A Dozen Quick Takes

I usually go in depth on a topic for most posts. It take considerable time to research and then put all the information together in a coherent package. I often come across material which I never publish, but there is a ton of good info that I can’t seem to work in. I put together here some recent items on a variety of topics which might be of interest.

  • The liberal one-channel media is turning a bit on President Biden, acknowledging more of the allegations against his son and his party, and the unpopularity of his administration. The media doesn’t want to appear totally inept when news they have pretended is not real, can no longer be ignored or suppressed. John Durham may hand down more indictments in his 2016 election investigation. In the following story, we see John Durham has caught Hillary Clinton lawyer, Michael Sussman, in a lie. He said he wasn’t going to the FBI with phony information on President Trump while working for his political opponent, Hillary Clinton, but that lie that has now been exposed in writing: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/durham-sussmann-put-his-lie-to-the-fbi-in-writing
  • The old “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” song includes a line about Cracker Jack, but now the kooks behind this new video have decided we also need Cracker Jill. We need equity in our snacks too. It makes you want to buy the product now that they are more inclusionary, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVZI8MgxzV8
  • A Daily Wire reporter recently went to a Washington abortion clinic. This is a reminder of the horror of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, abortion doctor who is now in prison, and arguably America’s worst mass murderer. https://www.dailywire.com/news/she-was-in-the-middle-of-having-an-abortion-daily-wire-reporter-joins-laura-ingraham-to-discuss-gruesome-reports-of-d-c-abortion-clinic. Life is such an important issue that so many pay little attention to. If we can’t stand up for the lives of the absolutely most vulnerable in our society, children, who can we stand up for? See more on this: https://seek-the-truth.com/category/life/
  • Here are a couple stories that ought to leave you scratching your heads. Let’s not drill for new oil so we can magically make the first a new reality. The second one is becoming a reality already. https://www.dailywire.com/news/washington-state-plans-to-outlaw-most-new-gas-cars https://www.theblaze.com/video/pete-buttigieg-gas-prices (Pete Buttigieg to Americans: Get used to CRUSHING gas prices until we achieve ‘clean energy’ independence )
  • Here is one final one forwarded me regarding analysis of the CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data. My colleague argues the vaccines are indeed responsible for many deaths and says that claim is supported by the CDC data. There were relatively few deaths after vaccinations until 2020–before the COVID vaccines came on line. There is a spike in 2021 and 2022, ostensibly because of the COVID vaccine. Of course, we have probably vaccinated more than ever before, so vaccine deaths would likely go up because of that. Still, the deaths reported are mostly within a few days of vaccinations. If the vaccines were not responsible and people were dying of normal causes after being vaccinated (which is surely the case for some), you would not see a such a strong correlation between deaths and vaccines. Here’s his take:

Want to know how you can tell 100% for sure vaccines are killing people?  Here are 2 extracts from VAERS which is the government reporting system for vaccine adverse effects.  The first chart shows overall deaths reported after vaccination.  Remember, the government doesn’t officially count you as ‘vaccinated’ till at least 14 days after your latest final jab to bring you up to date so in other government systems, they would consider most of these deaths here by ‘unvaccinated’ people.  The second chart shows how many days after the person got jabbed that they died.  If the vaccines were not causal then you would see no correlation between days of the shot and death yet you see almost all deaths within the first 5 days of a shot.  This is irrefutable evidence.

You will hear some say this data is unreliable because can be self-reported and not managed through any particular study.  This data is more reliable than the vaccine studies because no case is entered here till it is validated by a medical professional by the Gov’t.  What the killers don’t like about it is that the other reporting systems they prefer are all secret whereas VAERS by law must be public.  Look at the recent study of children and COVID vaccine where severely injured and the vaccine company removed the children from the study.  Almost every study in the FDA is paid for by the drug companies.  Almost every executive in the FDA goes to work for big pharma.  You cannot have the fox watching the henhouse.  People really need to wake up and realize the almighty dollar is more important than the safety of every person in this world and Gov’t and greedy people will lie to you and cheat you out of your life to get more money.


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