouldn’t they open up fully? Haven’t we learned how to manage this virus after a year? Furthermore, if masks and vaccines are effective, then why can’t we have this little dose of return to normality? Why do we have to see those ridiculous cardboard cutouts of fans at the Super Bowl, the French Open, and the NCAA tournament? I don’t know about you, but I seek normality these days. I love move than ever going to my gym where fewer than 10% of the folks wear masks (the Y, on the other side, of town still requires masks, but my gym, I’m proud to say, let’s you decide for yourself). I went to the gun show and it was the same thing: wear a mask if you need to, don’t go if you’re sick, and keep your distance. Our church services were outside for eight months, but now we are back inside again. It feels normal; it feels right when being in the parking lot never really did. Many still choose to wear a mask at church, and that’s okay by me; you have the freedom to do so if you feel it is best. Nevertheless, my town is not a pile of ash because of all these “risky” activities. We’re muddling through and learning how to cope. We are making our own risk assessments. That is normal and that is good.

Of course, there are many who simply cannot tolerate the fact that the Texas Rangers are doing their part to give us back our freedoms. Just as every governor who has opened up their state and resisted the temptation to lockdown further, has been castigated by media and public figures, so too were the Texas Rangers castigated: Yankees broadcaster rips Texas Rangers’ decision to allow 100% stadium capacity on opening day (

Then we come to Senator Paul’s questioning of Dr. Fauci. Remember, Senator Paul is also an M.D. as well. He points out inconsistencies in Dr. Fauci’s positions. Senator Paul asks why should we continue to wear masks after being vaccinated or having been infected? Dr. Fauci counters by saying there is a new potential risk from COVID variants. But to this point COVID variants have not proven to be a problem. We have a risk of a new pandemic every day; are we going to hunker down and continue with our mask wearing until all of those risks go away (i.e. are we going to continue to wear masks forever)? The exchange between Fauci and Paul is short; you can decide for yourself who is right. If you like you can also listen to the analysis from the Hodge Twins (I thought you might enjoy their perspective; they’re just a couple regular guys with a podcast).

Then there is yet more theater from President Biden. In his address to the nation earlier this month, he tells us that we may be allowed to go back to normal by the 4th of July. Joe Biden COVID-19 Speech: Leave the Fourth of July Alone | National Review  Specifically, he said:

“If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th, there’s a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbeque and celebrate Independence Day.

“That doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together.”

Well sir, let me tell you this: I’ve already been gathering with my neighbors. We’ve already decided that what you, Dr. Fauci, and others have to say about how we live our lives doesn’t matter in the least. You run the government, keep us safe from all enemies foreign and domestic, and we’ll run our own lives. Just like Governor Newsome, Biden is telling us the real Democrat Party agenda here. Those who run the government are going to tell us what the new normal is and when we can get a little bit of our freedom back. No, it doesn’t work that way. You are president only by consent of the governed. If we don’t consent to how you want to control our lives, you don’t get to do it.

Dr. Fauci too parrots Biden’s rhetoric on the July 4 target. Fauci: ‘Considerable degree of normality’ by July 4 ( If we’re all good and listen to our government experts, Dr. Fauci promises us good things in our stockings. New CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, lays out the new plan in more detail. Listen to this ridiculousness on what you can do and can’t do after being vaccinated: CDC announces guidelines for vaccinated peopl… – CBS News. I ask again, these government experts are the ones who are going to redefine the new normal and lead us to the workers paradise?

Mark Levin on his radio show last Friday interviewed Admiral Brett Grior last Friday on his podcast (I include the full podcast; the interview with Admiral Grior starts at minute 50: The Admiral worked in the Trump administration as director of the U.S. Public Health Service. He stayed on with the Biden administration for two months. The interview reveals how the Biden administration is playing politics with COVID. Of course, you need to decide for yourself whether you believe him or whether you believe the folks in the Biden administration; it is for certain that one or the other is lying. I’m sure many of these facts can be confirmed through other sources. A few things the Admiral points out in his interview are the following:

  • 900 million COVID doses were purchased by the Trump Administration with an option to purchase 2 billion more.  These were stockpiled when the Biden Administration came to office.
  • 1.5 million people were vaccinated on inauguration day, January 20.
  • The Trump administration enrolled 70,000 vaccination sites and trained and qualified 40,000 pharmacies in vaccine distribution.
  • 1 billion needles and syringes were secured by the Trump administration.
  • The National Guard EMTs were engaged and readied to distribute the vaccine.

I include one more interview just for fun. Mexican actor and comedian, Eugenio Derbez, does a lengthy interview of Dr. Fauci and asks him straightforward questions. I think Dr. Fauci isn’t used to being asked direct questions or having anyone question his authority. See for yourself how he responds in this interview.

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