All Roads Lead to the Vaccine (but Mother Nature Leads Us Out Instead)

The Omicron! variant is spreading like nothing ever seen before. The headline from CNN December 29 is: CDC director explains new Covid-19 guidance as the US heads into a harrowing phase of the pandemic. Yet again, we are told to run in circles and scream and shout. Should we be scared? Joe Biden warned the unvaccinated “face a severe winter of death”. biden-severe-winter-of-death. Is he right?

Other sources, however, tell us Omicron! may be the best news we have had in two years. In my last post ( I shared testimony from several doctors who are quite pleased with this new development. Since then we have continued along the happy path, but our public health experts just will not allow us to think anything of the sort. They want us to remain on edge. Why?

We have followed this same maddening script for two years. We look to the science and the data to provide answers, but then we are told all that matters is that the sky is falling and any science which tells us the sky is not falling must be labeled misinformation and censored. I have wondered continually, why is so much COVID information suppressed? Why is hope suppressed? Why does the government want us to think only what they want us to think? Why are medical professionals being censored and why are we being prevented from “following the science”? Why is the truth about COVID drugs, treatment protocols, and other potential life saving techniques not being told and why are the people who are in charge and in the know so obviously lying to us? The simple answer I hear from many: it is all about the money. Follow the money. Show me the money (Jerry Maguire). For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (1 Timothy 60).

However, I am not satisfied with this explanation; the situation is not quite that simple. Drug companies and other capitalists can (and are entitled to) make a profit and yet often still act ethically while earning a living. Powerful corporations still have people with hearts and consciences who often have a sense of duty, honor, and country. On the other hand, the money made by Big Pharma this past year is indeed astronomical, you could even say obscene, so the temptation to hype the vaccines and to downplay anything seen as a competitor must be absolutely overwhelming. The temptation to continue to ride this gravy train for a couple more years is equally appealing. Certainly, many have convinced themselves that covering up the limitations and the risks from the vaccines is acceptable, maybe they believe so many more lives than have been saved than lost, but that position is a moral hazard. In addition, lawmakers could hold hearings and shine a light on abuses of power and bring the truth to the forefront (some actually have, but it’s not enough to turn the tide), but too many have a too cozy relationship with Big Pharma instead of looking out for us:

We can point to many COVID villains, foremost among them being the one who claims to be science incarnate ( Still, the love of money to the exclusion of all else is not what motivates everyone. Power is a strong aphrodisiac as well, but I believe there are still enough not motivated by money and power alone to defeat those who are (I could be wrong, however; we are in very strange times, indeed).

In literature, Faust sold his soul to the devil, but Daniel Webster did not and he ultimately defeated the devil. For years, liberals have bashed capitalism as an evil system because the ultimate goal is to make money, but money is necessary to survive, and St. Paul never said money itself is inherently evil. Many people become doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, counselors, clergy, computer programmers, engineers, yoga instructors, beauticians, writers, Navy Seals, etc. because they want to help others or because they have a passion for something, making money is often an ancillary goal. I cling to the belief that more of them want to do good than evil, even in this instance–especially in this instance–because now is a time that matters more than any in our lifetimes.

We fail to do good because it is hard, but we can learn from our mistakes and we can still grow a spine. Many folks have convinced themselves it is necessary to call out ignorant anti-vaxers and horse medicine lovers, but these folks can still be swayed by the truth (the vaccines are not a panacea and the horse medicine has been prescribed to humans billions of times and actually won a Nobel prize for medicine). Even the poor farmer who sold his sold to the devil, enlisted Daniel Webster to win it back once he realized his mistake.

Joe Rogan recently interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly credentialed doctor on the front lines of treating COVID patients. In this interview, McCullough makes a remarkable claim: 85% of the lives lost to COVID could have been saved if we had switched our focus to early treatment. This is the awful cost of all those obvious lies. The truth, Dr. McCullough tells us, simply has not been told about early treatments. Rogan asks repeatedly why would so many lie about life saving COVID treatments? Why would those who have taken the Hippocratic oath deceive us in this way? It doesn’t make sense. Surely, their intent was not to knowingly let hundreds of thousands of Americans die unnecessarily? Rogan challenges McCullough and forces him answer why this has happened. He allows us to determine for ourselves: is McCullough just another nut who is peddling yet another conspiracy? Dr. McCullough has reasonable and cogent answers; he does not come off as conspiracy theorist. Instead, he comes across as someone who we should take counsel from; he is certainly more credible than the vaunted Dr. Fauci.

