The Elusive COVID Truth: Basic Data Tells the True Story

My children never received the COVID vaccine because they were never at risk from COVID. Except for those with chronic conditions, children and young adults don’t need the vaccines. Those over 50, account for 93.3% of all COVID deaths; those over 40 account for 97.5%. Minors account for just 0.01% of all deaths. These numbers should surprise nobody; they have been consistent the last three years.

When the vaccine arrived two years ago, we believed it was effective at preventing COVID. We now know it did not meet this basic requirement. When I was in elementary school, I learned a vaccine prevents you from getting sick. Today’s science is apparently different from the unsophisticated days of my youth. Last year, the CDC re-defined vaccine, so that we can continue to call the COVID vaccine a “true” vaccine. It wouldn’t be considered a vaccine under the old definition.

We have also learned the vaccine itself is a potential risk, especially for teenagers and young adults. The vaccines themselves pose a larger risk for minors than the virus itself, leading to the logical conclusion not to vaccinate children. I quantified this result a few months back using German government data on vaccine risk:


For minors, the risk of a serious side effect from the vaccine is at least 22 times greater than the risk of death from COVID itself (probably significantly more). If your child is healthy, the risk of vaccination is more than 100 times greater.

So, why do US political figures and leading government “experts” continue to stress vaccinating children? They discredit themselves with this slavish fidelity to the vaccine.

Perhaps vaccines have not been a total failure; we can argue there was benefit for the elderly and high risk groups, and they provided some protection during early stages of the pandemic (although efficacy has significantly waned since). Nonetheless, there has been no evidence lockdowns, masks, school closures, zero COVID policies, and vaccine mandates have had any benefit. In fact, such policies have been more detrimental than beneficial.

The few who bucked the lockdown trend were considered pariahs. Sweden, Florida and a few others sent kids back to school in person in 2020, yet these children had no more COVID deaths than everyone else.

Georgia, the first state to ease restrictions in the Spring 2020 was said to be: “experimenting in human sacrifice”, yet Georgia has had no more deaths per capita than New York, one of the last to lift restrictions.

Dr. Fauci and President Biden said states which lifted mask mandates in 2021 were killing their own citizens, yet COVID cases and deaths were often lower after such restrictions (to-mask-or-not-to-mask-that-is-the-question). Masks have been a massive fraud perpetrated on the American people; few still believe in them today, yet two years ago nearly everyone was wearing one.

Numerous highly credentialed medical experts pushed back against lockdowns. They simply wanted to inform the public, but were attacked or censored for offering advice in their own field of expertise. By mid-2020, three non-government experts from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford issued the “Great Barrington Declaration”; it called for “focused protection”, protecting those most at risk while allowing those with little risk to return to normal quickly. Hundreds of medical experts signed on, but they lost the debate to those peddling fear, those who wanted the crisis to discredit political opponents and change election laws. The one-channel media sided with the establishment lockdown mania, furthering their own political goals, not public interest, not the truth. This is a travesty like I have never seen in my lifetime.

Why is the Obvious Ignored or Denied?

A year-and-a-half ago, the FDA officially recognized the vaccine risk, although the political establishment never emphasizes this point:

The US Food and Drug Administration added a warning about the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis to fact sheets for Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines Friday.

The warning notes that reports of adverse events following vaccination — particularly after the second dose — suggest increased risks of both types of heart inflammation.

Today, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, UK, and several others do not vaccinate children, and in some cases, not even young adults. Last month, the Florida surgeon general recommended against vaccinations for all under 40. Thank God, a few have spoken regarding what should by now be obvious to us all:

For each demographic and individual, the vaccine risk must be balanced against the risk of COVID itself. It makes sense for some but not others. The recommendation (not a mandate, mind you) for some to forgo the vaccine should not be characterized as “controversial”.

As demonstrated above, the vaccine’s reward-to-risk quotient for healthy minors is way underwater, still the CDC green-lit the boosting of 5 to 11 year-olds earlier this year.

