COVID Checklists (Please Be Prepared/Informed/Involved)

With Omicron! spreading so rapidly now, the chances you will contract COVID have increased dramatically. Even if you contracted COVID previously, the word is that there is a chance you can be infected again with Omicron! More than ever, you should be prepared for what to do if infected. I have put together a few lists for you below.

I am just a regular guy who does not know as much about medicine as Dr. Fauci, CDC Director Wallensky, NIH Director Collins, the Surgeon General or all the doctors at the FDA or CDC. However, I have lived through my own COVID experiences, as I am sure you all have. I know a few folks in the medical profession and I have sought out words of wisdom from them as well as other medical professionals who have spoken on COVID publicly. I know what makes sense and what doesn’t. I have developed a sense of which doctors are misleading us and which are actually looking out for us (both in the last two years of following COVID and in the course of my lifetime as well). I have done considerable research and have written almost fifty blog posts on COVID in the last year. I have learned a thing or two along the way that I believe others might benefit from. I apply common sense to what I have learned and what I have experienced and offer a concise distillation of advice for those of you who are still concerned about COVID and still want to know more.

Be Prepared

You may think my checklist items are common sense or you may already learned them for yourself, but I did this because I know several who have been recently infected who could have benefited by being better prepared:

  1. Take vitamin D, C, Zinc, and Quercetin daily.  Get sunlight daily to stimulate Vitamin D.
  2. Use a mouth wash if you are in public for an extended period of time. COVID starts in the mouth and nasal passages and this simple measure can stop the virus in its track. I got a prescription mouth wash from my dentist.
  3. Use a nasal spray for the same reasons.
  4. Get fit and lose weight. The better shape you are in, the better your chances against COVID. Obesity is a risk factor for COVID (as well as many other ailments).
  5. Keep a half dozen at-home rapid tests on hand.  You can order them on-line. They are easy to use and take 15 minutes to get the results. Omicron! often presents itself with common cold symptoms, so take a test if you have any symptoms all; it is best to know as soon as possible because the situation can deteriorate rapidly.
  6. If you do not have symptoms, don’t bother being tested. Asymptomatic spread has never been proven with COVID.
  7. If you are sick with COVID, stay home. The CDC has now reduced the number of days to isolate to five for those who are beyond symptoms.
  8. Know that the overwhelming number of people infected with COVID will survive. Polls have shown that due to the constant drumbeat of negative COVID news, many Americans believe their chances of dying from COVID are much higher than they actually are. Your odds against COVID vary with age and health condition, but in general 99.7% survive a COVID infection.
  9. Know that the Omicron! variant, which is displacing all other variants, is the mildest strain of COVID yet. Your chances of survival just went up with this milder form of COVID. However, it should still be taken seriously (which is why I am providing this checklist).
  10. If you are vaccinated and had no adverse impacts, take solace that you improved your chances of survival even more. If you are not yet vaccinated, determine whether vaccines are right for you. I believe they are right for some, but not all; you should decide for yourself in consultation with your doctor and family.
  11. Beware of the vaccine risks for yourself and your family. The FDA in June added myocarditis (heart inflammation) to the mRNA vaccine warning labels. I believe healthy minors have no business being vaccinated since they have no risk of disease (but are at risk of developing myocarditis from the vaccine). The vaccine also doesn’t make much sense if you have already contracted COVID.
  12. Carefully weigh the benefits of getting a booster; the FDA recommended them only for those over 65. In addition, the Omicron! variant has mutated significantly since the original strain, so a booster may not be so effective against this new variant. My choice is to wait and see what happens next.
  13. If you want to wear a mask, use a KN-95 and replace it daily. Those ubiquitous cloth and paper masks are useless. Using the same mask over and over is not advisable as it can become a vector for other germs (common sense, right?). The KN-95 has a better seal than the loose fitting cloth and paper masks. A step up from the KN-95, is an N-95, but those are used mainly by trained medical professionals and not easy to manage. In addition, many say that even the N-95 are not effective against COVID because of the small size of the virus particles. I leave the debate over N-95s to the experts, but I have looked at the empirical data on mask usage and listened to those for and against and I am not convinced they have any value. My wife, my children, and I have not used a mask for two years (unless required to enter a facility), although we do not discourage others from using them. We have also managed to avoid COVID for two years despite throwing caution to the wind in this manner.
  14. Know there are treatments for COVID. Many hospitals and doctors will not treat you for COVID. They will send you home and advise to wait for things to get worse. Common sense ought to tell you something is wrong with this policy.
  15. If you test positive, reach out to a doctor who will treat you and begin treatment as soon as possible.
  16. Better yet, obtain a 10-day prescription of Ivermectin before you get sick and keep it on hand in the kitchen cabinet. Here are links to help you find a doctor willing to prescribe Ivermectin:

17. Avoid the larger drug store chains who are less willing to fill an Ivermectin prescription. Also, despite their professed concern for your safety, be aware that that Ivermectin won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2015, has been prescribed to humans billions of times, has a track record as an anti-viral drug, and has an extremely good safety record.

18. Avoid being admitted to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. Doctors I know say the hospital is the worst place for you if you have COVID. If you are sick, as soon as possible, seek the advice of a doctor open to treating COVID. Hospitals will not treat you with Ivermectin. They will prescribe monoclonal antibodies which can be taken as an IV or as an injection, but this treatment is not enough by itself.

19. Consider a home health care nurse as an alternative to the hospital. If you need oxygen because COVID has impacted your breathing, you may need to go to the hospital. If a lower level amount of oxygen is needed, it can be administered at home by a home health care nurse.