The last several months I have demonstrated how ubiquitous the lies are, and how deceitful so many are, especially those who have been given great trust and responsibility, but just like Rogan I am still left with the question of why would they lie when the costs are so great? It is a puzzlement. I wonder not only why are they lying to us, but why are so many caught up in the hysteria? Maybe there are many who believe they are doing the right thing, but they are just incompetent? Still, we can easily prove they are lying to us, whether they pretend it is for our own good or not. Maybe they want to cover up their prior incompetence? Maybe folks just accept the authority who they believe we should all trust? Maybe there are those who are just afraid to rock the boat and ask questions, especially after seeing people like Dr. McCullough publicly flogged for speaking out? In any case, Rogan asked the question three times: Why are they doing this? Why are they so deliberately and so obviously deceiving us? McCullough who is not a psychologist or mind-reader after all and did his best to stick to medicine throughout the interview, finally responded with: “All roads lead to the vaccine. ”

I had to think about this response for a moment. Maybe Dr. McCullough finally hit on the real explanation. Anything which leads to vaccine hesitancy of any kind has been discouraged. If people knew there was an effective treatment for COVID, then fewer would be vaccinated. If people understood the safety concerns of vaccines, then fewer would be vaccinated. If people knew that natural immunity lasts forever (as McCullough claims in the interview), then more medical exemptions would be granted and fewer people would be vaccinated. If people knew that the vaccines had a limited shelf life and that we will likely need to be vaccinated every six months ad infinitum, then fewer people would start down the vaccine pathway. Every risk or limitation of the vaccines needs to be denied because the ultimate solution is more vaccines, the costs be damned. So lifelines of hope (that there is effective treatment and that mother nature has provided the ultimate solution of natural immunity) must be shutdown because they all lead to vaccine hesitancy and vaccine hesitancy is bad.

Dr. McCullough goes a bit further in his analysis and talks about four pillars of a mass psychoses that he says we are caught up in. The last pillar of this psychoses is the implementation of a single unifying solution. That single solution is clearly the vaccine. For whatever reason, the playbook says we need one simple solution that applies to everyone, but as Dr. McCullough describes in the interview, there are multiple solutions to the COVID problem; one solution is not enough. Science, life in general, is rarely this simple, but our so-called experts believe they need to boil it down to a single simple solution for the unwashed masses. They consider us too stupid to be trusted with the more nuanced truth. This is the most benign answer to the question Rogan asks (and it is not a totally acceptable one either). I choose to give folks the benefit of the doubt and believe it is incompetence or zealotry run amok. Otherwise, if promoting vaccines as the ultimate good is not the reason for all this deception, then the answer is that everyone in control is either motivated by the love of money or power, and/or they have sold their souls to the devil, and this is all unadulterated evil.

Dr. McCullough does not appear to be opposed to vaccines, but he does want the truth told about them. He says they should have a more limited role because this disease can be treated and can be brought under control without total reliance on vaccines. The vaccines are a preventive, not a treatment, and once a disease breaks through, it needs to be treated. This is where our system has completely failed us the past two years. We have ignored treatment for some insane reason, unlike for any other disease in history. Again, the nagging question continues to haunt us: why? Why do all roads lead to the vaccine?

Dr. McCullough does not claim to have a monopoly on the truth, nor does he claim to be science incarnate (like some other authority we all know). Anyone who has followed my blog the last year knows that I too do not want to jump on any single piece of evidence which indicts the vaccines; the evidence on vaccines is mixed. Still, vaccines are only one tool in the arsenal, not the ultimate solution to all our COVID problems. We can and should do more.

The interview with Rogan lasts nearly three hours, but it is well worth the listen. I summarize the key points below in case you want the Cliff notes, but I encourage you, like always, to listen and decide for yourself.


Who is Peter McCullough?

