Who are we vaccinating?

There is a lot of talk about systemic racism today.  I asked one of my liberal friends if this Virginia policy is an example of systemic racism.  Black, Latino Seniors in Virginia Get COVID-19 Vaccine Priority as White 85-Year-Olds Wait | Judicial Watch In the next few weeks, the state will give preference to blackContinue reading “Who are we vaccinating?”

Is This Racist?

Is opening schools in California racist?  One school board member says so: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/opening-schools-racist-trustee-says I don’t like to guess at motivations, but this one is so transparent because it follows a standard playbook. The logic is simple although perverse.  The new definition of racism, white supremacy, and the like is: any action which the Left disagreesContinue reading “Is This Racist?”