20. Live life to the fullest. Do not live in fear, but take solace that things are not nearly as bad as the one-channel media and Dr. Fauci want you to believe:

21. Do not panic at rising COVID case counts. Omicron! has been in the U.S. for a month or so, but has really hit hard the last two weeks. The steep rise looks scary, but in most countries it has impacted, some of which are already seeing a decline, Omicron! has not resulted in a significant increase in deaths. Given the results in other countries, the U.S. should see cases rise into mid-January after which we should see a steep decline. The current U.S. death count is much lower than it was a year ago. The 7-day average reached an all time high of more than 3,400 last January. Our current rate is a third of that number and we are unlikely to get anywhere near that level this year.

22. Have hope. Hope that things are not as bad as the “experts” say and be sure that God is still with us. I expect 2022 to be a much better year for COVID than the past two.

I pled with you–never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Do not be afraid. (Pope John Paul II)

Be Informed

Know the facts and think for yourself. This is so important in this day and age because there is so much contradictory information available on the internet and TV. Know this fact with absolute certainty: there are some who are deliberately lying to you and others who truly want to inform and help their fellow man. Take the time to determine who is who.

  1. If you listen to Dr. Fauci or the CDC, balance your medical advice with non-government sources. Government doctors have become too political and are not as transparent as they should be. Here are a just a few of doctors who have spoken and written in the public arena that I have gleaned information from: Dr. Scott Atlas (Stanford), Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Martin Kulldorrf (Harvard), Dr. Pierre Kory (Front Line Critical Care), Dr. Harvey Risch (Yale), Dr. Sameera Gupta (Oxford), Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford), Dr. Simone Gold (America’s Front Line doctors), Dr. John Ioannidis (Stanford), Dr. Michael Osterholm (Rockefeller Institute), Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Mary Bowden, Dr. Joseph Varon, and Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA inventor). I think this team of doctors whips the government’s team every time.
  2. If you you listen to the one-channel media or the Biden administration, find an alternative voice to balance the message. What I call the one-channel is a conglomerate of politically left-leaning outlets that all tell the same story, despite the facts: ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, Vox, Slate, Washington Post, New York Times, and those of the same ilk. They are really just propaganda outlets for the Democrat Party, not journalists at all. Conservative media has been far more honest in reporting on COVID. The Blaze and The Daily Wire are two subscriptions that provide good information on COVID (along with political content). I do not listen to Fox News except for Mark Levin (Life, Liberty, and Levin) and Tucker Carlson, two Fox hosts I think are good sources. Joe Rogan (Joe Rogan Experience) and Brett Weinstein (Dark Horse) are two pod-casters who are not politically conservative, but provide a more honest view of the situation. Senators Ron Johnson and Rand Paul are two leading lights among our current pathetic crop of politicians; they have have been excellent counters to the misleading Dr. Fauci. Senator Paul was an also an MD before coming to Congress, so he knows something about the topic.
  3. Several doctors put out regular podcasts with good information. Here are a few sources: Dr. Shawn Baker (, Dr. Saneel Dhand (, and Dr. John Campbell (; Campbell is not actually an MD, but is a teaching medical professional with a PHD in biology.
  4. Our local pediatrician also does a weekly newsletter with good information:
  5. Read my blog, including old posts: In all my posts, I include numerous links to various medical experts along with other informative sources. I try to tie it all together for you, so you don’t have to look all over the internet for good information.
  6. Joe Rogan, in the last two weeks, featured a 3-hour long interview with Dr. Peter McCullough and another with Dr. Robert Malone, authorities on COVID and vaccines. These interviews are chocked full of good information. I analyzed the McCullough interview in my last post ( I have not yet finished the Malone interview, but I think it will be equally informative: spotify-rogan-interviews-McCullough; spotify-rogan-interviews-Malone
  7. Have an open mind. Too many people made up their minds regarding COVID early on and then stuck with their opinions despite the dynamic situation. Too many listen only to certain folks they consider authorities. Too many others simply follow the crowd.

Lobby For Change

If nothing else, COVID has been a clarifier. We now know with more certainty who can be counted on in times of crisis and who cannot. COVID has revealed the true (and often nefarious) intentions of those in government, science, social media, and big business. Now that we know more of the truth, seek to hold the bad actors accountable and to change the current regime.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize (Voltaire)

  1. Support others you work with who are under threat from vaccine mandates. Even if you have been vaccinated, do not provide your information to employers as a show of support for your colleagues. Push the senior leaders in your organization to grow a spine and do the right thing. Your employer has no business knowing your private health information or forcing medical treatment upon you and your colleagues; if we let them get away with this, we will all end up at the bottom of this slippery slope.
  2. Lobby your representatives to halt government mandates that will eventually erode freedoms for us all. In Japan, the government encourages vaccinations but does not mandate them. Ask your representatives to adopt the Japanese policy.

The current U.S. vaccine regime violates the concept of “informed consent”:

DEFINITION: permission granted in the knowledge of the possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits.

3. Demand that social media stop censoring medical professionals. Demand that politicians and the one-channel media stop encouraging this censorship. The number of highly credentialed medical professionals and responsible individuals sharing their COVID wisdom who have been censored or canceled altogether is alarming. This is is destroying the debate and costing lives, not getting rid of “misinformation”. I have documented numerous such instances in prior posts.

4. Demand that COVID treatment options be made available to all Americans. In my last post, I quoted Dr. Peter McCullough who stated that 85% of all lives lost to COVID could have been saved with early treatment. Dr. Robert Malone has echoed this point as well. Everyone needs to know this and hold accountable those who have suppressed this information. We need to work to keep it from happening again.

5. March for the cause. On January 23, 2022, there will be a “Defeat the Mandates” March in DC. Defeat The Mandates DC: An American Homecoming. This is the same weekend as the March for Life. I cannot think of two better causes to make your voice heard in these times.

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