So, is Dr. McCullough a conspiracy theorist who just wants his fifteen minutes of fame? Not hardly. Anyone who can stand up after being peppered by Rogan from all angles is no crackpot. Is he someone who doesn’t know much about COVID? No, definitely not. He speaks cogently and authoritatively. He has the data and he puts it together in a clear and easy to understand fashion. He is also one of many doctors, doctors like Scott Atlas from Stanford, Martin Kulldorrf from Harvard, Dr. Pierre Kory, president of Front Line Critical Care, Dr. Harvey Risch from Yale, Dr. Sameera Gupta from Oxford, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford, Dr. Simone Gold, president of America’s Front Line doctors, Dr. John Campbell from the UK, and many other highly credentialed doctors from prestigious universities and organizations who are saying the same sorts of things.

How about his credentials then? From wikipedia:

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, managing the cardiovascular complications of both the viral infection and the injuries developing after the COVID-19 vaccine in Dallas, TX, USA. Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr. McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection,” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.

He has 51 peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has commented extensively on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in The Hill, America Out Loud, and on FOX NEWS Channel. On November 19, 2020, Dr. McCullough testified in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and throughout 2021 in the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Colorado General Assembly, New Hampshire Senate, and South Carolina Senate concerning many aspects of the pandemic response.

Dr. McCullough has two years of dedicated academic and clinical efforts in combating the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In doing so, he has reviewed thousands of reports, participated in scientific congresses, group discussions, press releases, and been considered among the world’s experts on COVID-19.

Ok, maybe he is credentialed and not a crackpot, but perhaps he is politically motivated? He was interviewed by Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson after all (so CNN suspects his motives). Again, I think not. He doesn’t mention politics at all during this three hour interview with Rogan; he obliquely refers to Dr. Fauci, but otherwise talks of no other political figure. CNN won’t interview him because they would have to censor the video when he tells the hard truths about vaccines; they consider him political because he contradicts their talking points and they just can’t tolerate any diversity of opinion, so it is better to ignore him and have friends in social media censor him.

If you prefer, you can listen instead to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Rochelle Wallensky, the two leading doctors defending the current regime (and propped up by corrupt media and corrupt politicians); they will tell you the vaccines are made only of lollipops and roses and we are still following the yellow brick road. I have shown repeatedly that these two are dishonest stewards of the trust they have been provided. For this reason, I have looked elsewhere for medical advice, and lo and behold, there are many have stepped into the breach, Dr. McCullough being one in the vanguard.

McCullough Interview Cliff Notes

Dr. McCullough throughout the interview highlights an epidemic of incompetence and deception with COVID:

