COVID Psychoses Continue (but the End is Still Near)

Considerable COVID information, much which should be labeled propaganda, has been shared in the last month. I provide samples so you can judge for yourself: who exactly has lost their mind and who has not? Who is providing information which helps you decide what to do for yourself and who is trying to manipulate your thoughts? Who exactly keeps fighting to keep COVID a hot button issue and why? Every political issue these days is a contest, more so now than in the past. We should all recognize by now that COVID is as much or more of a political issue than it is a science issue. Often times, the science is irrelevant to COVID discussions; the goal often is tarring your opposition and manipulating your beliefs rather than helping anyone at all.

There are many different approaches to solving the COVID problem (this is a good thing, actually), but the more political among us, including the media, want to paint themselves as vanguards of COVID and those who oppose them as evil, stupid, or ignorant, and those in power (media, government, big tech) want to shut down the arguments that do not agree with their points of view. When they cannot shut down the discussion (and they cannot possibly shut it all down), folks seek to ensure there are clear distinctions between what is a “red state” position and a “blue state” one, so as to attack their political opponent. COVID should not be a political issue. This insanity has often ground progress to a halt as a confused public doesn’t know who or what to believe. Watch our politicians and media and ask who really wants to get at the truth? When the points of view are so divergent, it is clear that someone is out to mislead us; unfortunately, for many those folks are not easy to spot.

I would love to focus solely on the numbers as I believe they are where the truth can be more clearly discerned. There is reason in looking at numbers and trends, and these days there is far more hope in the numbers and far more information with which to guide us all. The numbers are trending in the right direction currently, but those who have had stuck with the counter narrative (the lock-down, double-mask, vaccinate everyone, and scare us all) can’t abide by good numbers. They need the crisis to continue; the power and control they seek to exercise over us is dependent on some level of apprehension. In any case, I delve into the numbers at the end of this post and tell you why I think they are trending in the right direction.

We should look also at the emergence of yet another variant after Omicron (one related to Omicron itself) and ask: what does that mean for the future? Is it a good sign or bad one? Will the COVID cycle never end? Should we be scared and run in circles? I think not–at least not yet, not until there is good evidence to do so. Thankfully, the lock down crowd is losing its grip on the narrative, and as they lose that battle, they push even harder to maintain their original narrative. Determine the truth for yourself and push back against those who refuse to change the narrative as facts and trends change.

The Clashes

First, we have Republican Senators Paul and Marshall, both MDs themselves, who line up against Dr. Fauci, the greatest of all MDs who has ever lived. I include the full Congressional testimony from both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Wallensky just in case you would like to watch and discern for yourself. But truthfully, the most interesting parts were the sparing between these doctors. We can learn much from the analysis of just this.

Full video:

The CNN take is interesting, but it failed to cover the substantive medical points brought out by both Paul and Marshall.

CNN video:

CNN also clearly takes the side of Fauci in the article above. But, let’s face facts. Fauci has been less than honest this whole time. He has changed his point of view continually as evidenced by this 60-second advertisement (from Governor DeSantis) which as concisely as possible defines the problem we have had with Dr. Fauci:

This inconsistency and changing point of views is a classic symptom exhibited by politicians, not a trait we would expect from a scientist leading our COVID response effort. During testimony, Senator Paul asks Dr. Fauci about the success or failure of his measures. Is this not a valid point? Why is this line of questioning attacked? Dr. Fauci has been the point man on COVID under this administration as well as the last. “Are 800,000 U.S. dead a success?” asks Senator Paul (the count now exceeds 900,000). Senator Paul does not ask (he was not given much time, in fact) about the U.S. track record which has ranked in the top twenty per capita deaths (currently 18th) among all nations of the world. For a nation of our incredible resources and technological advantages, why have we ranked in the top ten percent in per capita deaths throughout the entire last two years?

