Sesame Place and the Lie of Systemic Racism

Two stories, juxtaposed in the news this week, demonstrate the lie we live with continually. America today is not a racist country. Americans are as tolerant a people as has ever lived and we live in a society as diverse as any that has ever existed. The political elites want it to be a racist country because they have no other convincing argument to obtain votes from their coalition. They want many to believe they are victims who have no recourse but to receive protection from Democrat representatives who prevent Republicans from taking away your vote (another unbelievable lie).

Sesame Place: This is Racism?

Sesame Place is a theme park based on the TV show Sesame Street. The story about the incident there was described as follows:

Last week, a video showing costumed character “Rosita” dismissing two little Black girls went viral. In the footage, a white visitor is seen receiving a high-five just before the character bypasses the young girls. 

The viral video gained attention from celebrities like Kelly Rowland, who blasted the park on Instagram and said those girls deserved an explanation.

This is what constitutes racism in America today. A better example cannot be found? The racism of the past: separate facilities, poll taxes, unequal justice, unequal hiring practices, redlining of mortgages, burning of crosses on front lawns, lynchings, and all the rest, has been replaced with: a child is not sufficiently greeted by a character at theme park. Come on, folks.

This character did, in fact, wave to the black children, probably the same gesture given to hundreds of kids that day. I think dressing up in bulky suit on a hot summer day is a crummy job myself and it is made worse if you don’t give every single child the same grade A treatment. If you slip up at all, if you get distracted, or if you are tired and sore after walking the park all day long, we notice and we start looking at the races of the kids you interact with–until we find the very problem we are looking for. You will never fail to find a problem if that is your methodology. I’m not saying it is acceptable to treat others differently based on race as is alleged here, but I am saying the advocates today have had to scour hard to find minor infractions that do not compare well with grave injustices of the past. This story is insulting to those who suffered true racism previously.

My father told me what it was like when he moved to Georgia in the 1950s. His experiences were like nothing what I experienced growing up in the South (in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina) beginning twenty years later. My father’s experiences were also far more significant than those complaining about costumed characters today:


It was also a culture shock for these two Yankees entering the segregated South. They were shocked not only to learn how blacks were treated, but also to see so many in one place–they hadn’t known any in little old Gardner, Massachusetts, and the army was only just beginning to integrate.

“The North and the South were totally different worlds back then, not at all like today . . . I remember seeing the sheriff walking along the sidewalk and all the blacks would step into the street to let him pass . . . I remember also driving through a small town in Georgia, and the Klansmen were dressed up and walking along the main street, having a rally . . . and it was no big deal, at least not in Georgia. It’s not something you’re likely to see these days, but that kind of thing wasn’t all that unusual back then.

Everything was different back then . . . the North and the South were two different worlds,” he reiterates. “Your mother and I knew very little about the South. Going to Georgia was as big an adjustment for us as Germany; in fact, it was almost as if we were traveling to another foreign country instead of returning home.

“The country is so much more homogeneous today, especially with the advent of TV. Today, it’s often hard to tell the differences from one region of the country to another. You just don’t see the same stark contrasts you did back then . . . ” As a history buff, it’s a point he likes to emphasize and analyze. He believes younger generations cannot begin to fathom or appreciate the myriad of changes our country has undergone the last fifty [in 2022, it is now seventy] years.

Nobody denies the racism of the past and we do not sweep it under the rug. Furthermore, how can we meaningfully compare such past practices to being ignored by a costumed character in 2022? In the 1950’s, these children wouldn’t have been let into the park at all.