  • Dr. McCullough highlights the fact our hospitals and doctors have not treated people sick with COVID since the beginning of the pandemic. There are no protocols established by the CDC or government health experts, nor are there any by the nearly 300 medical schools in the country. If you are not sick enough yet, you are sent home to wait until your condition gets worse. Dr. McCullough says his focus has been on treating the sick; this is a doctor’s primary function, after all. Why are so many COVID patients not being treated? What would have happened if more doctors were following Dr. McCullough’s lead?
  • Dr. McCullough says vaccines protect you, but there is no evidence that vaccines protect others. The argument that it is your civic duty to get the vaccine is used to sell vaccine mandates, but it is simply not valid, per Dr. McCullough. He cites one study from The Lancet, one of the premiere medical journals in the world, in which 39% of COVID transmission was passed from a fully vaccinated person to another fully vaccinated person.
  • Vaccines have had only a modest impact at preventing death and hospitalization. In other words, they are just one of many tools in the toolbox and should not be our one and only solution. Why is so much emphasis placed on vaccines? They cannot do it all.
  • The CDC and the FDA are running the vaccine program, but such programs are not their bailiwick. They are the wrong people to put in charge, per Dr. McCullough. They do not normally lead clinical programs and they know little about safety reviews, of which Dr. McCullough says we are long past due. By February 2020, there were already 182 vaccine deaths reported. Dr. McCullough tells us 50 deaths is usually enough to take a product off the market, but not this time. Again, we have to ask why are pretending this isn’t happening?
  • Dr. McCullough analyzes the VAERS data, the CDC’s system for tracking adverse vaccine impacts. He says 85% of reported cases are entered by doctors and nurses; this system is not inundated with yahoos who reported their cousin’s sister’s husband who might have eaten something rotten and then had something else bad happen a week after being vaccinated. McCullough himself estimates that as many as 45,000 people may have died from the vaccines; 30,000 have been permanently injured and another 250,000 had to visit the ER. Most of these have adverse impacts have been skewed towards senior citizens. In 86% of the deaths, per Dr. McCullough, there is no other potential cause but the vaccine, and most deaths occur within 48 hours. Again, why is there not more transparency regarding this data?
  • The vaccines have a shelf life of six months, something we have been hearing from others the last few months, including from Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology.
  • Dr. McCullough talks extensively about myocarditis (heart inflammation). This appears to be quite a serious threat, especially for young males who have been vaccinated. In fact, because of this threat, the FDA even added a warning label to the vaccines this past June. But you wouldn’t know vaccines are not fully FDA approved or that they have this warning attached to them if you listened to Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the one-channel media. Dr. McCullough asks the very pertinent question: have you ever heard anybody, any public health official at all, mention this warning while recommending the vaccines? Earth to Dr. Fauci. Come in, Dr. Fauci. Why do we have a law which requires drug companies to list the drug’s side effects during TV advertisements, but then fail to require our public officials to follow the same rules of full disclosure?
  • Dr. McCullough also dispels the notion that myocarditis from COVID is the same threat as myocarditis from the vaccine. They are two completely different things, he tell us.
  • Natural immunity is permanent, per Dr. McCullough. Vaccinating those who have natural immunity is not only not recommend, but it is totally unnecessary; vaccinating those who do not need it causes only harm and should never be done.
  • Treatments such as HCQ, Ivermectin, and monoclonal antibodies are safe and effective. There is no reason to discredit these treatments in favor of the vaccine. Dr. McCullough stresses vaccines are not a treatment, although folks like Dr. Fauci are acting as if they are.
  • Dr. McCullough mentions The Lancet article from March 2020 which said HCQ was not effective against COVID. The article was later retracted, but there has been no explanation as to why it was published in the first place or later retracted. This raises serious doubts about the motivations for all involved. Why did the case against treatments begin from the outset even before vaccines were available?
  • Oral and nasal rinses are two very simple preventative measures done in many other countries; they can greatly reduce your chances of contracting COVID. Dr. McCullough specifically mentions Bangladesh as a place where such practice is common. Because COVID starts in the mouth and nose, whenever you are in public for a period of time, he recommends taking these measures when returning home. Why do third-world countries lead the way over our more sophisticated health care system? Are we so unwilling and lazy to accept such simple solutions because we just want to get our jab and be done with it?
  • Dr. McCullough talks briefly about masks. He asks why was so much energy and focus have been wasted on masks while early treatments were ignored?
  • In August 2020, Dr. McCullough testified to Congress that 50% of COVID deaths could be reduced with early treatment. In February 2021, he testified again and changed the number to 85%.

I suppose I should have warned you before you read further or accepted Dr. McCullough as an authority: this interview has been banned by certain social media outlets. Luckily, Joe Rogan is on Spotify, and Spotify does not censor highly credentialed medical doctors who know a lot about COVID. Still, be warned if you persist in seeking such information, you will be taking the very dangerous step of thinking for yourself.

Next up, Rogan will be interviewing Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology, another highly credentialed doctor who knows much about vaccines and has been censored by the best of social media as well.


It seems all the best doctors are being suspended by social media. I wonder why that is? Ironically, it appears to be a badge of credibility. Only those who think for themselves and challenge the Fauci regime are censored.

Japan’s Vaccine Policy

How are other countries around the world doing? Do they have to put up with the same nonsense as us? Sweden did not lock down at all, kept schools opened, eschewed masks, and essentially adopted the “focused prevention” strategy put forth by other highly censored doctors who authored the Great Barrington Declaration. They were hit hard with COVID early, but Sweden has seen very few deaths in the last seven months (about 100 per month for a country of more than 10 million)–and they avoided the Delta wave altogether. Over the entire two year period, Sweden ranks 57th among per capita deaths world-wide, not the best, but certainly far better than the U.S. which ranks 20th and better than most of its European neighbors ( India, the country with the world’s largest population, was highly vulnerable to COVID; they decided to focus on treatments, including Ivermectin and HCQ; they rank 128th in per capita deaths, in the bottom half. What if the U.S. had tried what these two countries tried?

