Guns and Transgenderism. It’s All About the Narrative.

We don’t yet know exactly why a transgender man (actually a female), killed six at a Nashville Christian school. She said she wanted to die and knew she would die that day (I refer to this person by her actual sex, not by the preferred one). She left behind a manifesto to explain everything, but the FBI has not shared it yet.


Nashville school shooter’s [Name deleted] manifesto is set to be released to the public after the FBI and its highly skilled team of criminal profilers analyze its contents, a Nashville City Council member revealed to The Post.

The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is working “in tandem with” the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) to complete “a very in-depth analysis of certain aspects of the shooter’s life,” Robert Swope said Wednesday.

Hopefully, the manifesto will not be suppressed. I am skeptical, however, as the narrative, generally a lie or misdirection, is always defined by the media. They want to manage this one carefully.

Last November, a man killed five in a Colorado gay nightclub. We were spoon fed the narrative: the shooting was motivated by anti-LGBTQ hatred. What else could it possibly be? Christians who have criticized LQBTQ sexual behavior as sinful are vilified and blamed for such attacks:

Among the mourners outside Club Q, there was little doubt anti-LGBTQ hatred was a motivating factor in the deadly attack.

“It has to stop,” said the Rev Roger Butts of the All Souls Unitarian church, of what he described as a social and political landscape in the US rampant with anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and misinformation. “Enough is enough. We have to stand up.”

The Colorado shooter was charged with a “hate crime”. Aren’t ALL murders hateful acts? This one was singled out for distinction because of the need to further promote the victimization of LQBTQ/LMNOP individuals, a very popular false narrative. When it was revealed the shooter himself is non-binary, one of the LGBTQ community, the narrative pivoted.

The Colorado victims were certain they were targeted strictly because of their LGBTQ identity. I wouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion with zero evidence, but then I am not an irresponsible journalist. The perpetrator already had a criminal history, having been arrested with a bomb. Maybe he should have been in jail already? This shooter, like most mass shooters exhibited troubled signs beforehand. Nevertheless, media extrapolates the behavior of a few mentally unstable individuals to apply to a much broader group. They apply these negative conclusions only for groups they don’t like (e.g. Christians). When the shooter is of a so-called victimized class (e.g. transgenders), the problem is guns, never hatred. A person of a victimized class can never be blamed; they believe this reflects badly on the victimized class as a whole. If you challenge this idiocy, you are the hater.

This “it’s all about hatred of specific groups” talking point, portrays one individual, often a very flawed individual, as representative of a larger general population. I won’t say the shooter in Nashville last week is representative of all transgender people. However, if victims and victimizer were reversed, the media instantly attacks Christians, white folks, or Republicans for hating transgenders. We are fed the lie constantly. The lies come from the very top.

White supremacist terrorism is the deadliest threat to the United States, President Joe Biden told lawmakers Wednesday night as he aimed to pivot from the country’s post-9/11 foreign fights to one at home.

“Make no mistake. In 20 years, terrorism has metastasized. The threat has evolved beyond Afghanistan,”

No. These terrorist attacks in Nashville, Colorado Springs, and other places are not about one group targeting another. The shooter is almost always a mentally disturbed loner looking for fame or seeking justice in some irrational way known only to themselves. The president seeks only to blame his political opponents. In fact, every one of the president’s political opponent is characterized as a white supremacist/hater. Without fail. (

We do not belong to hate groups and we are not encouraging violence against other groups. There is no white supremacist organization with any influence in the USA. Name one. Certainly, there is not any Christian or Jewish denomination encouraging violence. Name one and link their action to violence. The president himself claims to be a Catholic, but he attacks the doctrines of his own faith (he is a better and truer Christian than the rest of us, supposedly). His lies are sometimes not even challenged by leaders of his own faith.

The media ignores their own faulty logic. A shooting incident is another opportunity to attack Christians for their views on sexuality. No clear link is needed between the specific crime and a group’s actions; they simply make up the link. They invented a new term: transphobia (who is actually afraid of transgenders?) which applies to any action or criticism they disagree with. Despite their dishonesty, the media is extremely influential.

Individuals, like the Nashville shooter, hear incessant attacks on Christians, and blame them for their own problems; Christians are made responsible for what ails LGTBQ folks and their agenda.

The student in the following video challenged conservative Dinesh D’Souza, saying fascists like him kill millions with their racist and hateful ideology. He asks a simple question: who has he killed? She has no answer because there is no answer. The Left says language is violence, but cannot explain how that is so. They have no conception that lack of tolerance is not hateful, but generally constructive criticism.

