COVID: Hope or Fear (and is Omicron Really the Big Bad Wolf?)

I like quoting CNN anchor Jake Tapper because he sometimes says the quiet part out loud. Last year, after President Trump was diagnosed with COVID, Tapper told us it is right for us to be afraid of COVID and he was aghast that Trump told the American people not to be afraid. Really? Cowering in fear is okay now?


Shortly before being discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday, Trump tweeted, “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta reacted in absolute horror. Tapper called Trump’s remarks “disrespectful” and told his audience, “It’s OK to be afraid of COVID, and it’s OK that it’s dominating your life.”

“Jake, this is so disrespectful,” Gupta said. “I’m not even sure I can think about this in some sort of cogent way … It’s incredibly disrespectful.”

President Trump went on to say it’s “not true” that people shouldn’t live in fear, adding:

“What does that mean, ‘Don’t be afraid of it?’ I mean, first of all, it’s a contagious disease that kills people, so what are you going to be afraid of if you’re not afraid of something like that? It’s gross, it really is.”

What a stark contrast between two points of view. Does Mr. Tapper believe we should be afraid of everything that might kill us? How can we function if we calculate every risk surrounding us and seek to minimize them all? I wonder if Mr. Tapper is afraid of flying. Does he think it is a healthy fear or would he try to convince a skittish friend it is okay to fly? A significant number of people have died in airplane accidents after all. I understand why some fear flying, but I don’t say it is a healthy or totally rational fear (logically, you should fear driving more than flying). Just like flying, your individual chances of dying from COVID are small, so why tell everyone it is okay to fear it? Instead, I say we take appropriate precautions tailored to our unique circumstances and continue living our lives to the fullest.

I suppose Jake would approve of this lady’s actions, but I ask is all this really necessary? Is this healthy behavior? Maybe she should pack a parachute as well just in case the plane has mechanical problems. Maybe she should learn more about Omicron and its true threat as well.

All this is indicative of the COVID narrative which is driven by fear, and that fear is being used to manipulate us and our fellow citizens.  If we have faith in God, we should be driven by hope, hope in God and a better life to come.   Do you go to such extremes if your hope is in God? Or do you take all these precautions because you want to hold on to this life as long as possible and you have no hope for a better life to come? For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it (Matthew 16:25)

I will stipulate that when she goes to the airport, Dana may be a little better protected than I am, but I think regularly donning all this gear diminishes the quality of life, certainly it adds to burden of traveling. I don’t want to go to extreme lengths to avoid illness. My children would be mortified and embarrassed to be seen with me dressed like this. Precautions are not bad; we should be sensible and not take unnecessary risks, but as President Trump said, don’t let the fear of COVID dominate your life. Dana’s life appears to be dominated by fear of COVID. Maybe that’s why she needs the Xanax.

I have upped my dosage of Vitamin D, C, Zinc, and other supplements the last few years and that seems to be working as I haven’t been sick lately. I think my way is as good or better than Dana’s, and it is certainly far less intrusive and not as embarrassing. We are all going to die in any case; maybe Dana has successfully shielded herself from the threat of COVID, but something else will lead to her ultimate demise . Despite all these precautions, she could still die in a car accident on the way home from the airport. For you are fully aware the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night (1Thessalonians 5:2) What’s important is not how long we manage to avoid illness and death, but the quality of the life we lead and the impact we have on others while we are alive.

Recently, the Washington Post featured several ordinary Americans who, similar to Dana, seem bent on destroying the quality of their lives in order to save their lives for some hoped for better future. This article drifts back and forth between hyperbolic statements and overreactions and I capture a few of the overreactions from folks below.

source: source:

Greg Otto conducts risk assessments for a living, but the cybersecurity consultant from Springfield, Va., never imagined he’d have to do one every time his daughter, 6, and son, 4, stepped outside the boundaries of their home. Playing with next-door neighbors outdoors? Acceptable. School? Necessary. Eating out? No way.

Breanna Contreras, 33, an intellectual property attorney whose children are 6, 3 and 20 months, said she and her husband, an engineer at Los Alamos National Lab, made the difficult decision to put all three of their children in school or day care because of their demanding jobs. But she second-guesses the choice every day.