What happens during this short exchange is what has happened in recent testimony. Dr. Fauci is protected by the Chairwoman and he runs out the clock by not answering any of the questions asked as he attempts to turn this into a personal vendetta against himself rather than answering the questions posed. Refer to the video clip in the link below:


On MSNBC he continued to play the victim, saying, according to the transcript, “What you saw at the hearing today was pure ad hominem.” He even tried to use the AIDS activists who previously protested him, saying that the vitriol against him then, because of how wrong he was then too, wasn’t as bad as now. Not exactly a good look to refer back to another time where he said wrong things and failed greatly.

What is extraordinary is that neither Anderson Cooper nor Chris Hayes asked him about the information referred to by Paul and Marshall. Now, of course, both CNN and MSNBC long ago gave up journalism for being essentially Democratic media organs. But it’s still something that they pretend to be journalists while being state media and failing to ask even the most basic journalistic questions.

While Fauci denied what Paul and Marshall were saying, he didn’t do anything to counter the evidence that they were presenting. Marshall asked him to release the records on the information in question without any redactions, to clarify the issue. If there were no problem and if Fauci were telling the truth, then he should have no problem doing that, right? But Fauci would not commit to doing that when asked by Marshall. And instead of doing that, he took to the Democratic airwaves.

However, Paul was having none of it. He said that now Fauci is even going beyond saying he’s unquestionable because he is “science,” that he’s saying if you question him, you are somehow encouraging violence against him, which is crazy. Paul, who has probably been threatened and attacked more than anyone, listed some of those times and said Fauci trying to blame him was just wrong.

“It was a cheap shot by a politician, not a scientist,” Paul said.

Fauci may be a doctor and a scientist, but I agree with Senator Paul: the last two years, Dr. Fauci is acting more and more like a politician and less and less like the MD he was trained to be. He has been corrupted by the political process and the attention he has received the last two years. Grabien put together this short clip on how he is viewed, mainly by one-channel media. How could such fame and praise not influence an ordinary man?


Consider this famous historical quote to better understand how this type of attention still works in today’s world:

When a person gains power over other persons–political power to force other persons to do his bidding when they do not believe it right to do so–it seems inevitable that a moral weakness develops in the person who exercises that power. It may take time for this weakness to become visible. In fact, its full extent is frequently left to the historians to record, but we eventually learn of it. It was Lord Acton, the British historian, who said: “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton (source:

Listen also to Dr. Fauci when asked earlier this week if he will step down and decide for yourself whether this power has gone to his head:


“Since I have been spending a considerable amount of time trying to propagate public health principles of why it’s important for the protection of the individual, of their family, and of society, to get vaccinated, for that reason I’ve been villainized,” Fauci said.

When Ruhle asked whether this ever made Fauci want to step down, he said that “we are in a crisis right now,” and declared that, “there’s no chance I’m gonna walk away from this. This is something that’s too important.”

No. I am sorry. Please remember, most of us have returned to our prior lives (thankfully, it is possible for me and my family still, although I recognize others may have suffered irredeemable losses), especially those of in states who left the extremes behind more than a year ago. But now, even one of the strictest adherents of the lock-down narratives, the state of California, is teetering on recognizing that the time for lockdowns may have passed. A year ago, Florida Governor DeSantis was criticized for allowing the unmasked people to attend the Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium filled to less than half capacity. The Super Bowl this year will be indoors and full capacity in California. There is no similar outrage because California is a blue state despite the fact that the deaths from COVID this year are higher than they were a year ago. Mind you, I think the lack of outrage with California this year is fine, but what more proof do you need that life is inexorably returning to normal, even in “give no quarter” California? When Governor Newsome says something different the weeks after the Super Bowl, please question his motives and why he didn’t speak up before.

The media took both sides of the issue COVID, for and against lockdowns last year. They heavily criticized anyone who organized to protest state lockdowns or other mandates, but then just as eagerly defended the protests over George Floyd’s death (which eventually gave rise to many riots and attacks on police). They acted as if one posed more of a COVID risk than the other when clearly both posed the same risk to the spread of COVID. One was a cause they believed in, so they would completely ignore the COVID risk for it. While other was a cause they did not believe in, so the COVID risk had to be accentuated. Go figure.