The overwhelming majority of Americans would not interpret the media’s constant rhetorical attack on Christians as a call to violence, but a nut case teetering on the brink might. This transgender person might indeed believe she is justified for taking such actions against so-called Christian hate groups. She may have felt compelled to righteous retribution; she may have turned herself into a vigilante, a modern day Robin Hood taking on a powerful but insidious hate group, on par with Nazis. She is egged on by the media; but that is all a lie–and that’s the real tragedy. The media’s dishonesty is the actual story here; they are the true villains in Nashville.

As I have repeatedly stated: Christians are not a hate group. Christians do not hate transgenders. Christians are not targeting them and do not want to control their lives. Christians do not seek to forcibly compel adults to give up their life styles. Most Christians don’t agree with the lifestyle, but please live your life as you see fit. We only stand up for our own values and protection of our children. We are not attacking individuals; we are attacking the sinful world view. The liberal narrative is phony. Quit lying about us, and if you not one of the perpetrators of the lies, quit accepting the nonsense spewed. Listen to the other side, for God’s sake. These simple words from the Catechism of the Catholic Church are a counter to the lie:

2357 tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. Under no circumstance can they be approved.

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.

2359 By virtues of self-mastery that teach them [persons with same-sex attraction] inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection

Respect, compassion, sensitivity, prayer, support, and friendship. There is no call to hatred. There are no dog whistles, conspiracies, or secret messages. Calls to hatred of individuals or groups is antithetical to Christianity. You can easily find sinful Christians, but you will find no authentic Christian doctrine which advocates hatred. Our media are the liars; their lies about Christianity are leading to hatred of Christians.

Whatever the Nashville shooter’s motivation: hatred of Christians or something else, it was her action, her responsibility, and not representative of whatever group she was a part of. This blame should not be transferred to all transgenders. I don’t play the same stupid game the media and Joe Biden play.

What is the Narrative Now?

The Nashville mayor said after the most recent shooting:

“The leading cause of kids’ death now is guns and gunfire and that is unacceptable”

Joe Biden said:

“It’s ripping our communities apart,” he said, and called on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, saying we “need to do more to protect our schools”

Biden’s press secretary Jeanne-Pierre said:

“How many more children have to be murdered before Republicans in Congress will step up and act to pass the assault weapons ban, to close loopholes in our background check system or to require the safe storage of guns?”

When the shooter is not linked to the right group, the narrative is no longer about hatred. When a gay night club is the crime scene, the narrative is hatred of gays; Christian homophobes are stalking them. When a Christian school is attacked by a transgender individual, the narrative is gun control. The media believes a person belonging to a victimized class cannot be hateful themselves. They say she was pushed into it. Christians themselves are to blame for invoking the violence. President Biden declares a transgender day of visibility immediately after. Isn’t there something odd about how the narrative changes depending on the individuals involved?

I agree with the Nashville mayor: this is unacceptable and we should reverse it. I agree with Biden: this rips communities apart. However, I do not agree the problem can be solved with gun control.

Semi-automatic weapons have been around almost 200 years. They were used with precision to kill hundreds of thousands in the US Civil War, the first modern war 160 years ago. Why have the shootings not been a problem since mid 1800s? Gun-control-argument-is-flawed

When Kyle Rittenhouse shot two in Kenosha he was deemed a white supremacist bigot, not someone trying to save his own life. The narrative was guns in the hands of a minor. When a black man ran over six in an SUV a few days later in a nearby Wisconsin city, we are told the car killed six people, nothing about the dangers of cars being used irresponsibly.

The Tony Timpa and George Floyd stories are remarkably similar, except the victims’ races. We know much about story but little about the other. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-11.png

Three Tennessee legislators led hundreds of protestors into the legislative chamber this past week. This is not characterized as an insurrection because it is was a protest over guns, not a protest over elections. Essentially, it was a protest by people the media like.

In 2011, hundreds filled the Wisconsin legislature to protest Republican Governor Scott Walker’s proposed bill regarding state pensions.

The January 6, 2021 protest was (falsely) characterized as an insurrection, but the other two were not. How do the three protests differ other than the political leaning of the people involved? The poster child of the January 6, protest, Jacob Chansley, the man with the horns, was released from prison this week after evidence of this lie was revealed.

