Twitter Dumps: Corruption Revealed

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre said the release of Twitter’s past misdeeds by new Twitter Chief Elon Musk is “full of old news”. Specifically, Jean-Pierre said censorship of the 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story is a “distraction” from the rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric on Twitter. The speculation about Hunter Biden and his laptop has indeed been around the block, but has time made it irrelevant?

Perhaps, instead this story demonstrates (yet again) the president himself has been corrupted through association with his son? Perhaps phony claims of hate speech on Twitter are the true distraction?

KJP: Elon Musk’s Release Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is A “Distraction,” “Full Of Old News” | Video | RealClearPolitics

KJP’s predecessor, Jen Psaki was also confronted regarding Hunter Biden and Twitter.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday declined to comment on a new report from the New York Times confirming the authenticity of emails and a laptop attributed to Hunter Biden in a censored New York Post story prior to the 2020 presidential election.

She had much to say about the laptop before the 2020 election, but there was silence afterwards.

Both press secretaries refused to admit the Hunter Biden story was censored during the 2020 election. The story of Tony Bobulinksi, the erstwhile business partner of Hunter Biden, was also shelved. In October 2020, he revealed Hunter was saving “10% for the big guy” and that the Chinese energy company, CFC, was “investing in the Biden family”. He brought the receipts as well.

Both Bobulinksi and Hunter Biden are Navy veterans, but similarities end there. Hunter was booted from the Navy for cocaine use almost immediately after entering at a mature 42 while Bobulinski’s four years of service were not problematic Biden, since receiving a general discharge (a rather shameful badge in itself), has lived a drug-addled, prostitute ridden life, one the media would rather we all ignore. His father says Hunter “is the smartest man” he knows. This statement alone ought to be challenged regularly and lead one to question the president’s ability. Of course, this “old news” regarding the son never made the rounds the first time because the media, the corrupt, one-channel media, didn’t want to report it.

She is far too young for him and not his wife.

Musk released Twitter archives regarding the Hunter Biden story to various journalists, including Matt Taibbi, an erstwhile liberal and former Rolling Stone reporter:


Taibbi, apparently directed by Musk, has released a long Twitter ‘thread’ citing company emails which show how the website colluded with political actors to censor sensitive information in the run up to the 2020 election.

…the ‘Twitter files’ show that Twitter staff were clearly much more in favor of Team Biden than Team Trump.

As Taibbi relates, Twitter treated the story as if it were child pornography — even blocking transmission via direct message. They also locked down the account of the then-White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany because she tweeted the story. 

In 2020, fifty intelligence officials said the story of Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation, specifically, it: “has the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation”. Months after the 2020 election, the truth could finally be told:


Just the News explained, “The New York Times reported Wednesday the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings began in 2018 and is focused on issues like whether he legally was obligated to register under FARA, whether he violated tax laws or laundered any money.”

Laundered money for whose benefit?

The FBI had his laptop the whole time, but former directors of National Intelligence (James Clapper), CIA (John Brennan), Defense (Leon Panetta), and other high ranking officials were fooled or they lied? They obviously lied. There has been no shred of corroborating evidence released to the public linking the laptop to Russian operatives. During a presidential debate, the lie was repeated by President Biden conveniently quoting his friends and political allies.

Two years ago, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said this whole Hunter Biden laptop suppression was a mistake.

“We made a quick interpretation, using no other evidence, that the materials in the article were obtained through hacking, and according to our policy, we blocked them from being spread,” he had said, as per The Washington Post.

After the result he wanted was in tact, he could safely make that admission, especially as there were no consequences for interfering in an election.


Senator Cruz noted Donald Trump’s tax return information, information protected by law for every taxpayer, was distributed on Twitter just prior to the Hunter Biden story. That illegal activity was tolerated, yet, the explosive, not yet triple-fact-checked-by-our-favorite-biased-censors claim from the conservative New York Post, is too dangerous for public consumption?

“Upon further consideration, we admitted this action was wrong and corrected it within 24 hours,” Dorsey had told the Congress.

He lied again. The story actually remained locked for two weeks, two weeks during which millions of folks voted early.

Just this month, Elvis Chan, a former FBI agent and whistle-blower deposed by state investigators, explained how the establishment, Jack Dorsey’s crowd, rigs the game.