Again this year, the one-channel media will take a hiatus from the COVID precautions for the California Super Bowl played indoors at full capacity, because it is California and not Florida. If you believe you are at high risk from COVID or if you are unvaccinated and you feel unsafe, watch on TV and stay away from the party, whether it is the Super Bowl or any other event. If you are unvaccinated and you feel safe and you accept whatever the risk is, you have just as much a right to go as anyone else. Remember, the vaccinated are also spreading the disease (some numbers even show they are spreading it as much or more as unvaccinated people), so you unvaccinated or un-boosted folks are doing no worse than anyone else. So, what’s the point of discussing the Super Bowl COVID risk? Live your life as you see fit and accept the risk, if there is any for you. You are not killing anyone. Ignore such nonsensical talk.

In addition to the two senators noted above, Congressman Jim Jordan has also confronted Dr. Fauci. Are all these political leaders wrong? What they say makes sense even if they may be politically motivated comments. From Dr. Fauci’s perspective (and many others) is this: if you don’t like the questions, you say it is politically motivated to justify having the information censored. I had a good clip of Jordan to share, but it has been removed by You Tube and I haven’t found it elsewhere. You can disagree with political leaders, but why censor them? Doesn’t that make it clear they have something to hide by censoring? Anyone read 1984 lately?

Voltaire Quote

Dr. Fauci has been protected by a Democrat Congress and a Democrat Administration, along with the one-channel media, but he too should answer some questions about the origin of the virus, his suppression of other doctors, his flip-flopping on issues, and the lack of good results despite the imposition of countless mitigating measures that did very little to mitigate after all. Representative Jordan along with others in Congress could lead this charge after the Fall election.



We see more clashes as we look further. President Biden press secretary, Jen Psaki, along with her one-channel media advocates take pleasure in attacking Governor DeSantis on every possible issue; this week it is the issue of monoclonal antibodies. As I have mentioned in prior posts, Florida the last several months has been the leading advocate for these treatments and has had considerable success in lowering its death rate during that same period, the lowest per capita death rate in the country since stating down that path.

Florida’s Omicron death curve (the last little bump on the graph) is minimal. They appear to be done with Omicron. Why attack DeSantis for such success in his state, but not question Dr. Fauci for the U.S.’s overall numbers (which are not so good)? It appears now that the monoclonal antibodies treatment doesn’t work as well for Omicron as it has for Delta patients, so Psaki takes the opportunity to attack the successful DeSantis policy of the last few months.

Psaki response:

Why restrict this treatment? We still have folks sick with Delta and we may still have some new variant in the future for which these treatments may again be very effective. Maybe some other antibody treatment will emerge to help with Omicron patients. I do not want argue for or against the treatment for any individual, but instead I ask who are the ones who should be deciding: the FDA or the doctors treating patients? Why does the FDA and the Biden Administration tie the hands of local doctors? Who do you believe knows best for your individual treatment: the federal government or the doctor you have seen for years? Let’s at least give doctors the option given the prior success and the limited risks of this treatment to this point.

I also find it odd that the Biden Administration chose to shut down this treatment after playing it up as one of their six key strategies in the president’s speech to the nation last September 9.

Biden’s comments:

My prior analysis on this speech:

I also find it odd that any discussion of risks with vaccines is dismissed as well. Risks with the vaccine should not be overstated but they should also not be ignored; they should be debated openly, so we can settle upon the most effective vaccine strategy, but that is just not happening. More on vaccines below.

This person as well should be at least questioned about what is going on here:

Finally, the newly elected Governor of Virginia is also taking a stand against mandates. He realizes this is one of the clear mandates given him by his citizens and he is following through on his promises. More good news as the COVID pushback has come to another blue state.

Blast from the Past

Ages-past musicians like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have joined to the fight on the side of Psaki, Biden, and Fauci. They attempt to use their fame to censor Joe Rogan. Why exactly? Because Rogan spoke out about his own successful treatment which included the “horse medicine” drug? Because Rogan sat down with CNN’s doctor Gupta and challenged him on key COVID talking points? Because Rogan interviewed two doctors in December, Dr. McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone (the inventor of the mRNA technology used for vaccines) who do not follow the lockdown narrative? Why is Rogan the bad guy for simply asking questions and challenging the answers? Rogan has so many followers because he does an outstanding job with such interviews.