Last week, I highlighted Japan after I learned they had adopted Ivermectin as a treatment earlier this year (OMG. There are far-right, anti-vax, horse-medicine lovers in Japan too!). Japan is yet another country open to following the science, unlike our own. They currently rank 154th in per capita deaths (maybe the Japanese Dr. Fauci should have been given the million dollar prize instead of our dear leader; after all, 154th is much better than 20th, and for a country with the oldest population in the world). I highlight Japan again this week because of their COVID policy; this is what it looks like when it is done correctly.  

Dr Dhand on Japan’s vaccine regime:

I think Japanese should be proud of their government for being transparent and respectful of its citizens’ freedom.  I am disappointed with ours for the opposite reason. I would love to start a petition asking our government to adopt the Japanese policy.  Although, our problem is not just the government; it is the culture as well.   Our culture has divided into camps and camps are attacking and labeling each other for expressing differing points of view.  See the last sentence in the Japanese consent form below.  Could you see such a statement being tolerated by all in our country?

Denmark and German Data:

The following tweet highlights some very telling data out of Denmark. Denmark, unlike our own country, has been willing to share COVID data, whether or not it supports lockdowns, masking, vaccines, etc. (another country following the science and another that has done better than the US; Denmark ranks 116th in per capita deaths).   Facts are facts whether they support our narrative or not. 

Denmark data is important to analyze because it was one of the European countries hit first by Omicron! The chart below shows how many contracted the Omicron! variant, striated by the number of vaccines the population received.   24.7% have been triple jabbed, 56.0% double-jabbed, 3.3% single jabbed, and 16% are unvaccinated. 

This chart shows that 16% of Denmark is unvaccinated, but that unvax’d population only accounts for 8.5% of Omicron! cases.  In other words, the data says being unvaccinated reduces your risk of contracting the Omicron! variant.  This is certainly not what would be expected.  The important column in the chart below is the relative risk ratio.   Again, per the data, those who are vaccinated have double the risk of contracting Omicron! vs the unvax’d.  The numbers may certainly change over time and may vary from country to country and type of vaccine used.  I am not drawing too many conclusions from this one data set, except to say that the vaccines at this point do not appear to be particularly effective against the Omicron! variant, particularly its spread. This is not completely surprising as the Omicron! variant has mutated far beyond the original strain which the vaccine was developed for. After just one year, the vaccine has been outsmarted by the virus.

Still what do our leaders say? Remember all roads lead to the vaccine, including this one. Dr. Fauci is like the kid who doesn’t know anything about chemistry and answers C , vaccinate everyone, to every question on the exam.  He is right 25% of the time, but has lost all credibility.

Below is data from the Robert Koch Institute in Germany that tells a similar story. Omicron! is infecting the vaccinated more than the unvaccinated in Germany.

Another tweeter posted the following interpretation regarding the Denmark data:


Of course, in light of this data, the CDC says it doesn’t know how Omicron! spreads or how much death it causes and doesn’t know how well vaccines do against Omicron!, even when evidence from early Omicron! adopters show that vaccine efficiency has been reduced from 80% to 33% with this variant. Why does the CDC feign ignorance just like they did with natural immunity ( They don’t know or they don’t want to tell us? Again, all roads lead to the vaccine. (by the way, the ! is to emphasize the manner in which CDC and others have hyped Omicron!)

Despite feigning ignorance about Omicron!, the CDC continues to push boosters. Since vaccines are the ultimate solution, more of them must be better. More is always better, right? The FDA voted against boosters for anyone under 65, but the CDC ignores that fly in the ointment, because, as we know by now, all roads lead to the vaccine, even dead ends. Are you beginning to see how this works now?

Our pediatrician weighed in on boosters as well in his latest newsletter. He is still sanguine about vaccines, but not so much on boosters:

Boosting is a serious question mark at this time. We need more data on how pathologic the breakthrough infections are with regards to disease morbidity not just spread. I.e. we need hospital data based on age and disease risk. A positive test with mild symptoms may be just that. We have no a priori knowledge of the long term risks of three mRNA vaccines in a calendar year. As always, to boost is a personal choice based on the science, age and risk. Getting vaccinated if not already vaccinated makes incredible sense at this point.