Once exposed to it, my father was disgusted by the racism he encountered. He emphasized these feelings to me and my brothers during our youth. He was pleased with the vast changes that took place during his lifetime, a remarkable accomplishment of his generation. My father often talked about the challenges of integrating the Army which began about the time he entered it in 1950. He was extremely proud the Army led the way and integrated 15 years before the rest of the country and the Civil Rights Act of 1965:

“Everyone thinks Truman integrated the Army in ’48, but it didn’t really happen until a few years later, right about the time I went to Germany . . . I even remember the first black guys to join our unit. Two of them came at the same time. After that, there’d be two guys, four guys at a time. It caused a lot trouble . . . There were lots of fights between blacks and whites. In town, they had black bars and white bars . . . the Germans went along with it . . . they had to. But if a white guy went into a black bar or a black guy went into a white bar, there was going to be trouble.”

“And of course some young lieutenant would be called in to restore law and order,” I comment, thinking it sounded little bit like the wild west.

By 1953, the year my father first encountered the racial prejudices of the South full force in Georgia, many years before the civil rights movement even took shape, the army could claim success in its mission, with 95% of its African-American soldiers serving in integrated units. I’ve always wondered, along with my father, how was it that the rest of the country lagged so far behind?

Our society today is so fully integrated and fully accepting of all races. I see it at work, in my neighborhood, at my kids school, at the grocery store, on TV. I see it everywhere. I work directly with people who came from places all over the world and I think nothing of it. Anyone who openly supports discrimination based on race or national origin today is roundly attacked by all. At my and my wife’s workplaces, we are continually lectured on the topic by executive leadership (as if we actually need to be), we undergo mandatory diversity training every year, and like virtually every other large employer in America today, we have an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Unit. Truly racist statements or acts are called out immediately and condemned roundly–and by everyone. Racist activity, along with sexual harassment, will get you fired quicker than anything else–bar none. Openly defy your manager and show up late every day for a year and excuses will be made for you, but do one thing considered racist (real or imagined) and the masses will come out of the woodwork demanding your job (as was done in this instance as well).

Today, the activists claim there are sophisticated and subtle forms of racism. My denial of a racist America today is considered such a subtle form of racism, but racism is anything but subtle. My father described the harsh edge of it. The subtlety mentioned today is in the activist’s own imaginations. Folks like Joy Reid, Whoopi Goldberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and countless others continually tell us of “dog whistles” sent by public figures. Only those who talk about the dog whistles, not those who they say are the intended audience, have any idea what these dog whistles are. As a Southern, white, Christian male, I am a prime target for these supposed dog whistles, but I have never once in my life picked up on a racist dog whistle despite claims from all manner of public figures.

The Sesame Place incident reminds me of another a few years ago when the restaurant chain Denny’s was forced to pay $54 million because black patrons received poor service. It was a national story for years.

If you have eaten out more than twice in your lifetime, you too have received bad service at one point. I never once thought the server was being racist. I usually make an excuse: they are not nice people, hate their jobs, broke up with a boy friend the prior day, had a very long day, or just didn’t feel well today. I could have assumed it was all about ME. I could have said I deserved better service because I am white, but I never did. I could have assumed something sinister in every action, but then I am not asking for millions in compensation. How about I ask the manager for a free slice of pie because the waitress was snotty? I just can’t get over the silliness of this all nonsense today.

Video Evidence

Below is the “damning” video evidence that calls for the park to be sued for hundreds of millions of dollars. It is less than a minute. Please give it your honest assessment. Is this truly racist? Is this what is undermining race relations in America today?

The character waves at these two children and moves on. There are many people milling about the park and the character is supposed to greet as many as possible. We have one snippet out of one day, a day where this one character (and many others) likely interacted with hundreds of children. We need more than one minute of evidence. We need to see a consistent pattern. Can you show the character never, not once, failed to give white children their full love and attention? The character always denied black children any attention at all? One brief snippet of just one character is not the evidence of a trend. We might be in a drought and you show me evidence that it rained one day. What does that prove? If Sesame Place has a racism problem, there has to be more than this.

One person describes this one snippet in this way:

This moment is violent, scarring, psychological abuse. Watching it reminds me of my own.

Have we lost all perspective of what is truly violent and scarring? There are far more violent and scarring events that occur every day. This is not anything close to violent.

