Masks Come Off, COVID Deaths Plummet, Denmark Stops Vaccinating

Everyone, well almost everyone, is excited the masks are no longer required for airline travel. In my locale, probably 90% of folks have already ditched the masks, many during the last year as they’ve tired of restrictions. Please don’t misunderstand our excitement, however. People do want to contribute to the cause; they just don’tContinue reading “Masks Come Off, COVID Deaths Plummet, Denmark Stops Vaccinating”

Discussion on Transgenderism: What Is It All About?

I set off this transgender debate/discussion with an email regarding my post on Judge Brown-Jackson (judge-kentaji-brown-jackson-what’s-a-woman). I prefaced my email with the following statement: The trans agenda has exploded in the last ten years.  It is dangerous.  We must be aware and protect our children from this.  Once kids are indoctrinated, there is no lineContinue reading “Discussion on Transgenderism: What Is It All About?”

Judge Kentaji Brown-Jackson: What’s a Woman?

During our new Supreme Court justice’s confirmation hearing, Senator Marsha Blackburn asked a simple question: please define the term “woman”. Judge Brown-Jackson appeared taken aback, but then informed us she “is not a biologist” and therefore is not qualified to answer this question. Repeatedly using a word she says she “can’t” define is notContinue reading “Judge Kentaji Brown-Jackson: What’s a Woman?”

What is Really Happening in Ukraine?

There are so many differing views on Ukraine: what it means, what we should do or not do about it, what will happen next? The one-channel media, has its slanted take, of course. They were very excited to hear President Biden talk of deposing Vladimir Putin: “This man cannot remain in power”, the president imploredContinue reading “What is Really Happening in Ukraine?”

COVID: New Variant, New Milestone, and What to Expect

The COVID case average has declined dramatically since January 13, dropping from 821,000 per day to just under 28,000 per day (as of Friday, March 25), a 97% decline in ten weeks. However, the rate of decline has slowed (down to just 7% the last seven days) and will likely level off soon, maybe aroundContinue reading “COVID: New Variant, New Milestone, and What to Expect”

Because More Than 50 Intelligence Officials Said So. Really?

For my last post on election concerns, Was-The-Election-Rigged, I focused much on the 2016 election, following revelations from federal prosecutor John Durham regarding that election. Now I shift focus to the 2020 election dispute, one which was rife with claims of tampered voting machines, secret suitcases counted in the middle of the night, and allContinue reading “Because More Than 50 Intelligence Officials Said So. Really?”

Quick Hits: Vaccine Safety/Who Killed Ivermectin?

Here are a few quick hit to supplement my last post: OMG: COVID Crisis Just Ended. Most of the world has ended its COVID restrictions by now, but how much have our leaders really learned from this experience? Will those lessons further the public interest or will they be for our leaders own or their party’sContinue reading “Quick Hits: Vaccine Safety/Who Killed Ivermectin?”