COVID Cases Rise: What Does it Mean?

Last week (the week of June 13) there was another big drop in U.S. COVID cases, the ninth straight week of falling numbers, but this past week the trend suddenly reversed and cases started rising again. You may not have heard this news yet; I noticed because I watch the trends daily and saw anContinue reading “COVID Cases Rise: What Does it Mean?”

COVID: Fauci is the Science, Check Your Mask at the Door, and Be Informed on Vaccines

COVID is becoming less of a concern as the U.S. numbers trend in the right direction, but there is still plenty of news, much of it concerning, much still relevant, and much that we should all be aware of. The Numbers: The U.S. cases and deaths continue to fall, although it’s a mixed bag aroundContinue reading “COVID: Fauci is the Science, Check Your Mask at the Door, and Be Informed on Vaccines”

Discussion: Systemic Racism, Unconscious Bias, and Affirmative Action

A liberal friend of mine and I have engaged in off-an-on discussions of systemic racism in American institutions. I say it was eliminated in the 1960’s. He says it is a still a problem. Below, is the start of a formal discussion of this through this forum. He presents his case and then there isContinue reading “Discussion: Systemic Racism, Unconscious Bias, and Affirmative Action”

COVID: The Big Drop, Free Beer, and a Good Show

Analyzing numbers is not an interest for most people, but this week’s COVID numbers are chock full of information that can tell us a lot about what has happened and what to expect next. I explain what the numbers tell us and then share more tid-bits on variants, vaccines, masks, as well as more onContinue reading “COVID: The Big Drop, Free Beer, and a Good Show”

On (American) Fascism

I listened recently to a couple separate interviews with David Horowitz, one by Dave Rubin on Blaze TV and the other by Ben Shapiro on his Sunday special. Horowitz was raised by Communists parents and was once a far-Left leaning journalist and activist, but made the switch to conservative journalist and writer. During these interviews,Continue reading “On (American) Fascism”

Vanishing COVID

The big stories the past couple weeks are one that COVID is rapidly vanishing and two that the CDC has finally relented and declared an end to most restrictions: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday abruptly changed its guidance on masks and social distancing, saying people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 don’tContinue reading “Vanishing COVID”

Who are the Real Racists?

A few weeks ago I addressed the question: is the orange man (Trump) the racist his opponents have continually claimed he is? I start today from the premise that he is not. I don’t claim Trump never said a suspect thing (he has said many), and I don’t claim he has never said thingsContinue reading “Who are the Real Racists?”