During his deposition, Chan testified that he and the FBI had monthly, then weekly meetings with major social media companies in the lead-up to the 2020 election, wherein Chan warned those social media companies more than once of the potential for a Russian “hack and leak” or “hack and dump” operation.

This story apparently came from his bosses, the ones lying bout the Biden laptop.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg also admitted to Joe Rogan that the FBI met regularly with his staff, apparently to influence their content moderation prior to the 2020 election:

Zuckerberg told Rogan: “The background here is that the FBI came to us – some folks on our team – and was like ‘hey, just so you know, you should be on high alert. We thought there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election, we have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump that’s similar to that’.”

He said the FBI did not warn Facebook about the Biden story in particular – only that Facebook thought it “fit that pattern”.

Yes, Mr. Zuckerberg that’s what they wanted you to think.

Asking Zuckerberg if he regretted suppressing the factual story, the Facebook founder replied: “It sucks… I think in the same way that having to go though a criminal trial but being proven innocent in the end sucks…

It sucks for us all because the truth was suppressed, and that suppression influenced the 2020 vote. Why would the FBI meet regularly with social media with the end result being suppression of a true story everyone should have known in October 2020?

The actions of the president and these officials has never been accounted for. This should be the beginning of a long overdue reckoning.

However, because there have never been consequences, they continue lying. Earlier this year, during a January 6 committee hearing, we heard yet another bombshell: President Trump in another effort to return to the scene of the so-called insurrection, forcibly grabbed the limo steering wheel and assaulted Secret Service agents. This claim was immediately denied by the Secret Service; nobody, especially the January 6 committee, has asked to hear the other side or have anyone account for this invention. Make up stories, flood the media, and get enough people to repeat it to advance your untrue narrative.

More Biden Problems

Another problem KJP fails to address is how a lifetime public servant (who entered Congress at 29) and his community college professor wife can’t account for their ability to purchase three homes, including a mansion on the Delaware beach.


despite then-presidential candidate Biden having bragged that he had released his tax returns with what his team called “a historic level of transparency,” the truth is that he only released his individual returns. Those returns provided no detail regarding the source of most of his income, dollars that flowed to him and his wife Jill by way of S-corporations they set up shortly after his departure from the office of vice president. Those entities, CelticCapri Corp (his) and Giacoppa Corp (hers), contained more than $13 million of the $17 million the couple had reported in income after Biden left office, most of it in the first year (2017)

The same media that ignored Hunter’s laptop has shown a complete incuriosity about these entities, blindly accepting the premise the Bidens received $13 million from book deals. We simply don’t know if Biden’s claim is true.

For analysis purposes, consider that his book had a retail price of $27 for hardcover and $18 for paperback, and assume a reasonable mix of sales so the average price was $23 (with no discounting). On 300,000 books sold, gross revenues would’ve been just under $7 million. As an author, Joe would’ve likely received about 12 percent of that using a blended royalty rate (15 percent hardcover and 7.5 percent paperback typical from publishers), yielding about $800,000 income. Round it up to $1 million if you prefer. Double it. It’s still not close to $8 million.

Biden never released his S Corporation tax returns. Where are the incessant media demands for those? What we do know is that Biden’s book sales were dismal (of course). We also know his family, unremarkable in their own right, has raked in money in suspect fashion with foreign entities they should have nothing to do with.

President Biden has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing of his son’s connections with Chinese and Ukrainian businesses, a claim which has been contradicted by a few and ignored by one-channel media countless times. His son, the “smartest person” the president has ever known, hasn’t held a steady job in his life, has blown unbelievable amounts on expensive hookers and drugs, and publicly shamed himself the last twenty years. How did Hunter get all his money, power, and influence without his father’s help? Did ten percent of those ill-gotten gains make it to the president himself or did he really make millions on a book that relatively few read? Why is the one-channel media so incurious about it all?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-13.png

Another open secret is that Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son’s ties to the Ukrainian business Burisma. He bragged publicly about it, in fact. Trump was impeached for supposedly pressuring the Ukrainian president in 2019 (something the Ukrainian head of state said was not taken as a threat).


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9.png

Ashley Biden, the president’s other living child, has been a mess as well. She also has a history of drug abuse, arrests, and extra-marital affairs.

A copy of Mrs. Biden’s diary was released by Project Veritas and included this salacious entry:

‘I have always been boy crazy,’ she wrote. ‘Hyper-sexualized @ a young age … I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).’