So, there IS more evidence, but it too is questionable evidence. In this next clip, the black child is not ignored. I thought that was the issue, the trend we are supposed to be highlighting. The child is knocked to the ground by a character ten times her size, but is that intentional? Have none of us ever accidentally brushed up against someone else, possibly causing them to slip? If so, were you dressed in an heavy, awkward suit on a hot summer day when doing it? The character goes on to give the child a hug after she falls. The child is clearly not hurt. This is the extent of the problems we have to deal with today?

Honestly, if we want to talk about a racist America can we do better this? I can’t justify condemning the whole park, and the whole of America for these instances. I am not a proxy for what happened here. I don’t advocate treating each other badly, but in either instance, I can’t say with certainty this is intentional maltreatment. Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know myself, and these people showing you the videos don’t know either. Why are they so certain this is deliberate and that it must be about race? Every one of us acts badly at times, practically every day. I see such behavior in my own home with my own family. We are not being racist towards each other.

The reasons for our bad behavior are endless. When we assume another’s motivations, we can get into serious problems. Furthermore, the standard is impossible: the characters must be perfect with every kid and every instance or their heads are on a plate? Can we live in reality here?

Benjamin Crump Sues

Does anyone suspect money is related somehow? Gas station owners are roundly condemned for raising gas prices a few cents, yet the Brown family wants $245 million for being snubbed by a costume character? We are continually told Exxon-Mobil and a host of other large corporations are getting rich at our expense, yet does anyone dare question the motivations of Benjamin Crump (the family’s lawyer) in this instance? Maybe he does this only in the name of justice. Still, financial gain seems more likely a explanation of what is going on than rampant racism among the theme park characters. I can’t say for sure, but Benjamin Crump shows up in countless instances like this; he and his compadres are obviously doing well by stirring the pot (

LIVE: Atty Ben Crump news conference with family of Black girls dismissed by Sesame Place character – YouTube

The video is critical to this case, per these attorneys. They emphasize that point. However, I say the videos are not conclusive and the actions displayed are not worth $245 million of damages. One attorney says: if you tolerate racism, we will not tolerate you. I don’t tolerate racism, but what if I don’t tolerate your misguided perception of racism? Do I become the problem then? Do you attack people like me then?

These attorneys had to scour thousands of videos from dozens of amusement parks around the country from years past to find a few people not behaving at their best. How hard is that feat? We are supposed to believe this is evidence of a crisis in America? If this were truly a persistent problem at Sesame Place (and other theme parks), wouldn’t we would be aware of it already? The problem of racism has become so subtle, that it is increasingly hard to find. Maybe that ought to tell you something.

Get Rid of the White Doll

Let’s juxtapose the Sesame Place story with another, one depicting behavior which I would actually call racist. The Washington Post published a story about making a white doll disappear.

Damon Young: Someone gave our daughter a White doll. How do we, um, ‘disappear’ it? – The Washington Post

I noticed that our 6-year-old daughter was playing with a White baby doll with long blond hair, our immediate thought was “Wait … where did that come from?” And then, after watching her dote on it for two days, our thoughts shifted.

“So … how do we get rid of it?”

You know how to tell if something is racist? Substitute the word “white” wherever you find the word “black” and vice versa. Do you have any desire to make a black doll disappear and make it a headline story in the Washington Post? Would that be considered racist? This story is in a major periodical, one of the most often quoted, yet there is no outcry. Mr. Young goes on:

White beauty is considered the standard here in America — a status reinforced when she notices monochromatic magazine covers at a bookstore or watches advertisements during her favorite cartoons. 

What world is he living in? Diversity is promoted all around us in so many ways. He is asking us to accept something that is no longer true. This misconception is the only way he justifies his argument. The melodrama continues as the piece drones on.

Racism has become cartoon characters not greeting every single black child as enthusiastically as possible or the very existence of a white doll that torments black parents and overwhelms an unsuspecting black child. God help us. Can’t we do better than this?

