On (American) Fascism

I listened recently to a couple separate interviews with David Horowitz, one by Dave Rubin on Blaze TV and the other by Ben Shapiro on his Sunday special. Horowitz was raised by Communists parents and was once a far-Left leaning journalist and activist, but made the switch to conservative journalist and writer. During these interviews, he warns us America is in the early stages of fascism, a fascist movement not led by Donald Trump, but rather by an out-of-control Left. We should take heed. I want to dig into fascism in America myself, one topic at a time first with regard to COVID, and then with regard to race, elections, education, abortion, guns, and so-called insurrections, a few of the topics that have been at the forefront this last year. There is much to unpack.


Horowitz makes no distinction between Marxists, Communists, and Fascists. They are one and the same in his opinion. They all use the same despicable tactics to demonize and lie about their opponents. They all pretend to fight for you or for good causes while not actually giving a damn about any of those. They divide people by groups; for them, your group identity matters far more than your individual identity. You are good if in the right group and bad if not, good if part of a victimized group and bad if part of an oppressor group.

When asked how people get caught up in these terrible movements, Horowitz points to his father who he describes as a decent person who wanted to do good but was a weak man. Being a Communist made him someone, made him feel strong. You see, you don’t have to stand on your own when a Marxist, Fascist, or Communist because your group identity is what matters. The true American patriots, the true anti-Fascists, stress the individuality of all people. Standing or falling on your own is not for everyone apparently because the world in which individuals are judged by their merits is scary. Instead, the easier path is to divide us into groups, so the weaker among us can feel strong through their group identity. This sense of empowerment is appealing to many.

I began delving into Marxism in my last post, Who are the Real Racists? – Seek the Truth (seek-the-truth.com). Marxism in America today has evolved from the economic class revolution that Marx originally proposed; today’s Marxists use race instead of economic class to divide us. I expose the lies they spread about their opponents. I show when they themselves act like the racists, everything is forgiven; their brand of racism and prejudice is forgiven simply because they associate with the right group. For those not in the club, nothing is forgiven. Horowitz goes on to say their club is like a religion, but I think we can go even further and say that their club is actually a cult. Like any cult, you must believe in all the cult stands for and if not you will be canceled, kicked out of the cult. Also, like any cult, you cannot speak badly of the cult; they don’t tolerate any dissent at all. Horowitz tells us that the redeemers of the cult, the so-called spiritual leaders, are the politicians. They decide what is good or bad, who is right or wrong, based on their own political goals. I really don’t want to have politicians as our spiritual leaders; this infusion of politics into so many aspects of our culture is why the contemporary standard of what is right or wrong is constantly shifting.

Horowitz also talks about the intoxicating power of being in this cult. Your status is immediately elevated when you become part of the Woke Left Cult in today’s America. When you join, you instantly become better than anyone in the opposing group, the Fascist Republicans. You can also say whatever you will about your opponents, demonize them in any way; call them racists, Nazis, and the like. You are fighting racism and oppression, after all; you are standing up for the oppressed, so you are better than them, no matter what else you or they do with your lives. Distorting the truth or lying about your opponents is tolerated because you are fighting for a righteous cause, and so pretty much any tactic can be rationalized. This kind of power is seductive.

This is how someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 29-year-old bartender with no leadership credentials, can be elevated to a position of power in the Democrat leadership. She routinely says idiotic things, like the quote I have on my Home Page (“Facts don’t matter when you’re morally right”), yet she has become a Democrat leader because she is so righteous in her condemnation of racism and oppression, and because she so forcefully calls out her dastardly evil opponents. What she says need not make sense; after all, she said herself the facts don’t matter. Two years ago, she said climate change is going to end the world in ten years and instead of mocking her for her ignorance, instead of demanding proof from her, she is praised for being so bold and courageous to say things others are unwilling to say. Whether her statements are true or not no longer matters; she has established her bona fides and she is always advancing the revolutionary cause, even when the cause has lost sight of its original (perhaps well intentioned) goal. Because the cause is righteous and because her intentions are assumed to be good, we should not parse her words; as she said herself even if she doesn’t get all the facts right, she is still right because she is morally right. Furthermore, we all know climate change and the Republican policy on climate is racist as well, so that confirms she is correct.

