Biden: Will You Still Love Me When I’m 86?

Will it be Trump vs. Biden in 2024? Joe Biden is currently 80 years old and would be 86 by the end of a second term. Trump would be 82 by the end of a second term. Reagan, the prior record holder, left office at 77. Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson and Democrat candidates, Maryann Williamson, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are 72, 70, and 69 respectively. We can find younger, better candidates.

I have what I believe is a difficult, time consuming job, but I cannot imagine doing a job as stressful as the president’s, certainly not into my late 70’s or 80’s. It appears the president himself cannot imagine actually doing the job either. Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary, said the quiet part about him out loud last month; she was surprised Biden addressed an issue in the morning because he normally does nothing before 9AM.

Even the current White House staff is somewhat open about the age issue.


Even White House staffers admit that President Biden’s advanced age is affecting his workload.

Days after the 80-year-old formally announced he would run for re-election in 2024, Axios reported Friday that aides say it’s tough to schedule “public or private events” with Biden at certain times of day — namely weekends, mornings, and evenings.

I work harder than this for my job. Millions more do as well. Does it make you wonder who is in charge and who is talking the 3AM White House call? Hillary Clinton said she was ready to take the late night call. Is Joe Biden?

Journalism is Broken

Of course, the real problem with current situation is all those who excuse Biden. They pretend an 80-year-old who has cognitive issues (not to mention is corrupt–see more below), needs to be led by handlers, and often unknowingly gives away the game, is fit to govern the country. They tell us repeatedly how vital the the president is, how well the economy is, that the border is under control, and how much his opponents lie about him.

Some octogenarians are vital. Biden is not.

Last week, the president was obviously caught “cheating” (politics is a game for so many, after all) at a press conference. Yet, there the media ho-hums and much of the public is unaware.

Karine Jean Identity Hire (her moniker per Andrew Klavan) said there is no evidence Biden was fed questions.  He is routinely briefed on questions he should expect during a press conference, she says.  He had the exact question, the reporters exact name (with phonetic spelling) along with an answer provided by staff, and she pretends there is nothing fishy.  Most galling is that the one-channel media parrots the lie to us.   White House denies Biden received questions in advance at press conference (

*”Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”—Flip Wilson

President Trump did many controversial things, but he was loved because he contemplated the politically unthinkable. Every prior president said the US Embassy should be moved to Jerusalem, but only Trump actually did it. People respect politicians willing to break with political orthodoxy.

Trump also refused to attend the White House correspondents dinner, an event which demonstrates how much the media and politicians of both parties (along with celebrities who have no business attending) have in common: namely, their dislike of the public they represent. President Biden, on the other hand, restored political orthodoxy and renewed this love-fest, saying the correspondents dinner is “one of the great traditions of our nation.” He told Dr. Fauci, Brittany Griner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the correspondents the God’s honest truth publicly during a one-liner:

In a lot of ways, this dinner sums up my two years in office: I’ll talk for 10 minutes, take zero questions, and walk cheerfully away.

Did the president even realize what he is saying? He was reading the teleprompter after all. Did the journalists there realize they were being mocked for failing to do their jobs the last two years?

This CNN journalist deserves kudos for listening to his conscience and accurately describing the failings of the press corps. The media wears the president’s jersey, laughs at all his jokes, accedes to demands for pre-submitted questions, ignores the president’s failures, and ignores all evidence of cognitive decline.

During the aforementioned correspondents’ dinner, journalist Matt Viser, won an award for: ” Overall Excellence in White House Coverage, recognizing his superlative reporting illuminating President Biden as a human being, as well as a political figure.” The Washington Post declared: “Viser captured the spirit of Joe Biden, particularly with his stories on how the president’s brother and his Catholic faith influenced his strategic vision of the office.”

Biden has taken numerous policy positions which are in direct opposition to Catholic orthodoxy (on abortion, transgenderism, same sex marriage, etc.), so how exactly is his Catholic faith influencing his vision of the office? HIs rejection of Catholic doctrine might be a more fitting story. Ask yourself why this body of correspondents honor one of their own for highlighting the president’s questionable Catholic faith? This is truth in journalism or simply creative writing?

“I’m saying to our people, let’s use this teaching moment. Let’s come together and become more, if you will — use the questions of faith and respond to them in an intelligent way,” said the Rev. Kevin Gillespie, pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown where Biden has worshipped twice since becoming president.

“They applauded for a fellow parishioner, a fellow Catholic and the president of the United States,” Gillespie said of the welcome Biden received. “People were very happy, not that they all agree with his views, but he’s one of us.”

As a life-long Catholic, I can’t picture him as “one of us” either. If you are going to be a member of an organization, you should at least attempt to follow their precepts. Instead, the president praises the folks who pretend he has a steadfast allegiance to Catholicism; it’s good for a few more votes.