“I feel like we’re constantly reacting,” said Contreras, who lives in Santa Fe, N.M. “There’s not enough time to be proactive. It’s like a fire alarm every day.”

“Having to tell my kids no to things that are good for them so many times makes me the most sad,” said Spake, 48.

‘We’re back to panicking’: Moms are hit hardest with camps and day cares closing again

Greg Otto said he feels as if life has been on hold forever, despite being vaccinated in April.

“We have no real plans, and the things we do are really at a bare minimum,” he said. “We have a bubble with kids on the block. I don’t do anything. My wife doesn’t do anything. We kind of stick to home.”

“We’ve been pushed into a situation that is terrifying,” he said, “and I feel like it’s unfair, and I don’t feel it has to be unfair.”

These parents could use some advice themselves instead of telling the rest of us to live in fear like them. Who are they protecting in any case? Children account for less than one tenth of one percent of all COVID deaths, and of the few kids who actually succumbed to COVID, most had underlying conditions that made them more susceptible to disease in general. Sure, parents should protect their children from danger, but don’t ruin your kid’s childhood over something that isn’t even in the top ten risks to them. I feel for the kids who are caught up in their parents melodrama. You can’t avoid all risk and you can’t make life fair. What kind of impact will these parents’ fear and extreme risk aversion have on their kids? If only life were more fair.

If wishes were horses,
beggars would ride.
If turnips were watches,
I’d wear one by my side.
If “if’s” and “and’s” were pots and pans,
There’d be no work for tinkers’ hands!

The broader message I draw from this article is that instead of taking charge of their own lives, too many of our fellow citizens look to government to fix their problems. Even worse, they allow government to take control over their lives (and unfortunately, my life and yours as well). Folks in government, who are no smarter than the rest of us, are all too happy to assume control.

Candidate Joe Biden promised he would “shut down COVID”. Why would you believe he could? He and Dr Fauci, science incarnate, have acted as if reaching zero COVID were a real possibility (; for two years now, they have been promising far more than they could ever possibly deliver. I appeal to the folks featured in this article: face the fact we don’t have much control over this virus, or any other virus, for that matter (or the climate either, for that matter). Do what you need to for yourself and your family, but your fear and appeals to the government to fix things are ruining the country for everyone else.

Now that it is clear to everyone we could never meet the impossible goal of shutting down COVID, Biden and Dr. Fauci, world’s greatest scientist ever, don’t know how to get out of this pickle they created for themselves. They say now we should give them credit for trying to fix things, but I give no credit for using fear and manipulation to shape our thinking and no credit for ruining lives for a goal that some of us knew was impossible from the start. JP Sears uses humor to explain how they have ruined things instead of shutting down COVID like promised. If you agree with those trying to control your life, ask yourself: are you in denial about being in denial?

Below I quote a few others who offer a perspective on this unhealthy consuming fear gripping our culture. I am not the lone ranger putting a spin on things. A diverse group of people have recognized this problem and spoken out.

Dr. Scott Atlas, professor at Stanford University and member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force (the Anti-Fauci, in my opinion) talks with Tucker Carlson about folks irrational views on masking (this interview was in 2020 before COVID vaccines became a thing). Today, we are told vaccines are going to save us from extinction, but a year ago it was masks that were the ultimate panacea.

Did you notice the subtitle in this clip: “Nashville City Councilwoman: Maybe those without masks should be charged with attempted murder.”? Does that not say a lot in itself?

I have more on Omicron! below, but I should note at this point that those paper and clothe masks that have been so prevalent are doing nothing to stop the spread of the most contagious variant yet. Even a KN-95, which is better, isn’t going to help. At this point, it should finally be clear we are impotent to stop the spread of this latest virus as places like New York, which have re-imposed mask mandates along with vaccine passports, are still seeing massive spikes in COVID cases. In other words, your chances of getting Omicron are just as likely in New York as they are in Florida. Perhaps, these measures seem like good ideas and the humane thing to do, but clearly they are not helping. Or maybe you are still in denial about being in denial, so you think I am the crazy one? Blissful intelligence.