A perpetrator from a “victimized” class is never blamed. A victim from a non-victimized class is a local crime story. The narrative changes depending upon the players. A transgender shooting Christians is a gun control problem. It can’t be about hate or retribution for Christians who are wrongly blamed for transphobia. Who are we talking about after all: someone actually afraid of transgenders or someone who chooses not to affirm delusional beliefs?

But It Gets Worse, so much Worse

The injustice, the lies, the prejudicial attack of Christians, the lack of critical thinking, the lack of logic of any sort, the lack of accountability for media and certain politicians, are all awful and provide little hope for our dying culture. But it gets worse. Maybe the awfulness is so bad and so readily apparent, that more people will understand the concern of folks like me.

Remarkably, days before the Nashville shooting, Young Turks host, Chenk Ugur re-iterated his stance on gun control, with one qualified exception: transgenders. They need guns to protect themselves from crazed Christians.


This is a principled stand? Christians are that dangerous? Ugur is worried right wing lunatics will attack transgenders. Was he worried a mentally troubled transgender would kill Christian children?

Katie Hobbs, governor of Arizona is a gun control champion.

“The victory of gun sense champion Katie Hobbs in a swing state with a long tradition of gun ownership is further proof that the political calculus on this issue has shifted in favor of gun safety,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety

Hobbs’s gun control record was upended by her press secretary, Joselyn Berry, who appears to be championing firearms.

This tweet came after the Nashville shooting. It is not a joke. It provides justification for a transgender killing Christians in a supposedly transphobic school.

Do you find any hatred here? Anything encouraging violence? We were told Governor Sarah Palin was responsible for the attack on Congressman Gabby Gifford many years ago, because she had “targeted” Gifford’s political district. Who is being targeted by folks like Ugur and Berry?

But no, let’s ignore Berry’s and Ugur’s comments and blame Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, and the Daily Wire for this shooting.

An NBC “News” reporter named Benjamin Ryan posted a tweet suggesting The Daily Wire is to blame for the transgender person who shot up a Nashville school on Monday, leaving six dead.

Ryan deflected blame away from the child murderer — who shall remain nameless — and onto Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles.

The reporter says the trio’s “anti-trans activity” pushed the assassin over the edge.

The Daily Wire is headquartered in Nashville. That’s a connection. Host Matt Walsh pushed legislation banning sex change surgery of Tennessee minors, minors too young to understand what is happening to them. Ryan implies such activism justifies a transgender killing six Christians, three of them children. Really? This person was pushed to the brink by Walsh and his organization? The liberal media preaches legislation to end childhood sex change surgeries, surgeries which alter lives forever is hateful, yet another lie. By the way, nobody is banning surgery for adults who want to assume the responsibility for themselves.

Joy Reid interviews transgender Charlotte Clymer. They agree the Right is to blame for this shooting. Blame us for simply noticing what happened? Blame us for pointing out the media has stirred hatred against Christians and Republicans and falsely defined them as the mortal enemy of transgenders? Does Reid actually care about children’s deaths? Does she ask if Christians are targeted?

Biden’s Press Secretary places more emphasis on the potential shame for the transgender community brought about by this shooting. Christian children, not transgenders were attacked, but barely a word is spoken about the actual victims.

“It is shameful. It is disturbing,” Jean-Pierre added. “And our hearts go out to the trans community as they are under attack right now.

I cannot emphasize enough we on the Right are simply standing for our own values, not affirming yours. We protect our children from those who wish to supplant our values with their own.

Dutch TV displayed five naked adults for pre-teens to share the joys of the transgender experience. This is educational? You label me transphobic for pushing back?

60 Minutes features parents who don’t assign a gender at birth. They wait until their child is ready to determine their sex. How long exactly does the child have to wait in limbo? Five years? Ten years? Eighteen years? I can’t imagine how awful my own childhood would have been if we had to wait so many years to define my basic biology.

Label me transphobic if you wish. I won’t argue with any brainwashed individual who thinks so. My response is how can you defend the corruption of our children? How can you defend adults displaying their naked bodies for pre-teens and pretend it is educational? Why do you equate removing sexually explicit materials from schools to banning books? Why do you pretend delusional adults are victimized? Why do you support adults foisting their delusions on their own children? Why do you celebrate all manner of sexual deviancy, with no limitations whatsoever? Why do you look the other way when the Left systematically destroys traditional values and supplanted them with a nihilistic world view? How can you defend a double standard so blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention?

Alternative Views

I end with the question asked initially: will we get the manifesto? I am sure it is full of nonsense and irrational justifications. More significantly, my guess is it furthers indict our media whose lies have created monsters like the Nashville shooter. Why wait so long to inform us? I beginning to doubt we will hear it, and least not at a time that matters. President Trump was indicted last week. Was it an effort to remove the Nashville shooting from the front page?