Why would a rational parent continue to green light dose after dose of a vaccine which offers no additional protection to a healthy minor? The vaccine doesn’t even prevent minors from contracting COVID and therefore won’t protect others from being infected by them. Someone please explain what I am missing here. What is the rationale for vaccinating the young and healthy? Why are our authorities so openly deceiving us?

The CDC’s recommendation is the controversial decision in my estimation. Who are they benefitting in this instance? It’s certainly not the kids themselves, nor their teachers or adult relatives.

The current administration, along with the CDC, continue to reflexively repeat: vaccines prevent more serious illness and death. But are they correct? Dr. Fauci predicted the coming winter will be bad for the unvaccinated. But what does he base this upon?

I tested this hypothesis all last year, comparing vaccination rates with death rates in all fifty states. Initially, higher vaccinated states indeed had lower death rates (although levels not at the 95% level touted by vaccine companies and echoed by government officials). However, by the last half of 2021, the evidence evaporated. As time progressed, I often found lower vaccine rates associated with better results. On a macro level, vaccination rates declined from 2021 to 2022, yet during the same period the death rate from COVID itself has declined dramatically. The vaccine still protects against serious illness and death?

Dr. John Campbell uses CDC data which demonstrates that in the US today there are more vaccinated dying than unvaccinated, a trend which has been steadily increasing over time:

Dr. Campbell also observed:

  • More than half reported “system reactions” after vaccination, with 4.5% being considered “serious” and nearly 1% needing medical care after vaccination. Dr. Campbell considers these numbers exceedingly high.
  • Those aged 18-49 had more bad reactions than their older counterparts, with nearly 20% reporting being restricted from normal activities after vaccination.

Whether you vaccinate or not depends on your individual risk. I wouldn’t dare make a recommendation for you, but you should know your own relative risk before vaccinating.

From a National Geographic article: “Additionally, not all experts agree that boosters are necessary once people pass the somewhat arbitrary threshold of age 50. I just think this sort of blanket notion of everybody over 50 getting this vaccine doesn’t make sense,” says Paul Offit, a professor of pediatrics in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and one of two FDA advisory committee members who voted against including Omicron components in the fall boosters. It makes more sense for people over age 70 because their less vigorous immune systems aren’t as good at stopping a mild infection from progressing to a moderate or severe one.

Vaccine proponents refuse to adjust to changing circumstances. The line: “vaccines prevent serious illness” persists. The data is not constant and the proponents are not honest; we must inform ourselves or be influenced by people have been wrong about so much.

The original vaccine was effective for six months at best. Each additional shot has an even shorter duration. The risk of side effect (although relatively small) increases with each shot. When there were more vaccinations (2021), the death rate was higher than today when the vaccination/booster rate is low. The lethality of the disease has also diminished in the last year. Yet, government officials still mandate vaccines and censor critics who they claim are spreading misinformation. What misinformation have I provided here?

The empirical data does not support continued mass vaccination, yet Dr. Fauci knows no other way. Why do so many continue to praise this man who has been absolute failure and inveterate liar the last three years?

Pfizer Lied Too

A Pfizer executive testifying to the European Parliament admitted the company did not test their vaccine’s impact on COVID transmission. Vaccines were never tested to determine if they could prevent transmission.

This is surreal, but was barely noted by our government or our media. This admission should shake our trust in folks labeled experts. For our political leaders, along with their cheerleaders in media, it was a rather inconvenient response that exposes their complicity in a lie, so they choose to ignore it:

Speaking at the EU parliament, Rob Roos asked Ms Small: “Was the Pfizer covid vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?

“If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee? I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Small replied: “Regarding the question around did we know about stopping the immunization before it entered the market? No.

“We had to move at the speed of science to really understand what was taking place in the market. And from that point of view we had to do everything at risk.

This is not what we were told in 2021. Dr. Fauci never challenged Pfizer and echoed Pfizer’s lie.

Moderna, another vaccine provider, had never brought a product to market before their COVID vaccine. They struck gold for the first time ever in 2020. Do you think their quality standards might have been better than Pfizer’s?

