OMG: COVID Crisis Just Ended

COVID has been the third leading cause of the death in the U.S. for the last two years. That makes COVID certainly meaningful, but COVID itself has been manageable for a long time, and has been managed well in some locales. It was a threat for some folks but not all, yet our leaders and experts treated it like we were all on the precipice. So many leaders would not let it end–only now they have finally let it end. You should ask: why now? Why didn’t it happen sooner? Today, they are doing what folks like me recommended a long time back, but they say it is because the science has changed or that they fixed the problem themselves. We should fact check them.

I was ready for the COVID crisis to end in 2020 and would have declared it so if I had the power. Certainly, the crisis portion has been over for the last year in many states (Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Texas, and more), not to mention Sweden which never entered any crisis mode (and has had far better results than the U.S.). The portion the U.S. government could do to help us was finished long ago. Basically, we needed them help fund a vaccine, reimburse businesses and individuals hurt by the lockdowns, and then get out of the way of those on the front lines. The original goal in 2020 was preventing mass influxes of patients to hospitals. That problem was solved nearly two years ago. Since then the goal has changed many times, so the crisis could continue.

A potential government role would have been to issue COVID treatment protocols, but the federal government did little that was helpful in this arena. All those I have known who contracted COVID were told to go home and wait for it to get worse and then go to the hospital. There were no recommendations for TamiFlu or hot tea or anything else, nothing. This was standard practice across the country. Does this policy make sense to you? Folks I know admitted to the hospital for COVID stayed a long time–and they did not get the treatments that many have been saying could have saved lives or mitigated illnesses. Many news stories the past year highlighted folks on their death beds attempting to force hospitals to provide treatment such as Ivermectin (also known as the “horse medicine”).

Hospitals appeared to follow the CDC lead–which simply failed to highlight the benefits of treatments. If on one’s death bed, why not try something recommended by a doctor who might know something about treating COVID? What is there to lose at that point? Unfortunately, the CDC and Dr. Fauci tacitly gave credence to the false notion that people were given medicine intended only for animals. Doctors I know cannot understand why physicians’ hands were tied and why medicines like Ivermectin which has been prescribed to humans billions of times before the advent of COVID and has been proven an effective anti-viral by many private practices (and even won the Nobel prize for medicine) is being trashed, with the implied consent of our federal experts I give the government an “F” in this category, one which they certainly could have done better.

Maybe you think the CDC is acting independently on this matter and that they really were providing the best recommendations? Why would the CDC withhold information or lie about COVID? Do you think doctors are not influenced by politics and give only their scientific opinion? If you believe this, I would think again. The CDC this past week, just days before the President’s state of the union message, decided that the pandemic is just about over.  The map of U.S. counties in distress literally changed overnight last week.  In one day, the U.S. moved from 90% in the red to 70% not in the red.  Remember to follow the science–except when you don’t need to follow it.

CDC says ‘green’ and ‘yellow’ counties can take off their masks. A color-coded map shows where your county stands. (

“Follow the science” means follow the science when it is convenient to do so. Otherwise, do what helps your political interests and tell everyone to ignore the man behind the curtain. The president, who said you must get vax’d or you are unpatriotic (that is not my measure of patriotism certainly) and who last Christmas warned us: “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated — for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm,” has finally concocted the secret formula for curing the pandemic–despite all the unvax’d who are still among us. The president said the pandemic needs to end, and his government agencies followed his lead.

Natural immunity has been our exit ramp from this pandemic. In this instance, it seems the counter-intuitive measure of allowing the virus spread is actually a benefit. We should certainly protect those vulnerable to the virus; however, by letting the virus spread among the least vulnerable (i.e. healthy children and adolescents) for whom it is non-lethal, we put our entire population in a better posture. Look again at Australia, a country which went to further extremes at preventing spread than the U.S. Once Australia was hit by an even more contagious version of COVID (Omicron), their strategy crumbled. See last week’s post for more on this: Western-COVID-Tyranny-(Go-Canada-Truckers!)

I understand the hesitancy people feel in allowing the virus spread. Maybe such as strategy makes you feel you are part of a lab experiment. Still, there is no explaining why our government refused to acknowledge the benefits of natural immunity and why they continue to press the original claims of vaccine effectiveness when results eventually proved them to be overstated. The results and studies poured in; time and again, formal studies and empirical results have proven natural immunity better than vaccine immunity. Yet, our government continued to ignore the benefits of natural immunity as if it were some flat earth theory, not an established scientific principle of the last several hundred years. Further, the claims of vaccine effectiveness were greatly diminished during the last half of 2021. COVID vaccines have benefit for some, I am sure, but they were clearly oversold and someone in government. Someone other than Dr. Robert Malone (developer of the mRNA patent who sounded the alarm first), should have been more honest with us once the data came in. President Biden wanted to mandate vaccines, so government scientists were told to pretend they were more effective than actually proven to be; any negative information on them was suppressed.