Does any of this persuade you not to vote for this man who is propped up by others and not capable of such an important office? You realize, of course, I have provided only a small sampling of media malfeasance. I will continue.

If the new standard is to sue media outlets for brazen lies and the standard is applied across the board then CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, and the rest of one channel media will be out of business in a few months.  They LIE continually.  They suppress the truth.  They advance a political narrative; it matters more than making money. 

The one-channel liberal outlets, along with Fox News as well, are losing viewers to subscriptions and streaming services.  People are hungry for the truth and the more traditional outlets want an exclusive on the truth (i.e. they present “their truth”, not the absolute truth); they want to control the narrative. Newer outlets such as The Blaze and Daily Wire, I believe, are cornering the truth market.  They found that niche so many are seeking.  One-channel media is a primary reason the country is going to hell. One channel media, the correspondents dinner, and Fox News as well, can disappear, and we will all be better off.

2020 Democrat Joe Biden stumbled over his words as he attempted to recite the Declaration of Independence ahead of Super Tuesday.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” the former vice president said during a campaign event in Texas on Monday. “All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”

During the stop, he also accidentally referred to Super Tuesday as “Super Thursday” before correcting himself.

The Declaration of Independence reads: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Some Others Notice the Corruption

White House staff says the president should not debate other Democratic candidates. Marianne Williamson, a not so well known author running for president (she ran in 2020 as well) noticed and correctly pointed out the following:

An 80 year old president, who has held the fewest press conferences of any president (if they can even be called such), routinely avoids questions, and avoids debates with opponents, is a problem that grows each day.  Please, will the public finally notice and demand better?

By the way, President Trump is playing the same game as well. It’s a bad idea no matter who proposes it or the excuse provided.

Are we going to be serious about politics or not? Is politics just a game, one in which we support only those wearing our jerseys? Let’s have a debate, a real one, in both primaries, and in the general election. Let’s hear Biden, Trump, and the rest unfiltered. Otherwise, the media controls the narrative fully. Sure, the media challenged President Trump–challenged him continually, but they allow President Biden virtual impunity, and he acts accordingly. There are a half dozen whopper lies in the Hunter Biden story alone.

Joe Biden in a national presidential debate said the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.   He referenced a letter signed by 50 former intelligence officers, some very highly placed folks among them.  That’s a massive lie that helped him win an election. My post from a year ago on this topic:

It was subsequently revealed that Hunter Biden was already under investigation by the FBI two years prior; they had his laptop the whole time, but nobody who could have made a difference spoke up during the last two weeks of the campaign.  Hunter Biden has now sued the shop owner to have his laptop returned.  He now wants the laptop that was supposedly Russian disinformation and never really existed.  Do such lies bother you?   Is it not an obvious lie? 

The NY Post published the story about Hunter Biden and his corruption, but it was suppressed by Twitter for nearly two weeks. Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden associate and a very credible source, shared damning testimony about Hunter Biden and by extension Joe Biden himself (ten percent for the Big Guy!).  Bobulinski’s story was also suppressed by media just prior to the 2020 election.

The whole intelligence officers’ narrative began with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken shopping the story to his friends in intelligence.  Former Acting CIA director, Mike Morell, sponsored the letter and admitted in Congressional testimony last month he did it because he supported Biden against Trump.  This is sleazy.  My liberal friends say the claim of the election being stolen has no merit. Are they paying attention? Morell testified:

Q: But, prior to [Secretary Blinken’s] call, you – you did not have any intent to write this statement?
A: I did not.
Q: Okay. So his call triggered –
A: It did, yes.
Q: – that intent in you?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: What was the intent of the statement?
A: There were two intents. One intent was to share our concern with the American people that the Russians were playing on this issue; and, two, it was [to] help Vice President

Chairman Jordan: You wanted to help the Vice President why?
A; Because I wanted him to win the election.
Chairman Jordan: You wanted him to win; that’s why?
A: Yes sir.

Do we care 50 intelligence officers misled us for political expediency?  Shouldn’t Biden be held to account for the lie as well?  My liberal friend exemplifies the lack of concern among so many:

If I haven’t said this before then let me be very clear about who I’m not voting for, for President.  I will not vote for Hunter Biden in past, present, and future elections. Hopefully, that clears up the Biden issue.  I’ve heard enough about Hunter and it’s getting old, but so is the election fraud from 2020. 

The problem is Hunter Biden is corrupt and his dad covers for him.  Go back to Biden as VP: he demanded the Ukraine prosecutor investigating Burisma (of which Hunter, who had no experience in energy, was on the board) be fired.  Biden openly admits it was a quid pro quo: fire the prosecutor or you get no US money.  Biden-admits-to-firing-prosecutor I wrote about this story about six months ago.