In addition, we also know each successive shot has a decreasing period of effectiveness, and that a rapidly mutating virus is not stopped by a vaccine developed for a variant active more year ago. There is a chance to set the record straight, yet President Biden still encourages all Americans to be boosted because “it will protect you and protect others.” Why is he still spouting this discredited argument?

The newer, brighter, shinier vaccines are better than the ones that didn’t work well previously, the ones that children NEVER needed, the ones blamed for the rise in excess deaths around the world, the ones several countries no longer administer to younger demographics? The lies are revealed, yet President Biden echoes the same disproven messages from 2021. Why do the American people allow these claims to be repeated when the evidence totally contradicts them? Are there just not enough of us paying attention?

Common sense ought to lead us to ask: how can a vaccine which was developed more than two years ago, still be effective against a virus which has mutated thousands of times? The virus mutates on average every nine days (; fast forward to 10:55 mark).

What is Misinformation?

Not long ago, such openly expressed doubts regarding vaccinations were labeled “misinformation”. Influential voices, including many highly accredited doctors, were censored or attacked by one-channel media and social media. Media was spurred on by a government which cannot itself directly ban speech but does so via proxies. Why is our government attempting to control the debate on this issue, especially when they have been proven wrong about so much?

The Biden Administration went so far as to attack Facebook for killing people.

When U.S. President Joe Biden accused Facebook of “killing people” by spreading vaccine lies in July, many experts and researchers hoped it marked the beginning of a White House battle against a flood of misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic coursing through the United States.

The Biden Administration also went after the “disinformation dozen”. White House press secretary, Jen Psaki said: “There’s about 12 people who are producing 65% of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms.” These included specific individuals such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Alex Berenson.

A month after the “disinformation dozen” were listed, Alex Berenson was banned from Twitter. Why do we accept this fundamental violation of American freedoms?


In a now-deleted tweet, Berenson compared the vaccine to a therapeutic “with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile.” He also questioned vaccine mandates. 

“It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine,” Berenson said in his tweet.  Think of it – at best – as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS. And we want to mandate it? Insanity”

Berenson spoke up after the CDC itself acknowledged the vaccines do not stop transmission. A vaccine should prevent infection. A therapeutic relieves symptoms. What’s the misinformation here?

One month after the CDC admitted vaccines do not stop transmission, less than a year after the vaccine’s debut, vaccine mandates were instituted by the Biden administration. Again, what is going on here? Who is paying attention?

A year after the failed mandate, the administration still pushes boosters for a vaccine that doesn’t stop infection. Please, wake up those around you who are not paying attention.

Dr. Robert Malone said, in the summer 2021, before anyone else, that the vaccine had an efficacy of just six months A-reason-for-pause. The data has backed him up since then.

This past summer, German government reported the following:

This morning, the German Federal Ministry of Health posted a stunning tweet, admitting that 1 out of every 5,000 COVID jabs cause “serious side effects.”

The German government admits hundreds of thousands of people have had severe side effects following mRNA shots (

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported recently that 1 in 500 children are hospitalized within days of receiving a COVID vaccine. JAMA-study-reports-one-in-every-500-small-children-with-pfizer-jab-are-hospitalized. This is only the tip of the iceberg, but is quite alarming in itself.

Berenson appears to have been correct on all points, more accurate than the administration itself. Political leaders should be chastened by their own mistakes, yet they still attempt to control the debate. Berenson is still considered an enemy.

As an American, Berenson has the right to simply speak freely. If he is wrong, his own words will discredit him. But he wasn’t wrong. Berenson sued Twitter and won. He was restored to Twitter this past summer. Justice prevailed, but how many people were denied an alternative point of view? › stevedeace › posts › todays-podcast-alex-berenson-returns-to-give-us-a-promising-update-on-his-lawsui › 566157504873712

More Vaccine Safety Problems

Last month, NFL superstar, JJ Watt, joined a long line of young healthy athletes to have an unexplained heart condition

An athlete in his prime unexpectedly suffers a heart condition. Was this incident related to the COVID jab? Maybe, maybe not. However, many other young professional, college, and high school athletes report similar problems. Are these related to the vaccine myocarditis risk? Last March, I included the following in a post:

new study published by JAMA Pediatrics found adolescents were seven times more likely to be hospitalized for myocarditis after receiving a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

“In weighing the risk of myocarditis against the benefit of preventing severe COVID-19, Norway, the UK, and Taiwan have suspended the second dose of mRNA vaccine for adolescents. Similarly, adolescents (aged 12-17 years) in Hong Kong have been recommended to receive 1 dose of [the Pfizer vaccine] instead of 2 doses 21 days apart since September 15, 2021.”