Breaking News!

Wait a minute! This breaking news is just in! The U.S. federal government appears to be throwing in the towel with regard to COVID. Perhaps this means federal vaccine mandates are no longer the solution? Let’s hope. I would rather not rely on the fickle Supreme Court on this one.

The Numbers

We should not worry that our federal government has given up on COVID. There wasn’t much for them to do in any case. The best they can do now is get out of the way and stop encouraging their propagandists in the media and social media to censor good folks like Dr. McCullough. I take this breaking news as a positive development. Furthermore, mother nature may have provided the solution in Omicron!

Even before Omicron!, world-wide COVID deaths started falling. Deaths at the end of 2021 are as low as they have been in fifteen months, and with the less deadly Omicron! upon us, it appears they will be going lower still.

Deaths in the U.S. are somewhat high, but the number has been relatively flat for months. As we end 2021, deaths are much lower than they were at the end of 2020. Even though the Omicron! massive case blitz is now upon us and Dr. Fauci’s hair is on fire, the U.S. 7-day moving average gives us hope that we will make it through this winter better than the last:

December 30, 2020: 2,528 U.S. COVID deaths per day

December 30, 2021: 1,139 U.S. COVID deaths per day

Dr. Campbell in his update on 12/29 and again on 12/30 said that Omicron! is spelling the beginning of the end. Will we see U.S. deaths fall below 1,000 per day by January and then continue downward from there? We should be hopeful.

Our pediatrician in his newsletter shared a similar positive outlook:

Hospitalizations and deaths remain decoupled from cases meaning that we are on our way to mild COVID endemicity.

Your risk of death if you have had covid naturally or been vaccinated appears now to be very very very low with Omicron or Delta.

He also made a plea which I echo and I hope all of you parents will fight for this year as well:

Please keep all schools open regardless of spread unless we see an increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

To sum things up, this is the scenario that seems to be playing out right now and it may mean we are done with COVID in early 2022.

  1. Omicron! is a very mild form of COVID.
  2. Omicron! is spreading rapidly and displacing the more severe form of the disease (Delta).
  3. Almost everyone not previously infected, including almost everyone who is vaccinated, is going to contract Omicron!
  4. The sheer numbers of people contracting Omicron! may lead to an increase in deaths, although so far, we have not yet seen significant increases in the countries first impacted.
  5. If deaths do increase because of Omicron!, it will be short-lived because it will not take long for everyone to be infected and the disease to burn itself out. Everything regarding Omicron! is moving at double-speed.

Add all this up and it means that herd immunity is back in the picture. Omicron! could cover the globe in a couple months and with so many infected, herd immunity finally kicks in and protects us from further COVID waves. This is the hope. This is what Dr. Campbell is saying is a very real possibility at this point. Mother nature may have just provided the ultimate solution for us after governments around the world have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at COVID. How fitting an end this would be.

On the other hand, Dr. Fauci and Dr Wallensky continue to tell us to run in circles while the sky is falling. They clearly don’t trust mother nature, but they have been wrong so often that their panic actually comforts me.

A Word on Masks

Maybe you believed masks helped the last two years, but it should be apparent now that Omicron! has arrived that they will do nothing to stop this latest variant. U.S. COVID cases passed more than half a million on December 30 and may be headed to a million per day (and that’s just the ones reported. Who knows the real number?). Even Dr. Leana Wen, CNN contributor, who has been aligned with Fauci and Wallensky the last two years, says most masks are worthless against the Omicron! variant:

How about this guy who I hear who is triple vax’d but still wears a mask on the beach? Should we ask him about masks? Does he know something we don’t?

More Good News

Here is one final good piece of news. I share it because I want to continue to spread hope instead of fear and because I want to follow science instead of censorship. Score yet another one for mother nature as well.


Preliminary findings from a study suggest that infection with the Omicron variant of coronavirus could boost a person’s immunity against the more severe Delta variant.

South African scientists at the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban examined 33 unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals who had contracted the Omicron variant, Reuters reported. They found that people who were infected with Omicron developed enhanced immunity to the Delta variant. Their immunity was even stronger if they had previously been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Happy New Year everyone and praise be to Jesus, now and forever.

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