I thought the vaccines were are way out early last year, but I can accept the truth now that they were not all they were touted to be. But what boggles the mind is that their continued role could not be re-defined; it was deemed better to lie about their effectiveness and to demand everyone, regardless of circumstances, be vaccinated.

The vaccine mandate was way beyond the pale. How could people not see the changes happening, in any case? After all, hundreds of millions were vaccinated in the U.S. last July and we had two more COVID waves since then. Does that alone not tell you their benefits were overstated? Does that not show we were lied to? Furthermore, people were banned on social media from raising concerns about vaccines, concerns that CDC and Dr. Fauci would never acknowledge, but now it is okay to say these things. Amazingly, the death rate in the U.S. with and without vaccines has been almost the same throughout the entire pandemic (more on this below), declining only marginally when looked at over the long haul. So, I give the government an “F” for their role in defining natural and vaccine immunity and a lack of clear strategy for effectively using both. I also look for our new Congressional leaders (forget the current leadership) to investigate our failed COVID policies in the next year. The new Congress will get an “F” too if they don’t seriously (i.e. don’t put on a show for us) follow-up and end these horrible practices we have seen the past two years.

So, the government failed to do its primary job and they lied to us. Maybe they could have at least led by example. If you issue a mandate, it ought to be one you believe and can follow yourself, but no they failed on this score as well as we have seen throughout the entire two years.

President Biden touted the American Rescue Plan during his State of the Union speech. It was, according to him, a linchpin to defeating COVID. Does anyone really believe this plan was key to pulling us out of the pandemic in March 2022? What percentage of the $2 Trillion spent went into your pocket or the pockets of your friends and relatives? About 20% of the $2 Trillion was sent to working folks. My family got a little bit, but we didn’t need it. On the other hand, my kids and yours will be asked to pay that new debt someday. I would say the plan added more to our inflation woes and our debt woes than it helped with COVID. Again, we have done only marginally better (in terms of COVID deaths) since Biden took over for Trump. Where are your results regarding your plan Mr. President? Where is your proof that spending $2 Trillion was a good idea at this point? It’s another “F” in my opinion.

According to many, the government encouraged hospitals to overcount by incentivizing COVID diagnosis and maximizing payments. Does this make sense? Maybe the government did not realize these unintended consequences, but again government should have stepped aside and let things work the way they should have without making it all worse.

COVID has certainly been a problem the last two years, but we have lots of problems that we don’t declare crises. Why declare a state of crisis for two years and promulgate policies that often caused more pain than the virus itself? The numbers are trending in the right direction at the moment, but the virus was in decline several times before and we didn’t declare an end then. Biden’s opponents wanted the crisis to end long ago, so they are not complaining now that it is ending, and his friends want it to end as well because this has become the new truth they want to push.

On the other hand, a week or so ago, Canada was still in crisis because a few truckers wanted vaccine mandates ended. Now they are actually ending in the U.S., the U.K. and around the world; yet, in Canada, freedom to protest was snuffed out for complaining about an unpopular policy. Protests were shut down for no other apparent reason. Canada could have ended all restrictions (and they have in many provinces), but instead of negotiating, they had to crush the protest by autocratic, anti-democratic, measures to salvage or increase their own power. Western-COVID-Tyranny-(Go-Canada-Truckers!) This is more than just a failure; we are heading closer to Big Brother.

It just happened to be this week, the week of the State of the Union, when the president declared an end of the pandemic. Everyone in the CDC followed suit and Dr. Fauci suddenly has gone silent. Go figure. This is the longest he has been silent in the last two years. If the world’s greatest doctor has any sense of all, he will recognize a good time for him to retire before there are investigations next year as we determine what went wrong. I think people won’t forget all this, all the tyranny, all the lies, all the ridiculous experts.

This week also, folks at my workplace received email after email telling us all is well again. After two years, it is now safe again to return to the office.


At President Biden’s inaugural State of the Union address, he outlined priorities for the federal workforce, including returning feds to in-person work. As the largest employer in the nation, President Biden urged the federal workforce to lead by example by returning to their offices after two years of widespread remote work, although the responses from stakeholders and employees alike have varied.