Besides the allure of power, the cult draws in people because it allows you to do all kinds of terrible things in your own life with little consequence to your status. When you are part of the movement, your sins are overlooked, especially by our one-channel Democrat propagandist media. This is how Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, two of the most notorious sexual predators of our time, can hob-nob with Democrat presidents and ex-presidents and be the toast of the town. Al Sharpton who still has his own show on MSNBC, came to prominence by promoting a race hoax (look up Tawanna Brawley) and later instigated a race riot https://www.mrctv.org/blog/happy-anniversary-rev-al-20-years-shapton-incited-firebombing-freddys-fashion-mart. But they all paid homage to the Woke Left cult, so their egregious actions are treated like minor peccadillos. Again, it is your group identity, not your individual one, that matters. But also remember, if you leave the movement, if you criticize any of its basic tenets in a significant way, then they suddenly remember your individual identity and they suddenly remember all things in your past which were previously ignored. They have constructed a Hotel California; you can check in but you can never leave.

Of course, if you are Brett Kavanaugh and you have never paid homage to the Woke Left Cult, then are made to pay the price for spurning them. They make up stories about your sexual predations as a teenager, and any kook with a new allegation is given instant credibility. Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas before him were drug through the mud on the filmiest of allegations while the egregious sexual predations of Epstein and Weinstein were for years open secrets in Hollywood. Every new and wild claim about Kavanaugh was front-page news as soon as it was conjured up; he was investigated six times by the FBI before he was finally confirmed by the Senate. On the other hand, Ronan Farrow, who finally exposed Weinstein, had publisher after publisher refuse to print his story until the New Yorker finally did. There was some justice in the end, but at an extremely high cost in the lives of their victims (now, if we could only shine the same spotlight on Hunter Biden). The former two, because of their Republican associations, had their reputations unfairly tarnished, but still serve on the Supreme Court while the latter two, because of their Democrat associations, had horrific allegations about them suppressed for years but finally wound up where they belonged–in jail. They were all accused of sexual predations but the disparate treatment given the former two and the latter two couldn’t be more stark; it’s all about your group identity.

The ordinary American citizen along with the ordinary American corporation doesn’t want to be drug through the mud; they don’t want to be called a racist or Nazi, and so they fear what might be said if they display a Trump sign, wear a MAGA hat, register as a Republican or even just speak out on a topic like Critical Race Theory (which tells us white people are bad and everyone they oppress is good), so many don’t. The Left targeted and smeared 17-year-old Nick Sandmann for the sin of wearing a MAGA hat. Kyle Rittenhouse, another 17-year-old, who killed a man in defense of his own life was also made an example of last year, because guns are bad or something of the sort. If the power granted by being one of the righteous cult doesn’t appeal to you then the fear of being ostracized for associating with the other side may keep you silent. Anyone can be a target.

Intimidating those on the opposing side into silence is usually good enough for the Woke Left, but even silence is sometimes not good enough. Pop star, Taylor Swift, rarely spoke out on any of the cultural issues; she stayed in her lane–making music. She avoided straying into politics. But then her silence was noticed. She was asked how come LeBron James, Robert DeNiro, Lady Gaga and so many other celebrities “used their platforms to speak out” but you just perform? Taylor Swift’s Politics: Is She a Democrat or Republican? | Heavy.com.

Horowitz talks about his disillusionment with the Left more forty-five years ago. The American Left in 1973 achieved what he terms its greatest success ever: forcing the U.S. military out of Vietnam. But in the aftermath, new Communist governments in Southeast Asia proceeded to kill millions of their own people. Horowitz said he knew then the Left didn’t actually care about people of Southeast Asia because if they had, they would have spoken out as vociferously about this holocaust as they did about those dying during the Vietnam war (by the way, I have written extensively about the Vietnam war in my novel. I share a unique view of what really happened, what went wrong, and how and what might have been: Table of Contents – Seek the Truth (seek-the-truth.com). )

Horowitz talks also about his association with the Black Panthers organization in the 1960’s and how they killed his friend and abandoned their founding principles. So, it is today. The Left while condemning America and not recognizing any of its good deeds refuses to condemn a country like China for all its atrocities: for its destruction of democracy in Hong Kong, for its ethnic cleansing of the Uighurs in Northwest China and before them, the Buddhists in Tibet, for its propping up of a militant and immoral regime in North Korea, for its anti-free speech and anti-religious policies, for its militarization of the South China Sea and its belligerent intimidation of Taiwan, and so much more. Yet, when Donald Trump labeled COVID-19 the “China virus”, the Woke Left Cult suddenly found their singing voices with regard to China and there was a chorus condemning this “racist” act.

Horowitz recognized these double-standards and hypocrisy during the time and after ten years of internal struggle finally came to grips with reality and emerged on the other end as one of the leading voices of Conservatism. He tells us he paid for this betrayal as he lost every friend he had at the time; the Left at the time did not take kindly to anyone switching sides (nor do they now). Ideology and tactics haven’t changed since then, only the intensity of the attacks.