Biden worked in Congress after graduating from law school and is married to a community college teacher, yet owns three massive homes and has millions in the bank.  His family has gotten rich too.  Hunter Biden can’t hold a real job but lives lavishly.  Joe Biden released his 1040s but won’t release his business tax returns.  Hypocrite!  He calls himself lunch bucket Joe and rode the Amtrak train to further the image.  He is BS Joe.

Peter Schweitzer wrote an entire book on the corruption of the Biden family:

More people have noticed more corruption more recently. If the corruption paid off in the past, it won’t stop now.

An IRS employee is willing to testify to Congress that Hunter Biden’s tax audit is being held up by political operatives.  Perhaps it is not true.  I want to hear more, however.  I don’t want the story suppressed as Hunter Biden’s laptop and his family’s corruption was in 2020.

Two top congressional Republicans say they want to know what, if any, information the FBI has about an alleged bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden, while the White House accuses the lawmakers of an “unfounded political attack.”

House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, say a whistleblower has provided information about the alleged scheme, and they have issued a subpoena to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding a document that they say contains information about the allegation..

Perhaps, nothing comes of this allegation either, but there is so much smoke. One certainty is that Biden’s allies in the media, the media who is supposed to be our watchdog and protect the public interest by holding public officials to account, will make excuses and participate in covering up both stories.

Hunter Biden is one of the sleaziest characters to ever disgrace politics.  His entire life is a total failure, and yet his dad says he is the smartest person he knows. 

Biden’s daughter is a mess too.  A copy of Mrs. Biden’s diary was released by Project Veritas and included this salacious entry:

‘I have always been boy crazy,’ she wrote. ‘Hyper-sexualized @ a young age … I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).’

There is still debate on whether she said this or not, but what is clear is that another of the president’s three kids flushed away much of her life via self-indulgence.   Project Veritas was targeted by the FBI for obtaining her diary.  Did they do anything wrong?  If it is only more Russian disinformation why were they raided by the FBI?  

What about the IRS person who released Trump’s tax returns?  Shouldn’t that person be investigated? If media believes the story is their interest, there is no investigation.  If not in their interest, the source is targeted.    The 1/6 riot was the end of democracy, but a similar event in Tennessee is a peaceful protest and legislators who were expelled from office visit the White House. 

Speaking to Politico about Obama’s concerns, one aide recalled him saying: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”


Do We Care?

A friend asked how I expect others to respond to my posts. I want you to be aware of the facts and act appropriately. The media suppresses facts, and so many are not aware. Yet, the facts seep out and you can be informed with a little bit of effort. I want to help inform.

Do not be angry with the president for the corruption, the lies, and the incompetence. Instead, hold him accountable by voting him out or forcing him to withdraw from the race. Do not be angry with the media who burnishes Biden’s image when they know the truth. Hold them accountable as well. Quit listening to those who lie and suppress the truth. Search for outlets who provide the truth or at least another perspective. I suggest Sky News Australia which provides excellent coverage of American politics. Rita is not fooled by American one-channel media. She is laughing her way through the fall of the Republic.

Joe Biden’s blunders bring Sky News Australia host to tears – YouTube

My mother suffered from dementia for more than ten years. Tell those around the president: his doctor, his wife, his handlers: stop pushing someone with this awful condition forward. Their power and fame are not worth putting the country at such risk, not to mention embarrassing the president himself.

President Biden is also not practicing his faith, putting his mortal soul at jeopardy. Call him out along with other Catholics and Christians for ignoring tenets of their faith and leading others astray.

Joe Biden answered questions from elementary school kids last week. He struggled to remember where all his grandkids lived. He also failed to mention his son Hunter’s illegitimate child who is just as much his grandchild as the rest. He couldn’t remember the last country he visited and was reminded by one of the children that it was Ireland–the week before. We all struggle with our memories at times, but Biden’s problem is clearly more significant. (where do your grandchildren live?)

A year-and-a-half ago, Biden told another group of school kids his job is to avoid answering questions. Is the problem not obvious?

Final Thoughts

Joe Biden for President: Just Like Your Grandpa, But Worse…

Biden Suspected Of Wearing Earpiece After He Screams ‘THERE IS A MAN SPEAKING INSIDE MY HEAD!!’ | Babylon Bee

When I get older losing my hair
Many years from now
Will you still be sending me a Valentine
Birthday greetings, bottle of wine

If I’d been out till quarter to three
Would you lock the door
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I’m sixty-four

You’ll be older too
And if you say the word
I could stay with you

I could be handy, mending a fuse
When your lights have gone
You can knit a sweater by the fireside
Sunday mornings go for a ride
Doing the garden, digging the weeds
Who could ask for more
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I’m sixty-four

Every summer we can rent a cottage
In the Isle of Wight, if it’s not too dear
We shall scrimp and save
Grandchildren on your knee
Vera Chuck & Dave

Send me a postcard, drop me a line
Stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely, wasting away
Give me your answer, fill in a form
Mine for evermore
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I’m sixty-four

The Beatles, 1964


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