Yet, the government doesn’t want us to know there are problems?

FDA removes data
In February, after an inquiry from the Epoch Times, the FDA removed from its website a document with details about an unpublished meta-analysis that found the rates of post-vaccination heart inflammation were higher than any U.S. agency previously had reported. The incidence in males aged 18 to 25 was 148 per 1 million vaccinated. Another peer-reviewed study in Hong Kong of Chinese male adolescents, as WND reported in December, found a rate of 37 per 100,000, or 370 per 1 million. The study found the onset of myocarditis came a median of two days after vaccination.

Why doesn’t the Biden Administration ask more questions regarding empirical data on vaccine safety and excess deaths?

Some of these male athletes have even died. Is all this normal?

In Europe too, there have been numerous reports of soccer stars with unexplained collapses during games or practices. Is this normal? Should we ignore this or is it reasonable to ask questions?

Young people in our military as well are subjected to a vaccine mandate as well.

Why is any debate regarding vaccines efficacy and safety suppressed?

Unexpected Results from COVID Policy

My children’s school informed us of a rise in sick kids last month. Our pediatrician discussed the same issue in his newsletter (his comments are in blue). He asked:

Why are we seeing massive waves of RSV and Influenza A right now? These viruses normally circulate in the winter only.

Link to newsletter:

The answer is nuanced, but likely primarily because of the pandemics social distancing and hygiene activity.

Doctors warned during 2020 that remaining isolated would have long term negative consequences. The short-term benefit of preventing the spread of COVID made us more susceptible to a larger array of viruses in the future.

During the 2020-2022 cycle of Covid fear and mitigation of viral risk, most of us avoided the normal trappings of viral spread. We masked avoiding the viral droplet portal of entry most commonly used. We kept our children semi isolated from other children where most year to year viral transmission events occur. We practiced enhanced hand washing and sanitizing reducing natural viral spread through contact. In essence we stopped the normal propagation of respiratory virus for 2 years. A whole cycle of children between 0 and 2 years old are RSV and flu immune naive leading to a perfect host pool for spread. The 2 to 18 year olds have had a long pause in exposure reducing circulating virus specific antibodies to negligible levels leading to stronger infections and more spread. Anyone who has a child in college (me) has seen infection after infection pound these students this fall. It seems like they are always dealing with a viral illness. Immunity country wide will return in the coming year to these viral illnesses reverting to the old reality of winter predominance.

Our pediatrician also addressed vaccine effectiveness. Remember, the importance of bankrolling Pfizer (who is bankrolling our politicians):

So, it appears that we will be getting repeatedly infected with the Omicron variants despite vaccinations and or prior infections with omicron. This is playing out very much like the reality of the common cold coronaviruses. Repeated illnesses and every year or two or three.

In the interview with Dr. Offit there were a few big take aways:

Boosters for non risk based teen and young adults are unlikely to provide benefit while offering a small but real level of risk from myocarditis

So, why the continued push to vaccinate kids? The risk-benefit for them is negative.

Boosters are offering minimal benefit to the nation from a transmission perspective. At best 8-12 weeks of protection against symptomatic disease

He clearly stated that we have achieved our goal with vaccinations, the reduction of death and hospitalization and it appears the 2 dose primary series was enough to achieve it

A vaccine offering 8-12 weeks protection is ineffective. Both my wife and I got our two initial shots; we were swayed by the experts initially, but the evidence since is too overwhelmingly negative to be ignored. It is reassuring to hear additional confirmation for our decisions to forgo boosters.

High risk groups are the ones that should vaccinate every time a new one is available based on the guidelines.