Our local pediatrician, whose newsletter I often quote, said the following regarding fear:

Link to newsletter:

MOST IMPORTANT – Every decision from here on out has to have the mental health of humans as part of the calculus. Fear of COVID is not a good decision making guidance tool now and likely never was. Risk calculation and personal health is important. I was speaking to some medical students this am about their personal fear of COVID. They should have none. They are young, healthy and vaccinated. Risk is less than almost anything else that we do on a daily basis including log fold less than driving a car. Keep everything in context now.

Marty Makary MD, MPH states: “The immediate reflex to give young healthy people a 3rd vaccine dose to protect against Omicron is not supported by data, nor is it necessary for anyone who has natural immunity based on the studies we have to date”.

We are seeing schools, like Cornell, shutting down campuses based on COVID cases despite completely mild disease and no hospitalizations or death following along. (Franklin J. 2021) To what end is this policy? In the pandemic’s beginning, preventing hospitalization and death remained the markers of policy variance. Now the goal posts have moved. The argument to close lacks muster now in a vaccinated lower risk world, yet it continues to occur. Strange times indeed.

SECTION II – The Atlantic often has very good articles to learn from, but they also tend to push an agenda that doesn’t make complete sense based on the data that is emerging. In a piece by Rachel Gutman, we see the beginnings of another fear based hypothetical reality to drive more booster vaccinations in those who were previously infected and vaccinated or just vaccinated. The article goes off the rails to discuss incredible hospital overwhelm scenarios in the United States that is at the highest vaccination status of the whole pandemic. The data is not supporting any of these hospital contentions of overwhelm or severity based on all emerging reports. The only major risk for a bad outcome remains co-morbid disease, age and unvaccinated naïve status. That is a very small population now as almost all of these individuals have either succumbed to the disease or been vaccinated. Witness the statistics on age, comorbid disease and vaccination status. High rates of shots and boosters in this group set. Thus, by definition, we are likely very very far away from any state of hospital overwhelm. Please read these articles carefully for the agenda that is behind them. The data and real time events do not support these contentions unless Omicron is something entirely different then what it appears to be.

Dr. Fauci is a hypochondriac who has seen too many people die in his career and wants us all to run in circles and scream and shout along with him, but thankfully there are other doctors who can still put the current situation in perspective.

Singer Nicky Minaj, someone who is quite liberal recognizes the tactics folks on her side of the political aisle use to bully folks into submission.

“You can’t speak for the fear of the mob attacking you, if that doesn’t give you chills up and down your f**king spine. This is scary. You should be able to ask questions about anything you’re putting inside your body…I remember going to China and they were telling us you cannot speak out against the people in power there, et cetera, and I remember all of us thinking, oh, ok, we understand and we respect the laws here and that it’s so different from where we live. But don’t y’all see what’s f**king happening? Don’t y’all see that we are living now in that time, where people will turn their back on you for not agreeing? People will isolate you if you simply speak and ask a question.”

As I mentioned earlier, too many of our fellow Americans put their hope in government. In fact, they see government as a replacement for God; churches and synagogues especially are seen as rivals to government which is why they are under attack (dare I say persecution?) today . We are always just one government program away from solving all the world’s problems, whether it be COVID or climate change or some other impossible goal that only government can supposedly fix.

Religious folks even try to incorporate “wokeness” into their theology and claim that this is what God wants from us: to help our fellow man by empowering government to solve the world’s greatest problems. Perhaps unwittingly, they have turned this trust in all-powerful government into a cult; instead, we should help those around us in need rather than outsourcing our charity to the government. Those who put their faith in government, exhibit the same religious fervor that led to religious wars in past centuries. If you don’t follow the one true religion, the religion of an all-powerful government, we will make you–and say it is for your own good.   At least, Minaj sees this fanaticism manifested by her political allies, although she does not seem as concerned about threat to organized religion.