The Success of the Lie

As a white American I can’t help but feel I am under attack. I am also not the proxy for all people who do anything suspect. I am not to blame for supporting any vicious and violent instances of racism, whether actual racism or not. It seems I cannot look askance at anyone without having my motivations suspected. I can’t have a bad day or be distracted without someone suspecting I am a racist for not treating them better. It is such insanity.

Lies are part of human nature, but what is distressing is the success the lies have today. So many accept racism in America as an established fact. The lie is carefully cultivated and repeated continually until it appears it must be true. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg lectured us on the racist nature of our roads, just one more factor of racism which, according to him, exists in every aspect of our society. (

Our roads are racist. Who knew? But then, why shouldn’t our roads be racist when they say everything else is? Well Mayor Pete, some people say racism exists in Sesame Place, but I haven’t seen solid evidence of it. Perhaps you can show me the other places where racism exists? You know, tell me about all the places where it permeates our culture. I will wait here for a response.

This expert on race previously couldn’t fill potholes as mayor of South Bend, Indiana (, so how does he know anything about racism?

Racism has become something to justify any legislative action, any spending program the government wants. Say your favorite program combats racism and who but racists can possibly oppose you? Per Secretary Buttigieg:

Projects that “are focused on equity and environmental justice” will be given special preference. Examples cited by the Department of Transportation include pedestrian walkways over existing highways, redesigned intersections, and bus rapid transit lines.

People hold on to what is comfortable. I recently highlighted that more voted in Georgia despite the supposed vote suppressing legislation targeting minorities.

So far in the 2022 primary election, 860,068 people have voted.
At this point in the 2018 primary, that number was 320,692.
Total turnout for the 2022 primary is 168% higher.

Do I need to say anything more? Instead, listen to what Stacey Abrams said about this result. Can you make sense of this analogy?

While sitting down for an interview with Reid on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Abrams oddly claimed there was “no correlation” between the record high turnout and less voter suppression, and that arguing such was like saying “if more people are in the water there are fewer sharks.”

The lies regarding racism persist because so many want them to be true.

The Real Video Evidence

Larry Elder, who challenged Gavin Newsome in his recall election for governor, featured many prominent black Americans speaking out on the lie of racism in his movies. This is the truth if folks will only seek it out and listen to the logic: (Uncle Tom Trailer) (Uncle Tom 2 Trailer)

This movie has has testimonies from many great black Americans: Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, Hermann Cain, Col. Alan West, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Carol Swain, and many less known ordinary folks.  It features words and actions of great black historical figures like Booker T Washington, Frederick Douglas, and Martin Luther King. 

Martin Luther King said his “I have a Dream” speech was rooted in the American dream, but the movement against racism today has not been true to Dr. King’s ideals.  People say no progress has been made in 400 years as if Dr. King’s legacy is meaningless. 

America is a great country founded on great ideals.  Events in 1865 and 1965 were quite significant in finally realizing those ideals for all Americans.  Because America didn’t fully live up to its ideals at the nation’s founding doesn’t mean we should abandon those ideals today.  Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas sought to make those ideals reality for black Americans.  Ultimately, they were successful and America has become a better place for it.  Today, we are moving backward, dividing Americans by group identity, making things worse for all Americans, black and otherwise. 

Stephen Crowder ventured into a diverse group of Americans and asked if Americans are racist. The answer is a resounding no:

“America is the greatest country in the world, and Americans know it, even if half of their elected representatives in the government are busy trying to tell them to feel otherwise,” Crowder said.

Comedian Ryan Long compared the woke person and the racist. They are one and the same according to this analysis:

Comedian J.P. Sears explained the principles of accusing others of racism. His analysis makes more sense than Mayor Pete’s:

For More

For more on topic of System Racism: I debate my friend about race and education. I also discuss race and cops, BLM, the Chauvin and Rittenhouse trials, and try to determine who are the real racists.