This seems reasonable as the risk-benefit ratio is significantly lower for these groups.

Booster shots helped older patients achieve greater protection against severe infection, however, and are most critical for those over 65 years of age. Those with any immunocompromising condition should also get additional shots.” (Gandhi M. 2022)

This is an interesting tid-bit from the same people providing the bad advice and instituting bad policy:

I find this piece in the Wall Street Journal enlightening when it comes to money spend that is misguided. From the article: “Since Covid shots first became available, the federal government has purchased and distributed them instead of relying on the market to match supply with demand. The result has been colossal waste. Between December 2020 and mid-May 2022, the U.S. wasted 82.1 million doses. Some expired on pharmacy shelves before they could be used; others were discarded after remaining unclaimed in opened multidose vials.

Bad policy begets more bad policy. We need to demand better. Shine the spotlight on these people. Quit putting them back in power.

The FDA authorized bivalent vaccines at the end of August for people who had received their primary dose series or their most recent booster shot at least two months prior. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices ratified the recommendation, despite concerns among some members that the vaccines didn’t have enough testing on human subjects and that two months wasn’t long enough between shots. The Biden administration announced on Sept. 8 that it had secured 170 million of the updated doses. It is still seeking an additional $22 billion from Congress to buy more.” (Zinberg J. 2022)

Of course, waiting more than two months would mean lost profits. Let’s just pretend it was long enough.

The bivalent vaccine uptake in our office and nationally has been paltry at best and is likely to remain that way. Since the federal government bankrolled the entire project of Operation Warpspeed, there was little to no reason to over buy and waste federal dollars that could be spent to buy good food for people which could have a profound impact on health nationally. Money waste at the government level is constant. I digress.

COVID Numbers:

The Biden Administration still claims the US is in a COVID emergency. They use it as a justification for continuing to delay student loan payments, furthering a policy they can’t advance any other way. But the threat of COVID has waned considerably this year. A comparison of the last three years shows how dramatically things have improved.

  • 2020: The COVID death rate never fell below 550 per day the entire year. From 11/5/20 through the end of the year, deaths remained above 1,000 per day.
  • 2021: For two-and-a-half months (from 5/21 to 8/2), the average fell below 550 per day. However, from 8/14/21 through the end of the year, deaths remained at or above 1,000 per day (except for three days in the 900’s).
  • 2022: For eight months now (4/6 to 12/2), the 7-day average has remained below 550 per day, peaking slightly above 500 for just three days in August. As December 2, well into the cold and flu season, the rate remains below 250 per day.


Here is the most remarkable takeaway regarding the numbers above: the death rate was consistent . . . averaging 40,000 deaths per month for both 2020 and 2021 . .. The rate also averaged a little over 40,000 deaths per month during the Trump Administration and a little over 40,000 deaths per month during the (first year of the) Biden administration. The rate was a little over 40,000 per month when we had vaccines and a little over 40,000 per month when we didn’t have vaccines.

The following table emphasizes how much better the situation is today:

Date RangeDurationTotal DeathsDaily RateMonthly Rate
Feb 15 – Mar 22 2020 (initial stage)1.25 months 555 15444/month
Mar 23 – Dec 31 2020 (no vaccines)9.25 months 370,000 1,30740,000/month
Jan 1 – Dec 31 2021 (with vaccines)12 months 477,000 1,30639,750/month
Jan 1 – April 3, 2022 (Omicron)3.1 months 163,000 1,75252,575/month
April 4 – November 30 2022 (Omicron)7.9 months 90,500 37611,450/month
Comparison COVID deaths: 2020, 2021, 2022

Four times in less than two years deaths spiked to more than 2,000 per day, but there has no similar spike the last ten months (since peaking at 2,829 per day 1/29/22).

In 2020 and 2021, the death rate held steady at 40,000 per month. In 2022, there has been a 42.5% decline in the monthly average (to 23,000 deaths per month).

There has been a 63% decline in deaths since April (i.e. comparing the last 8 months of 2022 to the same time period in 2021). At the start of December, there is still no indication numbers are rising.