Mr. President, my family and I have been living our lives fairly normally for the last two years, going out to the eat and shop and all the other things one normally does, so I have no idea why going back to the office has been such a risk until just now.


Like everywhere else in the country, doctor offices still require masking. Most of the doctors I speak to privately do not see the benefit. However, they are required by government to have everyone masked, and to defy the policy would risk stiff penalties. Again, government should get out of the way and not tell doctors around the country how to keep their patients safe.

For about the fifth time in the last two years, our family has canceled or rescheduled a cruise. I am not complaining much because I know others have real problems, except I would say it is silly that now we can’t go because our kids are not vaccinated. They were not at risk to start and they have already had COVID now, so they should be welcomed as the ideal travelers, but logic no longer holds.

After I spoke at the last school board meeting, an official at our school complained about our kids being unvaccinated. This official knows that our kids recently contracted COVID and have a natural immunity which protects them from what was already a very limited risk, yet it is my disregard of this safety measure which must be pointed out, even though neither the school or any other government agency has required kids to be vaccinated. I share my response with the school officials. After more than a week, I have heard nothing back:

There is nothing about natural immunity in the toolkit.  Is there a reason this has been overlooked?

Both our children have had COVID in the last month and so are well protected from COVID the rest of the school year.  I know you mentioned that you followed our pediatrician’s (Dr. Magryta) newsletter.  We received this email response recently from him with regards to our children’s current situation:

  • (from pediatrician) myself included, the need to vaccinate after having natural infection makes little sense unless a child or person is in a high risk category. Each person must decide on the personal place they find themselves. Our practice’s stance all along has been that each person must weigh and measure risk over benefit. 

Neither of our kids are high risk, so where is the impetus to vaccinate them coming from?

The CDC also did a recent study comparing the risks to people infected and/or vaccinated.  Per the study, those who have been unvaccinated and infected are better protected than even those who have been vaccinated.  This study has not been well publicized but this video provides a more detailed analysis of the study from a UK doctor.

This study doesn’t even account for age differences, which would make the risk to previously infected minors even less pronounced.

The risk from myocarditis or pericarditis for those vaccinated is somewhat high, especially for young males.  The FDA has also added this warning to all vaccines at this point.  The simple vaccination technique of aspiration could reduce this risk, but the U.S., U.K. and others have not adopted this simple procedure.   Denmark and Germany, on the other hand, have adopted it.  Many countries, including the UK, do not vaccinate kids under 12 at all. 

In any case, given 1) our kids have natural immunity and so are already well protected from COVID, 2) the vaccine provides no additional benefit at this point, and 3) the vaccine does pose some additional risks, I see no reason why we should have our kids vaccinated and why natural immunity is not a factor discussed more:

Am I missing some important factor you are aware of that would change my thinking on this?  If not, is there a reason the school continues to recommend vaccinations for all unqualified by natural immunity or any other factor?  This is perplexing to me given the overwhelming evidence showing the benefits of natural immunity and the evidence showing the limited COVID risk to minors.

More Alarming Data

The next story highlights the efficacy of vaccines, or rather lack of efficacy in this instance.  It seemed vaccines were working a year ago.  We were told a year ago that most cases and deaths were from the unvaccinated.  That seemed plausible then. However, for some time now, the vaccinated have been contracting COVID as much or more as the unvax’d.  Data out of the UK is now showing something even more concerning–that vaccines are not protecting folks from the most serious consequences, at least not in the UK for the most recent time period. 

Official data: Fully vaccinated people account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths (

The fully vaccinated account for 9 of every 10 deaths from COVID-19 in England and 4 of 5 deaths among the triple-vaccinated, according to the latest data published by the U.K. Health Security Agency.

About 73.5% of the population of England has been fully vaccinated, and 56.9% have received a booster shot, as of Feb. 28.

Overall, the vaccinated population accounted for 89% of all COVID-19 deaths during the four-week period

In other words:

  • if the percentage of deaths among the vaccinated is less than the percentage vaccinated, the vaccine is proving itself useful. That’s not the case here. 
  • If both totals are the same, vaccines have no impact.  Couldn’t hit this mark either.
  • This study shows deaths among the vaccinated (89%) are significantly higher than the number of people fully vaccinated (73.5%). 

You can draw your own conclusions. 

Yet, President Biden continues to cite the data on vaccines from more than a year ago:

I suppose he lies because the truth would highlight the failures of his awful first year in office.