I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history (Cardinal Francis George, May 2010)

Below is another example of what happens when you put your hope in government. You elevate people like Dr. Fauci and his boss, National Institutes of Health (NIH) director, Francis Collins, who use their positions of prominence to attack anyone with a competing message. We see the origins of such an attack in an email (now in the public domain) from Collins to Fauci. Collins labels three MDs from the prestigious universities Stanford, Harvard and Oxford as “fringe epidemiologists”. These three developed an alternative plan, the Great Barrington Declaration, in 2020; it is a contradictory vision to what Fauci and Collins were selling, They, along with hundreds of other co-signers have since been censored by social media and publicly attacked for daring to challenge the government establishment’s view. Do you think Fauci, greatest of all doctors, and his kimosabe Collins were looking for the truth or were they simply looking to discredit rivals and promote their own message? The cult cannot tolerate any rivals whatsoever.

All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely (Lord Acton).

These doctors have been unfairly targeted by people like Fauci, Collins, and one-channel media who have bigger platforms than them, yet the “focused protection” approach outlined in their plan is a cogent and reasonable approach; it is quite similar to approach Sweden took, and as I discussed a couple weeks ago, an approach that has proven quite successful when tried (

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize (Voltaire)

Ordinary, less well-known folks are also attacked for defying the cult, as was this professor who declined to be vaccinated (his claim of a superior natural immunity was not deemed relevant)

The entire country of Australia is gripped by COVID fear: lockdowns, arrests of the unvaccinated, and the COVID positive quarantined in concentration camps, complete with barbed wire. One teenager who refused to be vaccinated was sent to a COVID camp as a punishment. You are tracked down if you dare to leave these camps: It is a return to the leper colonies of the past, and governments around the world are inching ever closer to issuing yellow stars for the unvax’d.

In Austria, the government is now hiring “vaccine investigators” (and paying them a nice salary) to report on their neighbors who are unvaccinated. Neighbors reporting on neighbors just as Orwell described in “1984”. Soon, we will have kids reporting on their parents non-conforming views as well, another of his predictions.



@ElijahSchaffer @blazetv

Folks, take notice. This is where America is headed too if we let fear overwhelm us. We are almost there already.

Hope, Not Fear

The flip side of fear is hope. The current COVID narrative is seemingly impossible to overcome; for too many, it has become entrenched and no matter what, they stick to what they initially believed true, listening only to those they believe are telling the truth (but who may, in fact, be lying to them). When we share the truth by exposing the hype, the inconsistencies, and the lies, we have reason for hope.  This is one of my main goals in sharing my thoughts in this forum.

Our parish priest, offered this wisdom in a recent sermon: “there is little reason for optimism, but every reason for hope,”  meaning the world around us is falling apart, but we still have hope in God. People are being beaten into COVID submission, consumed with fear of death and COVID, and swept up into all the other mania of a world spinning out of control, yet, as our priest reminded us, our hope is still in God.

God is Truth, and when we spread the truth, the truth about COVID or any other important issue in the public sphere–or even in small matters, we spread God’s message and hope in Him and hope in our own future. It is incumbent upon all of us to better understand and learn the truth about the world for ourselves.  The truth is its own reward. Knowing the truth will you give hope and bring you closer to God. Seeking the truth, no matter where it leads, and then sharing the truth about what is going on in the world around us makes all the difference.

Furthermore, we should strive to keep the current situation in perspective and do not let our imaginations run wild. Here are a few bits of wisdom on maintaining perspective from General Colin Powell’s 13 rules of Leadership:

Rule 1: It Ain’t as Bad as You Think!  It Will Look Better in the Morning!

Rule 7: You Can’t Make Someone Else’s Decisions!  You Shouldn’t Let Someone Else Make Yours!

Rule 10: Remain calm!  Be kind!

Rule 12: Don’t take counsel of your fears or naysayers!

Rule 13: Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier!

Also, here is one rule specifically for Dr. Fauci and President Biden. I think it explains their current predicament quite well:

Rule 3: Avoid Having Your Ego so Close to your Position that When Your Position Falls, Your Ego Goes With It!

Ben Shapiro often says: “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Facts can sometimes counter that feeling of dread that may have overcome you a time or two during this pandemic. In my COVID updates, I like to share facts: charts, numbers, stats, etc. to paint a clearer picture. If you allow the data to influence your thinking (have an open mind, please), you will have a better understanding of what is actually happening. The data may confirm your fears or it may alleviate them or it may take you to some place that very much surprises you, but you are always better off knowing the truth than remaining blissfully ignorant.