The 7-day average death rate last Saturday, November 26 was 247 per day (as of December 5, 2022), the lowest rate in the last three years; this rate is a quarter of what it was in November 2021 and one-eighth what it was in November 2020. Perhaps COVID will strike again, but it was clearly subdued in 2022.

We beat COVID the way it should have been beaten: the natural way. Government intervention: lockdowns, masking, vaccine mandates, etc. had little or no impact.

We certainly did not vaccinate our way out of the pandemic. Vaccination rates peaked the second half of 2021. In 2022, vaccination rates fell from 40 million per day to fewer than 7 million per day. Bloomberg and other outlets stopped measuring vaccination rates altogether as demand has fallen off the map.

Consider this carefully. The COVID monthly death rate remained constant throughout 2020 and 2021, despite the aggressive vaccine campaign of 2021. In 2022, vaccination rates and death rates both fell dramatically. We expect fewer deaths with more vaccinations, but the correlation is the exact opposite: fewer COVID deaths are correlated with low vaccination rates in 2022.

These experts we rely on can’t interpret basic statistics. If the vaccine were a used car, you couldn’t give it away (unless you lied about it continuously). The salesmen (Fauci, Walensky, Biden, to name a few) who forced this lemon upon us ought to be fired.

Our government has also not supported COVID protestors in China. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said “Protestors speak for themselves”. Chinese citizens are ostensibly protesting a “zero COVID” policy. Perhaps, US government criticism is not forthcoming because US policy has differed little from Chinese policy. What a statement about America today. Apple Inc. as well is actually supporting the Chinese government as they deny protestors access to apps to organize protests. How far have we fallen from our moral standing of the past?

Excess Deaths Rise

Here is yet another question for a future post.

While COVID deaths decline, overall deaths have risen significantly the last two years. US life expectancy has declined as well. We appear to be less safe today. Why is that? We are now accustomed to hearing blood clots and sudden collapses among young and healthy athletes. What is causing these increases? Can we finally have a debate in the open? Decide for yourself, but don’t ignore it all, and don’t trust the sources who have misled you in the past. Expose them. Criticize them. Shame them.


The movie, “Suddenly Died” regarding COVID was released just two weeks ago:

Dr. Campbell also talks about excess deaths. As he says: “especially concerning is the official silence on this”. The debate needs to be more open. Demand it. Share the suppressed facts with others.

Update 12/18:

We are almost at the end of the year, and it remains clear there is still no COIVD death spike coming any time soon. In 2020 and 2021, spikes came in early Fall. Unless there is a new deadly variant, the risk from COVID will remain relatively low (depending also on your own unique circumstances). Again, deaths averaged about 40,000 per month in 2020 and 2021. For 2022, the number is around 22,500 per month, just under half of the total for the last two years, and for the last eight months of 2022 (from mid-April to mid-December) the death rate is around 11,500 per month, almost a quarter of what it was for the first two years. All this while the vaccination rate has plummeted. What should these basic numbers be telling us about COVID and the vaccines?

Notice the five peaks in COVID deaths between March 2020 and January 2022, but the long flat low-level line since April of this year (there was an ever-so-slight peak in August 2022). Even into mid-December, deaths remain at a relatively low rate of around 300 per day.

Florida Governor DeSantis’s administration is launching an investigation into the actions of Pfizer and Moderna, something the federal government should already have done. Perhaps the new Congress will also attempt to hold pharma and government officials to account for the lies that have damaged lives and have led to the censorship of those trying to point out the limitations of vaccines. Dr. Fauci who is leaving the NIH continues to urge everyone to vaccinate on his way out. He is befuddled by Governor DeSantis’s actions towards big pharma.


Outgoing White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci said Wednesday that he “doesn’t have a clue” what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hopes to accomplish by calling for a state grand jury investigation into alleged “crimes” related to COVID-19 vaccines.  

“I don’t have a clue … what he’s asking for. I mean, we have a vaccine that, unequivocally, is highly effective and safe and has saved literally millions of lives,” 

Even on this way out the door, nothing will convince Dr. Fauci to give even one inch in admitting that the vaccines might have been just a bit overblown. The facts above should demonstrate that he continues to highlight statistics that simply do not exist. One of the most puzzling things I have ever seen is how this man is not challenged publicly by so many government and media officials. Is it simply because he was a foil for Trump in 2020?