3 thoughts on “Sesame Place and the Lie of Systemic Racism

  1. so interesting! I find the “ism’s” so entertaining to peel back because to me, they seem such blatant lies and inversion techniques that I cannot believe people are still falling for the lies.. but clearly they are, how quirky LOL I recently pointed out to a “POC” (I just learned this is an acronym for person of color? -im not mainstream forgive me, but how offensive.. as if “white” people lack a coloring of skin tone…?)

    Anyways, I said to this young lady who was blogging about the ‘racism’ she experiences constantly because she is mixed nationalities and seems to only have “white” side of her community asking her what her heritage is or complimenting/asking her about her physical features.. I commented to her well, I am “white” and in my mid 30’s – i have experienced all my life, people of ALL types, asking me about my red hair – making comments about it, defining me by redhead, making assumptions about my personality because of it and even questioning my heritage directly asking if I’m Irish or Scottish or Jewish or what percentage I am.. or what generation American I am.. I never once thought this was an act of racism.. I used to get upset about it but it’s human nature to observe and make distinctions about what we see.. and when you’re “different” in an obvious way.. well you have to deal with it, you have to embrace it – work through the insecurities in your own time/way – you don’t blame all others for noticing your uniqueness.. LOL well.. many do.. and there’s a whole brainwashed agenda of indoctrination training all humans to now be “offended” victims of “hate crimes” – how desperate .. oh, don’t worry the Nanny State will step in and make you feel all better about it 😉


    1. What you are seeing is a religion, a cult may be more like it. The Liberal agenda has all the trappings of a religion: rituals, sin, salvation, justice, and all the rest. The tenets of their faith are based on things like Climate Change, Abortion, Systemic Racism, and more. Christianity says its savior is “The Truth”, but the liberal religion is beholden to the narrative instead. Criticizing the narrative is heterodoxy–until the narrative changes. Christianity and Judaism especially are threats to the liberal religion. This is because these faiths pursue the truth, but the liberal narrative is not necessarily based on the truth. The truth exposes their lies.

      People want to feel good about themselves. They want to feel they are part of a cause. Liberalism appeals to folks who have walked away from traditional religion. It is a competitor and it attacks traditional religions whenever they do not support the narrative (realize you must support the narrative, not simply avoid criticizing it). As a member of the liberal religion you can set yourself above folks in the other religions and you can find a cause you’ve been looking for. You feel good about yourself, and they affirm you as long as you stick to the narrative. But truth reveals the flaws in any cause not of God, so they attack those who appeal to the truth; they are the liars; they must be shut up. This is how we arrive at men are women, women are men, abortion is health care and good for women, affirming transgender kids is fighting hate, and so on. They believe it all because if they don’t, they will have to face the fact that their religion’s worldview is a problem and they themselves may not be as superior as they originally thought.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, I totally agree and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there – the liberals will need to face that superiority/inferiority complex and fight the monster they’ve created for themselves in order to even come out of the mind-control nonsense they’ve been saturated within for at least three decades now.. especially this everything/anything goes type of ‘judicial’ approach.. it’s insanity, it cannot be the “average American” who supports all this trash. But liberals have no morals and double standards, with an ultimate agenda to ruin the family unit… so They don’t care when they lie, break the rules, rewrite rules in their benefit, commit insider trading.. or police coverups.. you know. It’s all good when it’s good for them but if it’s not good for them – well then it’s a huge, unbelievable issue. It’s a lack of maturity and conscious awareness… it really is an underdeveloped soul I think.. and we should have mercy for these types, we should be hand holding and showing them the light – leading by example.. but somehow the fools were given or stole, or “got” control and now they run the show. We have the least wise and most inexperienced people at the helm and they’ve never done a lick of real work in their entire lives, never scrambled to pay the rent.. never had to choose between paying some debt or actually taking a vacation – that’s the average America LOL not these million dollar shmucks up there now


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