The story below is about the use of Ivermectin in Oklahoma. Interestingly, I hear about it from a foreign source (foreign sources, by the way, often have a candor lacking in our domestic sources–because they are not influenced by the politics of our country and tend to focus on what is actually happening rather than the narrative to be advanced). The FDA wants to stop MDs from using certain medicines, like Ivermectin, to treat COVID. I have asked this same question before, but it bears repeating: why does a doctor at the FDA (or maybe a bureaucrat who pretends to speak for the doctors) know better than your own doctor, perhaps the doctor you have seen for years, what is best for your own health? In this video, Dr. Campbell explains why the Oklahoma position, which opposes FDA intervention, is the reasonable one:

A number of folks who work for my agency are concerned about the tracking of those who entered religious exemptions. They believe it gives them a scarlet letter and could lead to repercussions in the future. Given the track record of our federal government and their many anti-religious policies, it is not an unreasonable conclusion. What is Big Brother up to now?

“The federal government has no business to create a database of people who file religious exemptions,” Liberty Counsel’s founder and chairman Mat Staver told The Center Square last month after it was initially reported that one federal agency was logging the exemption requests. The only possible purpose this could have, is to first identity and then to discriminate against people of faith. Knowing who files for religious exemptions serves no legitimate or lawful purpose.”

Daniel Horowitz recently wrote about those advocating shots for our youngest. He calls it immoral. I see little support for this among doctors. Even CNN contributor and vaccine cheerleader, Dr. Leanna Wenn, cannot see the logic in this. Left and Right could actually unite on their concern for this issue.


In one of the most shocking and immoral moves since the beginning of the pandemic, Pfizer is submitting its request this week for emergency use authorization of its COVID shot for babies as young as 6 months old through 5 years old. They are quite literally pushing a shot with the hopes of ameliorating symptoms (not stopping transmission) of a virus that is a cold for young children and much less dangerous than RSV. But here’s the kicker: The trial they conducted showed that two doses failed to even produce positive results, and they are still working on a trial for a three-dose regimen. Plus, we have a new variant. So, what exactly are they seeking authorization for?

It appears parents are not on-board as vaccinations have slowed considerably. Few are rushing out to vaccinate their kids, especially their elementary kids. From Bloomberg news: During the last week, shots were administered at an average rate of 170,604 doses a day.

Thought Exercise

We move now from one crisis to the next. Now we must watch what happens in the Ukraine/Russia war. It is tragic that neglect of foreign affairs along with a lack of clear messaging allowed this war allowed to happen. Now that it has started, the negative consequences will be many.

The question I want to ask is this: Is what is being done to Russian oligarchs, Russian para-Olympic athletes, Vladimir Putin, and all the rest that much different than what was done to Canadian truckers? Journalist Jordan Schachtel posed a series of tweets making this point:

Anyone who doesn’t have a Ukraine emoji in their profile is literally a Russian agent who is paid in Rubles and probably refuses to say “Kyiv” in perfectly spoken Ukrainian. Anything short of advocacy for WW3 makes you KGB. Put these people on a list.

I certainly would not place Canadian truckers and Vladimir Putin, who is truly an evil person and is waging an unconscionable war, on the same plane, but Canadian PM Justin Trudeau seems to be doing exactly that. He has treated both Putin and the truckers in exactly the same manner. He shut down trucker protests and treated them like terrorists only to accede to their demands a little later. Now, he and the rest of the world want to use the same tactics on Russia. Schachtel is simply saying that what is being done to Russia may be the same thing tried on people like you and me when wind up on the “wrong” side of a more legitimate debate. For example, some may think it immoral that I have concerns about transgenderism, especially pushing it on kids, so maybe they go after my bank account if I have the gall to speak out about transgenderism? This can happen. It has happened. Are we seeing the playbook being augmented and perfected now?

Certainly, in the U.S. the same could apply to Joe Rogan. Vox asks the question recently: “What to do about Joe Rogan?” Why do we have to do anything about Joe Rogan? Joe Rogan interviewed a couple of highly credentialed folks in the medical arena, and asked them a series of legitimate questions over three hours and he is suddenly a problem?

Before Vox directed their malice towards Putin it was directed at folks like Rogan. If Joe could have held out another couple weeks before his apology, he might have withstood the storm. After all, the folks Rogan interviewed and the views they espoused were mainstreamed by Biden during his speech. Yesterday, Rogan was censored for giving an outlet to doctors who have been proven right today. They didn’t go directly after his bank account, but they are trying to shut down his legitimate business. They would have less resistance going after someone like you or me.