I went into more depth on Rogan’s analysis and prior posts:

Delta Declines; COVID Tyranny Rises


Mr. Young, who has not been relevant in music for decades offered Spotify (Rogan’s social media sponsor) a challenge: keep his music or Joe Rogan’s podcasts. Given that Rogan has more than 10 million viewers per podcast, “Good-bye Neil Young” was the easy choice for them. After Neil Young was forsaken, Joni Mitchell, another musician from way back joined him in leaving Spotify.

The choice is still easy for Spotify despite two formerly popular musicians joining the bandwagon, but let’s hope they don’t eventually buckle. The debate on COVID needs to happen and happen openly. Spotify will gain more support than they lose if they stick with their guns in supporting Rogan. This comment on Twitter is wonderful and tells the story well (and accurately, in my opinion):

Look Who is Joining Our Side

I disagree with the folks highlighted below often times, but let’s welcome a few of the liberal media club seeking truth about COVID for now. These folks do not remain brain-washed zombies like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. At least we can make common cause on this issue now that a few others once again appear to be thinking for themselves again. Late night TV show host, Bill Maher and former NY Times columnist, Barri Weiss are two who spoke out the past month:

Bill kicks off the 20th season of Real Time with jokes about President Biden’s press conference and our perpetual pandemic panic: “It’s just gone on too long, nobody cares anymore,” Maher said. “I don’t want to live in your mask paranoid world anymore. You go out it’s silly now: you have to have a mask, you have a booster, they scan your head. Like you’re a cashier and I’m a bunch of bananas. I’m not bananas, you are.”

TMZ says the comments from Weiss are controversial, but I don’t see why they should be labeled as such.

Bill Maher‘s show Friday night has stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy, after journalist and author Bari Weiss explained why she’s “over COVID,” and how current restrictions represent a “moral crime.”

Weiss and Maher railed on COVID restrictions … talking about the nonsensical restrictions in restaurants … you can eat and talk and laugh with others maskless, but when you walk to the bathroom you have to wear a mask.

While folks like Mahrer and Weiss are seeking the truth wherever it may lay, the medical bureaucracy which they were aligned with initially will never give up the fight. They have to be utterly defeated. Their Left-leaning colleagues who have not yet abandoned the lock down narrative say Mahrer and Weiss may as well be evil horse-drugging Republicans despite their common alliance with the Left on many other issues. You have to stay with the Left on all issues or you are a turncoat, a traitor (this is how they keep folks in line).

The ladies on The View give us a taste of what the one-channel media thinks of such turncoats (remember: let’s not consider that Whoopi and company has come to their conclusions through any introspection and analysis):


“This is not—nobody wants this,” she sighed. “I don’t want it, and I think he’s forgetting that people are still at risk who cannot get vaccinated, people who can’t. Little kids under the age of five. Or people with health conditions. How dare you be so flippant, man?!”

Liberal co-host Joy Behar piggybacked on Goldberg’s criticism. “They’re ‘over it,’ like a relationship. I’m over it! I don’t feel like seeing him anymore,” she snarked.

Co-host Sara Haines, meanwhile, said she didn’t “understand the post-mask part” of Maher’s rant, suggesting that when it comes to flying and large indoor activities, mask-wearing may be the norm for many people going forward.

“I think some of the things we’ve learned in this pandemic will stay the same,” she said. “I may never go on a subway anymore without a mask. I may never go indoors to big crowds and feel comfortable without a mask. And that’s up to me to do that.”

The ladies on this show claim to follow the science, but when criticizing someone’s position on a measure, they forget all about science and appeal to emotion instead (because the science is not on their side in this case). I think they forget that most people have gone back to living their lives normally. In New York or LA, where most of them live it may not be so, but it is for me and my family and millions more in other states around the country.