And what is that ideology? In the 1960’s and ’70’s it was ostensibly about American imperialism and liberating the people of Vietnam, but as Horowitz said that was a sham. They won that battle and then they had to move on to new battles, but the real goal, the unstated goal, was something other than justice for the oppressed. It is never about what they say it is about. Today, the movement is ostensibly about racial justice and ending systems of racial oppression. I regularly see bulletins from our Secretary of Treasury, Janet Yellen, with statements similar to this:

  • Unfortunately, in the experience of many people of color in America, there is a distinction between the reality of being an American and the feeling of belonging as an American. Even though the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion were written into the founding doctrines of this nation, we are 245 years late in realizing these ideals for all Americans. Closing that gap between the nation’s founding doctrines and the realities of people of color benefits all Americans, regardless of the path to being here. 

Yellen’s statement, typical of so much today’s rhetoric, is also a sham. I hope I have at least planted seeds of doubt about such comments in my earlier posts. Yellen, BLM, and all their compatriots on the Woke Left don’t care about racial justice because if they did they would be trying to solve racial problems. They would be concerned about the epidemic of crime and inner city murders, and the disparate negative impact on people of color. They wouldn’t be demonizing the police at every opportunity and calling for ridiculous remedies like “defund the police” when the police are the only ones who stand between the criminal and innocent victims of color in the cities. More police are not needed, not fewer. They wouldn’t be turning a blind eye to 500 riots in the summer of 2019 which killed numerous people of color and destroyed many businesses for people of color. They would take notice that their policies in 2020 have led to crime and murder rising in every major city, again disproportionately impacting people of color. They would be trying to improve education through programs like school choice instead of throwing more money at failing schools and being in bed with teachers unions who don’t care about kids, whatever color. They would be trying to address the problem of broken families and illegitimacy which plague people of color more than any other group instead of calling people racist for simply pointing out the problem. They wouldn’t be sowing the seeds for more racial dissent with their incendiary rhetoric and false allegations of racism. Ironically, their policies and their rhetoric have made things worse for the very groups they are trying to champion, but they don’t care because racial justice is not the real goal.

Horowitz tells us the real ideology now, as it was back in his Leftist days, is about hatred and destruction. They hate America and they want all its institutions, most of which have served us well for almost 250 years, destroyed. The battle for racial justice was won in the 1960’s. Why continue to pick at that wound and keep everyone stirred up? Because without a straw man opponent, the revolution will end. The revolution must never flag; the revolution continually needs a pretext, real or imagined, to sustain it. Horowitz also makes the claim that the Left wanted the Soviet Union to win the Cold War, implying they wanted to show that their Marxist philosophy was the superior one. Of course, they lost the Cold War, so in the 30 years since their battle has shifted to race, shifted to rewriting history, to redefining systems of liberty into systems of oppression. Race is a convenient pretext. Horowitz points out the illogical of calling American systems racist; if there truly were systems of racism in America the last thirty years, they would have been eliminated through litigation. Systemic racism has been against the law since 1964. So, Horowitz asks, where are all the lawsuits going after our racist systems? There aren’t any significant ones. You should also ask yourself why do they complain so much about systemic racism without doing anything about it? This is the game. They don’t want to solve the problem; they want the problem to remain because it furthers their cause, furthers the revolution. In the last year, since the death of George Floyd, you could say they have had some success in tearing down systems, but ask yourself what racial problems have been solved in the last year? Are any groups among us, especially people of color, better off today than we were a year ago? “Success” seems limited to adding the name of BLM to a few public places in major cities while crime and murders skyrocket and the populace is more divided than ever. That isn’t progress.

Horowitz also makes clear that the Woke Left Cult has always wanted to dismantle the American system and they will use any pretext to justify it. They don’t believe in the basic human freedoms so eloquently described in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. They don’t believe capitalism has lifted billions out of poverty. They don’t believe in an America that saved the world in two world wars or that liberated millions in Eastern Europe after the Cold War or that liberated Kuwait in Gulf War. They don’t believe in a beneficent America that has spread its largesse around the entire planet or been a beacon of hope for people in every country in the world. They believe they have a better system and that it is necessary to destroy the existing one so the revolution can finally begin.

But the real problem, as Horowitz points out is human nature. Our American Constitution seeks to limit human nature. America has a system of checks and balances, to prevent the consolidation of power and to protect us from despotic rulers. The Left is frustrated by the Constitution because it slows down the revolution. They don’t want to work around its limitations; they want to undo the checks and balances and consolidate their power for the foreseeable future. So they propose packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the electoral college, adding states which will perpetually vote Democrat, and passing legislation which will federalize elections and enshrine in the law the dirty tactics they used in 2020 because they want to not only demonize their opponents but they want to keep them out of power forever.

