Sesame Place and the Lie of Systemic Racism

Two stories, juxtaposed in the news this week, demonstrate the lie we live with continually. America today is not a racist country. Americans are as tolerant a people as has ever lived and we live in a society as diverse as any that has ever existed. The political elites want it to be a racistContinue reading “Sesame Place and the Lie of Systemic Racism”

COVID Remains. Don’t Run in Circles, and Scream and Shout

COVID has been with us for two-and-a-half years. Life for many of us returned to normal long ago, yet, COVID still remains a topic of discussion. Why is it still top-of-mind for so many? Governments remain poised to re-institute restrictions as COVID cases remain stubbornly high in the US. Are they going to do aContinue reading “COVID Remains. Don’t Run in Circles, and Scream and Shout”

The Normalization of Delusion

Recently, I wrote of the affirmation of Coach Joe Kennedy’s right to pray at mid-field after contests. I said this eight-year battle for this simple, Constitutionally protected right is not a harbinger that confirms your worst fears of Christians. Like many commenting on my posts, this person’s distaste for religious views seems prejudicial and unhealthy:Continue reading “The Normalization of Delusion”

Do You Have Hope? Where Does it Come From?

After recent posts on abortion, transgenderism, and the right to pray, I am criticized as a religious zealot, one attempting to impose my religious doctrine on others, one who believes Christianity should be advanced over other religions by our government, and one who would not act consistently to protect other faiths. My critics are oftenContinue reading “Do You Have Hope? Where Does it Come From?”

Freedom to Pray is Upheld. Why was it ever Threatened?

High School Coach Joe Kennedy was fired from his job at Bremerton (Washington) High School for praying at the 50-yard line immediately after each game. The coach engaged in this practice for nearly eight years (win or lose) until local officials determined it to be a threat to good order. Namely, they saw this asContinue reading “Freedom to Pray is Upheld. Why was it ever Threatened?”

Overturning Roe v Wade: a Return to Federalism and Democracy

I was told the following by a critic regarding the Roe v Wade overturning. It is a rather dumbfounding statement, but it represents the views of many, so I think should be addressed seriously: You are basically requiring that I explain Newton’s Laws of Motion to you. I should not have to do that. AnContinue reading “Overturning Roe v Wade: a Return to Federalism and Democracy”

Too Many Guns or Something Else?

I entered into a lengthy debate regarding gun control following my post: Gun-Control-Argument-is-Flawed. My critic posted the following counter and we engaged in a lengthy discussion on his page: “They are trying to take our guns!” In light of years of school shootings, staggering numbers of all sorts of gun related violence, and tragicomicContinue reading “Too Many Guns or Something Else?”

Pride and Pride Month: A Fad and a Problem

Yeah. I said it. The title may be enough to write me off already: he is an old dinosaur who can’t keep up with the changing times, a bigot who hates people not like himself, exclusionary, intolerant, just an awful person, etc. I haven’t even had a chance to make my points, but probably youContinue reading “Pride and Pride Month: A Fad and a Problem”

The Gun Control Argument is Flawed

I, like everyone else, am appalled at senseless shooting tragedies, whether in New Town Connecticut ten years ago or in Uvalde Texas last month. I don’t have easy solutions, but neither do folks spouting off publicly. Any ideas proposed, raising the legal age along with other ideas under consideration are not enough to move theContinue reading “The Gun Control Argument is Flawed”