Will California Governor Newsome receive the same criticism from Whoopi and friends when the Super Bowl is played in Southern California indoors and at full capacity? Or will the ladies of The View talk about the halftime show and the celebrities who attended? I really don’t know what they talk about most of the time (except when they say something stupid that gets coverage like it did this week), but I think the answer to this is easy.

If you don’t want to wear a mask, I think the science tells us that is okay, especially if you want to wear a clothe or paper mask which are worthless in the time of Omicron (and have been worthless for a while).

prior post: To-Mask-or-Not-to-Mask:-That-is-the-Question

If you can’t get vaccinated because of health concerns, than there are many other diseases that put you at risk. Why, other than to gain a political or moral advantage, do our public figures in the lockdown crowd focus solely on COVID, to the exclusion of all other risks? We all want to be safe and you should adapt to your unique individual circumstances, but demanding that all others adapt to you and your unique circumstances (or your different political persuasions), doesn’t make sense. It is not what this country has stood for since its founding. It is not what has made us a great nation.

How About This Too?

The government in Canada has now resorted to expelling sick 5-year-old kids from the Ronald McDonald for not being vaccinated. They would rather a child die quickly from leukemia than risk even the slightest increase in the already out-of-control Omicron spread for a demographic that is generally not at risk from COVID itself.

Austin Furgason, a father of a 4-year-old child with leukemia who has been receiving treatment since October, shared a video on his Facebook account that showed a letter from Ronald McDonald House Charities British Columbia and Yukon announcing the vaccine-related eviction.

Furgason wrote on his Facebook page: “All tenants, adults and children over the age of 5 who are not vaccinated are out by the end of January. How absolutely wicked and vile.”

Is it a good idea for this child to be vaccinated against COVID? Many I have quoted before say children in general do not need to be vaccinated (many others advocate for children vaccinations, but in any case, the benefits to kid are minimal). What more can be said? What’s the bigger risk? Who has the bigger heart?

How about this awful story as well?


In a statement, Brigham and Women’s Hospital confirmed its decision to remove Ferguson from the list, saying, “Like many other transplant programs in the United States — the COVID-19 vaccine is one of several vaccines and lifestyle behaviors required for transplant candidates in the Mass General Brigham system in order to create both the best chance for a successful operation and also the patient’s survival after transplantation.”

How does this square with the Hippocratic Oath’s promise to do first do no harm?

A colleague of mine sent this clip in email as well. The lack of science from those claiming to follow the science is simply remarkable.

The administration has flat out denied the benefits of natural immunity and have redefined the word immunized/vaccinate to do so.  Additionally all working alternative treatments have been attacked and providers threatened for using drugs off-label only for Covid.  The hypocrisy of conventional medicine using ‘off-label’ as a villain to stop DRs from prescribing medication for Covid.  My wife and I are certified natural childbirth instructors.  Ever hear of Cytotec?  It is a drug approved by the FDA for stomach ulcers yet it is used off-label for abortions, cervical ripening and labor induction.  The manufacturer of the product is explicitly clear that its product should never be used for anything but stomach ulcers because it can cause death.  Funny, I don’t see doctor’s medical licenses threatened for using it off-label.  My point is, off-label use is and has been a bedrock of the prescribing ability of doctors especially for drugs already approved by the FDA for other uses. 

If there is any information from my website that you would want to use, I do NOT require or ask for any reference.  Any information I provide is intended to be free to use without attribution.  Just want the information to be a blessing.

Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Campbell, who I have often referenced, breaks down a recent study from the CDC. The study actually supports many of the claims I have highlighted in recent posts. For this reason, it will be ignored by leadership. Remarkably, per Dr. Campbell’s analysis of the CDC study, vaccination makes no difference for those already infected (skip to the 9:00 minute mark for more on this topic).

Yet, the Biden Administration reluctantly gives up after their legal defeat on mandates for private and federal employees. Per my own federal organization: more than 90% of all employees are vaccinated. That’s not good enough for them. Ask yourself why not?