My wife found a YouTube channel from Dr. John Campbell from the UK. He is a “just the facts” kind of guy.  Like me, he uses data to make his point. He is also quite prolific, putting out daily COVID updates, sometimes multiple ones in a day. Below is his update from December 21. His interpretation of the Omicron data is one that certainly ought to provide hope (refer back to Powell’s Rule 1 above):

Dr. Campbell tells us Omicron manifests with mainly common cold symptoms and while prior variants infected the lungs, this one appears to be more concentrated in the bronchial passages, making it far less threatening to our health. We all know by now that Omicron is highly transmissible, but that has not yet translated into more hospitalizations and deaths. As of 12/21, Dr. Campbell tells us, there were 14 Omicron deaths in the UK; most of the UK deaths are still from Delta. There were also only 133 hospitalizations from Omicron, out of a total of 7.5K COVID hospitalizations.

Hospitalizations are a leading indicator of deaths and in South Africa, where the variant began, hospitalizations are much lower than in previous waves. You can see three clear COVID waves in the South Africa data. Dr. Campbell labels these the original wave, the Beta wave, and the Delta wave. But where is the Omicron wave headed after more than a month of Omicron in South Africa? Deaths are up a little bit, but certainly not on par with the three preceding waves.

If the South Africa case numbers are to believed, they are already on the downslope of the Omicron wave with cases peaking on December 17:

I am a little dubious case counts have actually reversed so quickly, but time will tell if they accurate or not. Omicron has also become the dominant variant in several other countries now, so we can soon see if this pattern replicates itself elsewhere.

Dr. Campbell predicts Omicron will become the dominant variant world-wide, displacing the more lethal Delta variant. Omicron spread from Africa to Europe, Denmark and the UK being two of the European countries first impacted. It has also now spread to Australia and the US. In all of these places, we now see a very rapid spike in cases, but no significant increase in deaths yet.

All this seems hopeful; cautious optimism seems appropriate. Dr. Campbell posits the possibility that Omicron will spread so quickly and so widely that we finally reach world-wide herd immunity within a few months–and given that this variant is far less deadly, we could achieve that herd immunity at a much lower cost.

Our pediatrician in his newsletter Monday, December 20, is also throwing out the possibility of this being the end of COVID:

Omicron appears less deadly and more contagious.

Early reports are showing vast increases in spread rate but also significant reductions in lung based inflammation and disease. If these early reports play out to be true, we are in for a nice denoument to this pandemic. Fingers crossed.

If you have had 2 doses of an mRNA vaccine or had previous natural infection, you have a very very small risk of a significant hospitalization and therefore death from the Delta or Omicron variant based on statistics overall, however, you are likely to get some illness from Omicron now as it has escaped the two dose series protection. The caveat remains that these realities are left untrue when we see that the reinfected person has advancing age and metabolic diseases putting them chronically at risk for potential negative outcomes.

Contrast these doctors’ messages with the one-channel media’s message that we are encountering an Omicron “viral blitz” (the talking points memo apparently went out last week). Which message, the medical experts one of hope or the one-channel media’s message of fear, makes more sense?

Here are a couple of other hopeful developments that I learned from Dr. Campbell this week.

First, he tells us what happened to COVID cases in Japan shortly after the Olympics in Tokyo this past summer–and what they did to bring cases back down. Notice the recent spike:

As cases were rising in late August, Japanese officials scrambled for a mitigating measure. Desperation led to them try Ivermectin. Apparently, Japan too has its share of horse-medicine-loving far-right anti-vax nuts. You thought only Republicans in the U.S. believed in horse medicine to cure COVID? Interestingly enough, two weeks after they began pushing Ivermectin, cases in Japan declined rapidly and have not risen since. Wow! Maybe there is something to this horse medicine stuff?

Dr. Campbell makes the statement: “Strangely western media has ignored this”. He seems a very smart guy, but I am not sure he understands the politics of COVID. He also mentions a few other possibilities for the decline, specifically that Asians may have some genetic advantage against COVID, but it seems likely that Ivermectin played a big role.