They took away the voice of the former president by banning him from social media. Can you imagine what racists Republicans would be for doing that to President Obama? This past January, prominent Democrats also called for the removal of Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley because they had objected to election results. House members introduced bills to remove more than 100 House members for the same “crime” (something, by the way, Democrats have done after every Republican presidential win the last twenty years). What better way to consolidate power than to criminalize the behavior of your political opponents? Horowitz points this out in the interview as well as he tells us their current goal is a one-party state:

Third-ranking Senate Democrat calls on Hawley, Cruz to resign after Capitol attack (msn.com).

Cori Bush introduces legislation to sanction, remove all House members who supported election challenges | TheHill

This persecution extends to anyone who supported Trump or worked in his administration.



They will stop at nothing to smear their opponents with whatever they can get away with.  A narrative was invented that Republican lawmakers arranged for the Capitol Hill attack.  How many are going to believe this narrative?  How many simply want to believe it even though no proof has been provided?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3lOfaN-Fd4.  These people are not bound by the truth; they are bound only by what is possible, and if it is possible they will give it a try.  Their media will not hold them accountable; they have free rein to say or do anything.

They endorse censorship as well. This may be the most frightening of all the things they are doing. These are remarkable videos of hearings held in Congress last year.  Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are trying to control the flow of information. We can’t let them. Horowitz asks where is the ground army? Why aren’t there sit-ins at Twitter headquarters demanding a change?



Amazon and Apple shut down a free speech app, Parler, for more than a month by withdrawing support for their servers and taking them out the Apple store. Of course, they justify this by saying now Parler is home for the KKK and White Supremacists,  their “go to” narrative for everything.  

The Left will tell you that we have “progressed” from our founding. Those old documents, they will tell you, are out-of-date. But they aren’t anymore out-of-date than the Bible (actually, they will tell you it too is out-of-date and irrelevant as well, especially as it is a competitor to their ideology). That’s because, as Horowitz tells us, human nature has not changed since America’s founding; it hasn’t changed since civilization began, in fact. We need checks and balances; we need founding principles like those stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. We need them because the alternative will be what it has always been since the beginning of history: tyranny and despotism. The Woke Left Cult is leading us back to despotism and tyranny and we need to fight back against them just as they fought back against America the last 60 years. Horowitz is trying to tell us how. I urge you to listen to these interviews and read his new book, The Enemy Within.

True Colors

The true colors of the American Fascists can be summarized by the quasi-dedication Saul Alinsky made in his book, Rules for Radicals. Saul Alinsky was an American Marxist thought leader who died in 1972. Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama were acolytes of Alinsky and Alinsky an acolyte of Lucifer, the original radical, about whom he wrote the following:

  • acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.” — Lucifer.

Horowitz says several times in his interviews, these folks are not playing. They are deadly serious and we need to confront them appropriately.

Great Works of Literature

Great authors have been trying to telling us for centuries that the perfect society on Earth is not possible. Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia more than 500 years ago, well before Marx. It was, of course, about a perfect socialist society on a remote island named Utopia. It wasn’t really a perfect society after all, but don’t tell that to the Marxists. Of course, America is not the perfect society either, and I suppose that’s the problem for the Marxists. They believe in perfection. They can’t objectively look at America’s flaws, both today and in history, and still see all the good that it has brought about.

I think most of us can see there is good in America, past and present, despite its flaws. In Dave Rubin’s interview of Horowitz, Rubin makes the simple but profound statement that anyone who believes America is good is a conservative. If you can still see some good in America, then you should be with the conservatives, those who want to conserve the great ideals espoused in our founding. Don’t align with the Woke Left Cult which stands for hate and destruction; they hated America in the 60’s and 70’s when Horowitz was with them and they still hate America today. They want to destroy every vestige of America, whether good or bad, and offer in its place a Utopian plan which will they tell you will cure all our problems. Their plan is the same as it ever was; Marxism is a panacea they keep offering up over and over despite all the proven failures.

A few other prescient authors tried to warn us in great works of literature such as Brave New World, 1984, Animal Farm, and Farenheit 451. In all these books, there are attempts to create the perfect society, but they never quite succeed. The protagonist in each of these knows something is missing, knows some element of the truth is being withheld: books lead to unnecessary and irrelevant emotions in Farenheit 451; in Brave New World, science has replaced God and solved all our problems; science keeps us sheltered from pain or any unpleasant emotion; in 1984 , all the unneeded words are expunged and a new language created because there are just too many words which lead too many unnecessary thoughts; in both 1984 and Animal Farm history is continually rewritten to support the current narrative. In all these stories, the people (or the animals) aren’t allowed to know the whole truth because the leaders have determined it is just too dangerous in the hands of the masses; knowledge would upset the stability of the society and the societal order must be maintained at all cost. There is conflict in all these when there are some who decide to think for themselves.