Federal Judge Blocks Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate — FEDmanager

All of our employees recently received this notice email:

Until further notice, —– will not take any actions to implement or enforce the vaccination requirement in Executive Order 14043.

At the same time, the administration considers a new order per this from Daily Wire:

OSHA has admitted defeat of its so-called “emergency” workplace vaccine mandate but suggested it might still pursue a permanent mandate.

The agency officially rescinded its emergency vaccine mandate on Tuesday, two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. Yet, it signaled a desire to establish a permanent Vaccine or Test rule, abandoning the “emergency” order altogether. In a memo, it said, “Although OSHA is withdrawing the Vaccination and Testing ETS as an enforceable emergency temporary standard, OSHA is not withdrawing the ETS to the extent that it serves as a proposed rule.” 

New York which has also been pursuing mandates of its own was also shot down recently.


Governor Hochul issued this statement on the ruling:
“My responsibility as Governor is to protect New Yorkers throughout this public health crisis, and these measures help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. We strongly disagree with this ruling, and we are pursuing every option to reverse this immediately.”

To view the ruling, click here.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, whether you wish to hold to your mandates or not, Omicron is leading us out of the pandemic phase and into the endemic phase; it has been two years and most people have moved on by now; the vaccine mandates are still unpopular among a majority of Americans and they have been soundly defeated in court, yet Biden admin wants to continue to fight this. I don’t see why they keep fighting this; it is a losing battle for them.

Thank God for the continued support because the battle is not over. Last weekend, thousands braved the cold in DC to have their voices heard regarding the vaccine mandates. Good for them for speaking up.


Protest organizers said mandates are un-American and called for an end to mass firings, “segregating” and calling Americans unpatriotic over vaccine status on the event’s website.

The website puts an emphasis on advocating for protecting freedom and both vaccinated and unvaccinated people marching in “peace.”

Thank God too for the Catholic Church as well which continues to stand up for the rights of people to refuse the vaccine.


Over the past year especially we have heard also more about excess deaths among those we are trying to protect from COVID:

Life insurance companies sound alarm over 40% increase in deaths among those aged 18-64 – [your]NEWS (

Finally, this one is scary regarding vaccines and kids.  From what Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins would characterize as a “fringe scientist” from MIT.

But What About Boosters?

Dr. Campbell in the video above also asks the question: should there be boosters for the younger age groups? “It makes no sense to vaccinate everyone,” Dr. Campbell concludes (skip ahead to the 12:00 minute mark in the video) This is consistent with the FDA’s recommendation from last year, but no consistent with what Dr. Fauci and President Biden are saying today. Again, ask yourself: why not?

The vaccines it seems to me, served their purpose for a time, but we cannot keep obtaining boosters every few months. Dr. Campbell in the video points out the vaccine effectiveness are less six months, something we first heard from Dr. Malone last August (refer to “the reason for pause” in this link: After your original vaccination, Dr. Campbell tells us, you need a booster which lasts an even shorter period of time. On and on the same pattern continues with more boosters. How long can this insanity last?

Herd Immunity

Ok, so if vaccines have limited effectiveness, do we need to panic? No. Dr. Campbell concludes that the current environment is all remarkably promising for herd immunity, something we had given up on a few months ago. He is, of course, still concerned about high risk people because Omicron can still be fatal or debilitating, but basically he advocates for the recommendations from the Great Barrington Declaration of 2020, the one which Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins said was from “fringe epidemiologists” from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford. Eventually, everyone, I think, will come around to this position (and pretend they thought of it first, by the way)

More on the charges of fringe epidemiologists: COVID-Hope-or-Fear-(and-is-Omicron-Really-The-Big-Bad-Wolf?)

But, of course, neither Dr. Fauci nor Dr. Wallensky will ever give up or stop twisting facts. Compare their words and their conclusions to the counter narrative. Which makes more sense?