The other message of hope from Dr. Campbell comes from a medical colleague in Denmark. Many people have pointed out that young males appear to be at risk from heart inflammation post-vaccination (this is one reason my wife is adamantly opposed to vaccinating our teenagers). Well, this Danish doctor completed a study which shows that by simply changing the vaccination method, this risk can be reduced by half:

The Danish doctor says this is a message for all world leaders. However, if this result were acknowledged, it might reflect badly on the past decisions of some (see Colin Powell’s rule 3 above); therefore, it may need to suppressed as well. Nevertheless, it is good to know this and if this message is spread widely among medical practitioners it may indeed bring about a positive change.

Biden and Omicron

Finally, I end with President Biden’s message to the country Tuesday, December 21 (let’s give everyone equal air time, right?). Biden spoke for about twenty minutes and then took questions for about five minutes afterwards. His remarks begin around the seven minute mark in this video:

I was concerned Biden might over-react to the Omicron panic and attempt to re-implement the more severe measures of the past, but he made clear we are not going back to March 2020. He proposed a few things, but nothing that I can see will make any significant difference. The key points I noted from the speech were the following:

  1. get vaccinated
  2. get a booster shot
  3. setup more vaccination centers
  4. stop misinformation
  5. have more testing

I won’t argue against vaccinations; although, I have stated time and again that vaccines are appropriate for some, but not all. We can vaccinate more adolescents and kids under 18, but it will do nothing to improve our overall COVID posture. Kids and adolescents are not the ones dying from COVID.

You can get a booster shot if you like, but I am holding off for now. The FDA voted 16-2 against boosters for anyone under the age of 65 Biden and Fauci are aware of this but are ignoring the FDA’s advice. On the other hand, the FDA recommendation is consistent with the “Focused Protection” approached by those “fringe epidemiologists” from Oxford, Harvard and Stanford that Fauci and Collins sought to discredit. If it were me, I would not even consider a booster if under 30, unless I had some other underlying condition that puts me at risk. In addition, Omicron has mutated so much that we should want to know if the current vaccines will provide any protection against it. Our government should provide us data on booster effectiveness against Omicron, so we can make an informed decision. Biden said nothing about vaccine effectiveness against Omicron on Tuesday.

I suppose the one Biden measure I would agree with is “stopping misinformation”, but I am sure the Biden administration’s definition of misinformation doesn’t square with mine. I have looked far and wide, and concluded the biggest purveyors of misinformation are the CDC and Dr. Fauci. Maybe what Biden meant to say was: “keep spreading fear and tamping down on the false hope from those who are not government officials.”

I would like to ask also: did Biden actually shut down COVID like promised? He effectively sniped at Trump’s record in 2020, but now he has a record of his own. Despite having the advantage of a COVID vaccine (which was available only the last forty days of the Trump administration), the results under Biden are not significantly better. Perhaps, that’s because of all you unvaccinated folks out there. You are making our president look bad.

AdministrationTime Period# daysTotal DeathsDaily Average
Trump3/15/20 – 1/19/21310429,5001385/day
Biden1/20/21 – 12/23/21338407,0001204/day
Comparison of COVID Deaths under the Trump and Biden Administrations

Since Biden has been in office there has been a 13% reduction in COVID deaths, not what I would call “shutting down” COVID. Vaccines have probably helped some, but by themselves they are not getting the job done. None of the measures Biden outlined this past Tuesday provide any confidence he has a real plan to make things better. I think we could have done better and still can. Here is my own four step plan:

  1. place more emphasis on therapeutics such as Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, HCQ, and others which have proven safe and effective.
  2. stop stifling debate among medical experts. Do not allow censoring of any individuals unless they are engaged in criminal activity.
  3. if you are at high risk, get vaccinated and get boosted.
  4. if you are sick, stay home.

It is an easy-peasy, simple plan, but it just won’t do for those who put their faith in government. Government plans require top-down control and all powerful figures to lead us. The crisis will never end if we rely on government to fix it all; however, if we are lucky, Omicron will spread around the world, give a lot of folks the sniffles, and COVID will flame out naturally in 2022. It could happen.

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