There is still debate on whether she said this or not, but what is clear is that another of the president’s three kids flushed away much of her life via self-indulgence.

What about the president’s indulgences as well? He has been caught on camera numerous times sniffing children or inappropriately touching colleagues wives and children during official ceremonies. Tara Reade, a former Biden staffer, accused him of raping her in 1993. Do we care to know the truth?

Along with the financial improprieties and the abuse of power, there are a few other dots to connect; there should be just a bit of curiosity as to whether or not any of this is true.

Trump Censored

Musk’s dumps also reveal President Trump was censored–even while campaigning for re-election. He reveals a frivolous, make-it-up-as-you-go-along internal Twitter debate over removing the ex-president. Two days after January 6 they finally found the nerve to remove him (and then the rest of social media followed). Bari Weiss, another liberal and former new York Times Reporter told the story this time:

“Less than 90 minutes after Twitter employees had determined that Trump’s tweets were not in violation of Twitter policy, Vijaya Gadde—Twitter’s Head of Legal, Policy, and Trust—asked whether it could, in fact, be ‘coded incitement to further violence,’” Weiss reported. “A few minutes later, Twitter employees on the ‘scaled enforcement team’ suggest that Trump’s tweet may have violated Twitter’s Glorification of Violence policy—if you interpreted the phrase ‘American Patriots’ to refer to the rioters.”

In Friday’s Twitter Files Part 3, which covers the dates of October 2020-January 6, 2021, Taibbi went over “the erosion of standards within the company in months before J6, decisions by high-ranking executives to violate their own policies, and more, against the backdrop of ongoing, documented interaction with federal agencies.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png

Any reason would do actually, but “Inciting violence” is the claim repeated by many in the rank-and-file. It has NEVER been proven, but still the charge has stuck.

Where is the call for violence from the ex-president? Please be specific. On January 6, 2021, Trump urged protestors to “patriotically and peacefully protest”. I can find no smoking gun request to commit violence in his speech that day or any other. Furthermore, the protestors he supposedly incited killed nobody and used no firearms (one lone wolf was arrested for weapons that stayed in his car). There was no military or police support for the protestors, no institutional support at all from government. The so-called insurrection ended after about three hours. Where’s the beef?

President Biden claimed he engaged in the very same act as January 6 protestors years earlier. Of course, the corrupt media doesn’t care. It is something Trump must account for but not Biden.


Hate Speech on the Rise

The counter claim is: hate speech is up on Twitter since Musk took over. There are literally hundreds of stories with this claim, the classic “I told you so” with everyone piling on. Is it true though?

Musk in recent Twitter posts said: Twitter is now seeing 500 million tweets per day while also claiming hate speech has been reduced by a third. However, the graph below shows a significant rise in “hate speech”. Of course, media needs a reason to continue censoring (something still continuing apace at other social media sites).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-7.png

The graph shows hate speech never actually stopped during the pre-Musk era. Did anyone even care about hate speech back then?

More importantly, the Left’s definition of hate speech is the real problem. We have been told simply defining homosexuality as sinful is “hate speech”. God destroyed Sodom for this sin (Genesis 19), yet Christians should reject what the Bible labels sin and God’s response to this sin to avoid being labeled bigots? We have also been told “mis-gendering” is hateful and certain other words should not be allowed. Acknowledging Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is a man is hateful? Basically, any comments from Christians or conservatives that the Left disagrees or can score political points with are labeled hate speech. The Babylon Bee was suspended from Twitter for satirically calling Richard Levine “man of the year”. This is the “hate speech” that should end? Prove to me Richard Levine is not a man in any case.

The woman in the video below (sarcastically) claims to be a cat. Do you dare deny she is a cat or deny the man teaching at her school is not a woman?

If I think a pause to “gender affirming” care for minors is prudent, I am called hateful. I am told how wonderful it is to have a new female Supreme Court justice, but that justice while celebrating the accomplishments of her own sex, can’t define word “woman”. I am considered a bigot simply for noticing this inconsistency.

Per the graph above, a few hundred of 500 million tweets per day, roughly 1 in every million are considered hate speech. This is the massive problem one-channel media wants us to focus on?