Even in the cartoon movie Zootopia which I saw with my kids a few years back, there are problems that the perfect society just cannot solve. The movie shows we need individuals, creative thinkers, innovators, risk takers, to lead us out of the messes we get into. I hope it is a lesson not learned the hard way, for the sake of my kids and grandkids. I want to leave a better society for them than the perfect one envisioned by the Woke Left Cult.

There are many parallels with these works of art and what is happening today.

Earlier this year, Amazon and Ebay, under pressure, stopped publishing six Dr. Seuss books. Mark Twain’s classic Huckleberry Finn has been under the gun for years along with To Kill a Mockingbird. They haven’t started burning books as was done in Fahrenheit 451, but they will continue to push the edge of that envelope.

New Jersey lawmakers try to ban ‘Huckleberry Finn’ from curriculum, again – New York Daily News (nydailynews.com)


The Left simply tries to ban thought they don’t like. Just as in 1984, they’ve tried to expunge words from the vocabulary. When you use a word they don’t like, the call it a micro-aggression. They even have their own language, their own lingo with terms like “reproductive rights”, “preferred pronouns”, “gender spectrum”, “”white privilege” and so on. This insider lingo sets them apart from the rest of us who refuse to use their silly terms. Merriam-Webster has even redefined words to maintain their Woke bona fides: Merriam Webster redefines prefernce – Bing Last year, there were more than 500 riots in the streets of America and our one-channel media redefined them as “peaceful protests”, reminiscent of 1984 in which war is peace and hate is love and freedom is slavery.

The 1619 project is an attempt to re-define history to justify dissent today. EDITORIAL: The ‘1619 Project’ is bad history fueled by bad motives – Washington Times. As Orwell said in his book: He who controls the past, controls the future; and he who controls the present, controls the past.

Just as in Brave New World, which speaks of God as no longer being relevant, the Left today wants to eliminate God. In the book, they turned to science, not God, to solve their problems. The Left today looks to politics and the psuedo-science of Marxism to solve our problems. True religion is a competitor that must be destroyed as well. They openly attack religion at every opportunity. More than ten years ago, Cardinal Francis George recognized this penchant and said the following:

  • I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.

It is interesting to note that Ten Commandments have lasted thousands of years, but the seven commandments in Animal Farm lasted only a year or two before they were amended or became obsolete, so it is with the Woke Left Cult today who continually needs to redefine their terms in order to remain relevant, and yet the basic tenets of the Ten Commandments still ring true today.

Just as in 1984, the power of the state is used to suppress opponents. Watch this frightening video about “de-programming” Trump voters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H787T33Lc40.  They need someone or something to direct their hatred towards. In 1984 it was the shadowy figure Goldstein who regularly was the target of two minutes of hate. In Animal Farm it is Snowball, who although exiled from the farm, remains responsible for every new failure. Is there anyone, outside of literature, who has been so unfairly maligned than Donald Trump? They hate him because he pushed back on their politically correct nonsense and he, better than anyone ever before, exposed the media for the frauds they are. For them, Trump is Goldstein; Trump is Snowball. He, and all the people who they say he brainwashed are responsible for everything that has gone wrong or will go wrong from here on out, including the screwups caused by the Woke Left themselves. Do you want to align with these folks who gain their power through hatred of others?

Again, the real problem is human nature; no society will ever be perfect because human nature cannot be fixed. Furthermore, the creative and positive sides of human nature do not want to be boxed in by a Marxist or Fascist ideology; people need room to grow, but in order for the Utopian society to succeed and achieve stability our creative, inquisitive, problem-solving nature must be suppressed. The Marxists are still today pursuing their perfect society, yet all who have tried so far have managed to create only totalitarian states leaving millions dead in their wake. Either our founding principles will win out and the American Fascists will be disgraced or they will destroy all that is fundamentally good in America, and replace it with a system which has proven a failure everywhere it has been tried. Either way I would call it a failure.

Final Words of Wisdom

I will end with a quote from Calvin Coolidge in 1926. He too was battling the progressives in his day and recognized their failings:

  • If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people.

Backward in time is where the Woke Left Cult will take us if we allow them. For your sake, your children’s and your grandchildren’s sake, for the sake of all of us, recognize them for what they are and don’t support their agenda of hate and destruction.

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