Table of Contents: War Stories: Glimpses from the Foxhole

This is a memoir of my dad’s life, from the time he was a teenager growing up during WWII through his thirty plus years in the military, including his time in Viet Nam.


Chapter 1: Hired Killer

Chapter 2: Beast Barracks

Chapter 3: Rambo

Chapter 4: O Sole Mio

Chapter 5: Winning the War

Chapter 6: Reunion

Coming Soon:



Career Assignments

July 1946 – June 1950, West Point NY

U.S. Military Academy

August 1950 – August 1953, Aschaffenburg, Germany

18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division

  • E Company
  • H Company
  • Regimental HQ Company

September 1953 – August 1956, Fort Benning, Ga.

  • Infantry Course
  • Airborne School
  • Staff Department Intelligence Division, Infantry School
  • Infantry Advance Officer Training
  • Ranger School

August 1956 – December 1957, South Korea

32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, 1st Battle Group

  • Company Commander, E Company/B Company

December 1957 – September 1959, Fort Campbell, Ky.

101st Airborne Division

  • Mortar Battery, Company Commander, C Company
  • 1st Battle Group, 501 Parachute Infantry Regiment, Assistant S3

September 1959 – August 1962, Penn State University, Ogontz Campus

  • ROTC Instructor

August 1962 – June 1963, Fort Leavenworth, Ks.

  • Command and General Staff College

August 1963 – August 1966, Naples, Italy

HQ AFSouth

  • Operations Officer, Headquarters Command

September 1966 – December 1966, Fort Riley, Ks.

3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division

  • Executive Officer

December 1966 – September 1967, Vietnam (An Loc Province, Bien Phuc)

3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division

  • Executive Officer
  • Battalion Commander, 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry

October 1967 – September 1969, Washington D.C.

  • Office of the Chief of Staff

September 1969 – June 1970, Newport, RI

  • Naval War College Senior Course

Masters Degree, 1970, Military History, George Washington University

June 1970 – September 1972, Fort Monroe, Va.

HQ U.S. Army Continental Command

  • Operations Division

September 1972 – April 1973, Saigon, Vietnam


  • Operations Officer
  • Negotiator (with Viet Cong, North Viet Nam Army, Republic of Viet Nam for release of U.S. POW’s)

May 1973 – September 1978, Fort Bragg, NC

18th Airborne Corps, Headquarters

  • Commander, HQ Command
  • Corps G-4
  • Deputy Chief of Staff

September 1978, Retired to Mt. Pleasant, SC

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