The folks on the left must be so confused now. What was deemed true today is no longer true tomorrow. How can they keep up? How can you distinguish right and wrong when it changes and you need a party leader to tell you what is truth today?

The Numbers

Prior to March 20, 2020, there were just 249 deaths in the U.S. During the last ten months of the Trump Administration (3/20/20 – 1/19/21), there were 432,000 deaths or 43,200 per month.

There have been more total deaths now under the Biden Administration, a total of 551,000 in 13.5 months or 40,800 per month.

So, if we compare the two administrations, we see a six percent drop in deaths during the year plus of the Biden Administration. Remember, Biden had vaccines during his entire time in office while Trump had them for only the last month of his term. Still, Biden tells us that he has solved COVID. Of course. He invented the vaccines too, right? If it weren’t for lies, he would have nothing to say.

Biden also blamed all the deaths prior to his presidency on Trump.

Since he became president, he blamed the unvax’d and the folks like Joe Rogan, who we are told spread “misinformation”. So, my unvax’d teenage kids and popular podcasters asking legitimate questions are why Joe Biden hasn’t done as well as he could as shutting down COVID? These are more lies, if you ask me.

Nevertheless, the numbers tell me we are doing better today, and hopefully the good news will continue for a while longer given the increased natural immunity in the last few months. The spread of COVID is no doubt in decline today. For 51 straight days, the COVID case average has declined from 821,000 per day on January 13 to 47,000 per day on March 4, 94% drop (100% is as much as you can fall). The pace of decline is not slowing either; in the past 7 days, the average has declined 37% which means we will certainly drop further into March. And then Spring comes.

Nobody believes the numbers will go to zero (at least not soon), but these numbers are good. COVID is less threatening than it has been in a while.

You could say 47,000 per day is still high. It has certainly been lower than that at many points during the last two years. Last July, the number fell to almost 12,000 per day before rising significantly with the Delta variant (to about 165,000 per day). However, today more people have more immunity of one sort or another than ever before, much of it now coming in the superior form of natural immunity. Omicron BA-2 is the next variant we have heard of, but that one is closely related to the current Omicron BA-1 variant, so we should be good for a while still.

The death graph is falling nicely now as well, especially in the last week. Deaths in the U.S. are falling faster now, 23% in the last 7 days.

Deaths are still high — more than 1,300 per day, but still 400 per day fewer than one year ago and we are on the same steep downward trend as last March.

Worldwide we see the same downward trends, but not quite as steep as in the U.S., nonetheless falling nicely.

While I think it was right to end the crisis, I strongly question motives, and I wonder if the restrictions will come back . Let’s pray we stay on this path, so whenever the next COVID variant and next new virus comes along, we will react better than we did this time.

Also: I added this post with a couple more important topics a few days after publishing this one: Quick Hits: Vaccine Safety/Who Killed Ivermectin? – Seek the Truth (

4 thoughts on “OMG: COVID Crisis Just Ended

  1. As I have said before Covid 19 is the ‘flu, an internally generated toxicosis or poisoning and no vaccines will do anything except add to the toxic load.

    If the testing of people for Covid means anything at all, and certainly the efficacy is considered doubtful at best, then it merely means that the vaccines add to sickness and harm, if not push some over to death. This has always been the case.

    Vitamin D deficiency has always been the real pandemic but big pharma etc don’t make money out of it.

    Natural immunity only exists if you boost your immune system by eating, drinking, sleeping and generally living well.

    I have said this to others but the cure for Covid 19, a.k.a the ‘flu since re-branding in 2020, is in the name; vitamin C Or VItamin D. D for all round protection and C if you fall ill to clear the toxins out.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Re-focusing on health is great advice. This threat is a reminder to look again at how we are living our lives, and to re-focus on what we have always known is best for our health.

      I would add that I think the biggest threat from COVID, or at least from COVID policy, is our freedom. We need to jealously guard our freedoms from those who believe we just need to follow dictates for our own good. In China, they are killing people (starving them to death) in order to save their lives from COVID. What sense does that make? Such top-down, one-size-fits-all policies have always failed. Too many in our culture today believe we need less freedom, not more, and that we should follow a model similar to the Chinese. These ideas are the biggest threat to all.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Quite so. Maximize individual responsibility, and minimize the state. The state can never care for individuals as it is an ‘it’ and its can never care, they just are.

        What I don’t understand is how people can think that it is possible to legislate against every possible eventuality. Those who want to do right will always seek to do right, and those who want to do wrong don’t care what the law is, as long as they can get away with whatever evil they want to.


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