Stopping every hateful comment on Twitter, Facebook, and your local grocery store makes this world a safer place? I don’t condone truly hateful comments by any means, but it is an impossible task to rid humanity of hateful comments. The real problem is that while supposedly ridding the world of hateful comments, Twitter conveniently got rid of so much more not-so-hateful speech. The point of Twitter’s past actions was not about censoring hateful speech; it was censoring the views of its political opponents, often at the behest of our government, something strictly banned by our governing principles.

Far too many have accepted this misdirection, but this is how the game is played. Those who don’t play close enough attention are easily sucked into the lie.

COVID censorship:

One Twitter user asked, “When will we get the twitter files on Covid? The info on the suspension of the many doctors and scientists? Who was involved? Suppression of what has turned out to be factual information.”

“Oh it is coming bigtime …” Musk replied.

More High Ranking Officials

In the meantime, Musk continues to provide the receipts. He is doing the nation a great service. We need to all pay attention.

Jeff Carlton, whose prior work included serving as a federal intelligence officer, became the leading member of Twitter’s Strategic Response Team (SRT) last month. As revealed in a batch of “Twitter Files” released by reporter Bari Weiss on Thursday, SRT is one of the main groups at Twitter tasked with shadow banning conservative accounts and tweets on the platform.

“What many people call ‘shadow banning,’ Twitter executives and employees call ‘Visibility Filtering,’” Weiss revealed. Twitter “used VF to block searches of individual users; to limit the scope of a particular tweet’s discoverability; to block select users’ posts from ever appearing on the ‘trending’ page; and from inclusion in hashtag searches.”

There is James Baker also.

Jim Baker, another former FBI official who later transitioned to Twitter, was recently fired by Twitter CEO Elon Musk after his “unconvincing” explanation for his role in suppressing the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 presidential election. During his time with the FBI, Baker was instrumental in helping advance the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png

The bombshell revelation about Carlton came the same night files confirmed that Twitter has been shadowbanning prominent conservative figures on the platform for years, without notifying them or explaining why. As The Federalist previously reported, conservative commentators such as Dan Bongino and Charlie Kirk were among those placed on company “blacklists” to prevent users from finding and seeing their profiles and posts. Ben Shapiro also noted that his subscriber base increased significantly after Musk took over and the shadow-banning is removed.

Are Bongino, Kirk, Shapiro, and others considered dangerous only because they are conservatives? Why are former FBI officials and intelligence officers making these decisions?

Senator Warren

It is always refreshing to hear new insight from the great Senator Pocahontas:


“I don’t think any billionaire ought to be the one who has that kind of power, to decide how Americans, how people around the world get a chance to talk to each other,”

Of course, she has no problem with billionaire Jeff Bezos controlling the Washington Post, Mark Zuckerberg controlling Facebook, or the rich folks controlling the New York Times and all other social media. She has a problem only because she dislikes the new person controlling Twitter.

“Somebody is going to make the decisions about what we see on Twitter. It can be made out in the open, it can be made in public, it can be made by a commission… or it could be made by one billionaire in a very dark room based on whatever is running around in the middle of his head,” she said. 

I would say Musk is making decisions in the open. He has shone light into the dark corners with releases of internal Twitter memos. He is simply revealing what others wanted to remain hidden.

It is rather self-serving from Senator Warren to claim Twitter needs protection from people who might be telling the truth, and that she and her allies are the only ones who can discern truth. I know I am sometimes wrong too, but I don’t call for censorship.

Final Thought

This story is exactly why I write. I care far more about the truth than political alliances. We should hear the truth, no matter how ugly. These revelations are the kinds of action that can save our culture and our democracy. We need more of this type of action; we need it badly. We need to learn the lessons.

Musk, Weiss, Taibbi, and other truth tellers in this story are on the Left side of the aisle; they are not exposing other Leftists because of petty political disagreements; they are criticizing them because they are not telling the truth. The truth still matters to these folks. God bless them for daring to speak up. We suspected much of this already, but now it is confirmed, and the reaction of those who wish to continue to hide behind fig leaves is interesting. Justice should come next. There must be consequences for the total disregard of truth which has become the MO of politics (and those covering politics) today.

“We have a goal here, which is to clear the decks of any prior wrongdoing and move forward with a clean slate,” Musk said. “I’m sleeping at Twitter HQ for a reason. This is a code-red situation.” 

Here are a couple more links if you would like to know more (there is so much to know in this saga):

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