Representative Dan Crenshaw was interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bash. Aren’t more guns the problem? asks Bash.

No, the answer is armed guards. The answer is armed guards, right? Yes, more guns – the kind of guns that protect the President, that protect you all at CNN.

Is it easy to get into your headquarters at CNN? Absolutely not. There’s armed guards there. There’s single points of entry. I think we should look at our schools as a place that is precious and have the same kind of security that your corporate offices do, that we do in Congress. You know if we consider a place to be important where our children go to learn every day, it should have the same level of security as every other place, whether it’s a shopping mall or a corporate office that’s hard to get into.

Why should CNN elites get protection, but not kids? Likewise, Representative Cory Bush argues you and I should not have guns, but she should:

So either I spent $70,000 on private security over the last few months, and I’m here standing now and able to speak, able to help save 11 million people from being evicted. Or – I could possibly have a death attempt on my life. 

And we’re also talking about the same exact people who say horrible things about me, who lie to build up their base. And then because they lie about me, I receive death threats. Now they don’t address the fact that I receive death threats after they go on air and say horrible things about me. But then they want to say, ‘Oh, but she wants, she needs private security.’ 

I have private security because my body is worth being on this planet right now. I have private security because they, the white supremacist racist narrative that they drive into this country. The fact that they don’t care that this Black woman that has put her life on the line, they can’t match my energy first of all. 

We don’t seek to take away her private security, but she would take ours. Again, the ephemeral white supremacist is to blame.

Bill Maher spoke recently with conservative Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears:

VA Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears tells Bill Maher about the realities of drag shows, lap dances in schools – YouTube

“Listen, I got tired, and I have that photograph because I got tired of seeing Black people every time we’re in the media about guns, it’s always bad. We are law-abiding citizens. And we’re not going to give up our Second Amendment rights,” she said.

We need more public figures to speak so plainly. Maher, a life-long liberal grudgingly agrees as well:

“I mean, I do not like guns. I have guns. I do not like them. I always compare them to antibiotics. I never want to take one, but I’m glad they exist because I’m as small as some women,” Maher joked.


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2 thoughts on “Guns and Transgenderism. It’s All About the Narrative.

  1. Wow! This is a really great amazing post! Superbly written, factual, and grounded. I’m not a Christian, but religion aside, I see things as you do, and your logical approach to this topic is exactly what is needed! As much as I agree with many conservatives and Christians about the trans debate, the tendency is to use their religious views almost exclusively in making their arguments, and that’s really counterproductive. People like JK Rowling aren’t speaking from a religious leaning, but from very real concerns about safety of girls and women. That in and of itself is a huge reason to take action against this runaway agenda. And of course the brainwashing and corruption of children is horrendous! I can’t believe how few people actually speak up against that. I’m a mother of 3 with another on the way. We live in Germany, and let me tell you, the Germans are all pretty far left. Very few exceptions and not enough opposition to make a difference, unfortunately. My oldest daughter attends the Waldorf school, which traditionally held wholesome values, promoted the moderation of media consumption and also has roots in Christianity. That’s actually the only thing I don’t like. But the Waldorf leadership has been infiltrated and taken over. They’re now starting to go the way of the progressive narrative. It’s still better than the public schools, but people like us are running out of options, particularly for our children.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Faith is an important aspect in my life, but most of the values our faith has can be supported by rational, logical arguments.

      I have tried to understand for a long time how the Left has been so successful in selling their ideas which lack virtually any substance. I covered this in my latest post. The Left wants us to believe there is no right and wrong anymore. Truth has become relative; it changes depending upon your perspective. This is how anything can be justified. This is how so many believe things that would never have been accepted in the past. Without religion, family, or patriotism there are no common value systems: your truth, my truth; everyone can have their own version. We hear this notion so often today. How can one ever find meaning in life when your philosophy allows for amorphous truth that can change any moment?

      This question always is asked: why do you care about your neighbor’s lifestyle and preferences if it doesn’t impact your own life? But the truth is it does impact us all. The current trends, the attack upon and the destruction of value filled institutions, have massive impact on society writ large. The destruction of Western Civilization, possibly all civilization, is a meaningful concern. This is where we are. We have to protect the institutions not yet fully corrupted and use them to fight back against the nonsense of the Left. Otherwise the hellscapes of Brave New World and/or 1984 will become our reality.


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