Our pediatrician, also a doctor. but more honest than Dr. Fauci, in this week’s newsletter quoted a JAMA finding:

In this systematic review and meta-analysis of 23 studies, including 854 patients aged 12 to 20 years with vaccine-associated myopericarditis, the incidence of myopericarditis was higher in males after the second dose. Although 15.6% of patients had left ventricular (LV) systolic dysfunction, only 1.3% had severe LV systolic dysfunction (ejection fraction <35%); late gadolinium enhancement was found in 87.2% and 23.2% required intensive care unit admission; however, no in-hospital mortality was observed.

Meaning: These findings suggest largely favorable outcomes of COVID-19 vaccine-associated myopericarditis in adolescents and young adults.” (Yasuhara et. al. 2022) This data, yet again, reinforces within me the lack of need to vaccinate this group moving forward.

Were he on Twitter, Dr. Fauci would have him censored. We can’t possibly have two doctors with differing opinions, can we?

Two state Attorney Generals, in Missouri and Louisiana are also conducting an investigation, this one regarding collusion between the Federal government and social media. For more on problems with social media censorship refer to my earlier post from this week: Twitter-Dumps-Corruption-Revealed. The censorship of literally hundreds of doctors with highly accredited credentials and from prestigious institutions is another of the very troubling aspects of this COVID ordeal. Thank God, there are responsible people left in state governments to seek justice in this matter.

Dr. Fauci himself was deposed for eight hours during this investigation. The number of times the doctor could not recall events and then had to have his memory refreshed by investigators is quite telling. It should be something highlighted by media. How is it the man who is “the science” has such trouble remembering key details about the policies he personally pushed through the last couple years?

Dec 5, 2022, 13:25 PM by AG Schmitt

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Today, Missouri and Louisiana are releasing the full transcript for the deposition of Dr. Anthony Fauci, which was taken on November 23rd, 2022. The deposition was taken as part of Missouri and Louisiana’s landmark lawsuit against the federal government and the Biden Administration for colluding with social media companies to censor speech.

“Missouri and Louisiana are leading the way in exposing how the federal government and the Biden Administration worked with social media to censor speech. In our deposition with Dr. Fauci, it became clear that when Dr. Fauci speaks, social media censors,” said Attorney General Schmitt. “I encourage everyone to read the deposition transcript and see exactly how Dr. Fauci operates, and exactly how the COVID tyranny that ruined lives and destroyed businesses was born.”

“Fauci’s recent deposition only confirmed what we already knew: federal bureaucrats in collusion with social media companies want to control not only what you think, but especially what you say,” said Attorney General Landry. “During no time in human history was this more obvious than during the COVID-19 crisis where social engineering tactics were used against the American public, not to limit your exposure to a virus, but to limit your exposure to information that did not fit within a government sanctioned narrative.”

According to the transcript, Dr. Fauci said “I don’t recall” 174 times, including when asked about emails that he sent, interviews that he gave, and other important information.

The full deposition transcript can be found here:

In eight hours, Dr. Fauci did not recall the facts in 174 instances. That’s more than 21 instances per hour. He couldn’t go more than a few minutes without having to be reminded of his own actions by the investigators themselves. Unbelievable. What exactly did this man remember?

One final story which I would like to delve into more in the future is a Canadian study published in the American Journal of Medicine which links vaccine hesitancy to traffic accidents. In other words, you should get vaccinated in order to avoid being involved in a traffic accident. This is indeed a serious study from medical professionals, but the result itself is ludicrous. This demonstrates how statistics can be misused to provide an ostensibly compelling, convincing argument. Be informed and be skeptical of such results which should not be linked in any way.

There is no bound to the levels to which shameless government officials will stoop to convince people to take the COVID vaccine, a vaccine which has higher than normal risks and has been tremendously oversold, all to prevent a disease which is clearly on the wane.

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