The Numbers and a New Variant

One thing that is not in doubt is that U.S. COVID cases are now falling dramatically. I love numbers like these because they simply cannot be disputed, twisted, or lied about. From January 14 though January 28, we have had 15 straight days of falling Omicron cases–and the drop is very substantial. The numbers are still very high, but it appears the drop will continue unabated for some time still (as evidenced by drops in other countries). On January 14, U.S. reported cases reached a 7-day average of 814K per day. In two weeks since, that number has been reduced by one-third to about 545K. It should take another three weeks for the U.S. to return to the pre-Omicron levels (around 120K) given that Omicron is currently somewhere around 99.5% of all COVID cases at the moment.

However, there is a new variant which is now making the rounds. Dr. Campbell discusses it in the video below. Is it real? Yes. Is he concerned about it? Not at the moment. This new variant is closely related to the current Omicron variant; Campbell calls it a sister variant. Natural immunity from the first Omicron should protect you against this new variant, per Campbell.

As mentioned previously, the virus mutates continually, so we will likely see new variants as we do with the flu and the common cold. Should we be concerned? Perhaps. Should we panic and continue the measures begun when we knew much less than we know now? No, not just yet.

Deaths in the U.S. are still high, higher than I expected to see at this point, although not nearly as high as last January. Campbell as well acknowledges the overcounting of deaths. It was widely reported last year that the CDC says that average number of co-morbidities is 4 and that 94% of all COVID deaths have some other condition Hospitals too are re-imbursed for COVID patients, something also widely reported, but the connection between their financial interest and this fact has not been so prevalently discussed among the lock-down narrative crowd.

But let’s go, as always, with the current official counts. The death rate from Omicron is so much lower than with previous variants. Deaths have risen with it because the case counts are more than triple now, but the fatality rate is so much lower than with those other strains, and deaths are still not anywhere near their peaks from last year (nor will they get there this year).

In the U.S., deaths the first two weeks of January rose 56%. The last two weeks, deaths rose around 13%. We are flattening out and should be dropping throughout February (a prediction I made in my last post and am sticking with). Deaths moved up to a little more than 2,300 per day on Wednesday, January 26. This may have been the peak given that COVID cases have dropped significantly the last two weeks.

The consensus from my research is that Omicron is not likely to bring a complete end to COVID, but it appears very likely now to bring a significant slowdown.   There is no doubt deaths will decline throughout February.  Some folks in media and politicians will hurt when they run into this unavoidable wall they have been attempting to avoid.

Below, I share two more links on the vaccines that might interest folks.

A couple weeks ago I pointed out these same concerns coming from data out of Denmark and Germany, now Daniel Horowitz talks about Scotland showing the same pattern.

Scottish data shows that the COVID-19 age-standardized case rate is highest among the two-dose vaccinated and lowest among unvaccinated! It further shows this trend of negative efficacy for the double-vaccinated persisting for hospitalizations and deaths. Something is very wrong here, and together with other data points, it raises concerning questions about the negative effect of waning antibodies, constant boosting, and the consequences of a leaky vaccine with narrow-spectrum suboptimal antibodies against an ever-evolving virus.

Thus, it’s not just the fact that the unvaccinated accounted for only 11.5% of cases the past two weeks, but even adjusted for age-stratified vaccination rates (PHS already does the math for you) the unvaccinated had the lowest infection rate out of the four cohorts – especially during the peak of Omicron. Furthermore, we see that even the triple-vaccinated clearly have no efficacy against infection, although they have some degree less negative efficacy than the double-vaccinated.

Even the protection from deaths and hospitalizations are not looking good per Horowitz:

What is clearly evident both from the hospitalizations and deaths is that the double-vaccinated are now worse off per capita even against critical illness, and that pattern appears to be accelerating. Again, this evidently shows a pattern of negative efficacy even against critical illness over time as the shots wear off, increasingly quickly with Omicron. Why is there no desire to study the source of this negative efficacy and whether the fact that the vaccine is non-sterilizing, wanes quickly with sub-optimal antibodies, is narrow-spectrum, and is increasingly out of synch with the changing virus is going to make the pandemic worse in the long run?

Where We are Headed?

It took a month or so for cases to rise–from mid-December to mid-January. It will take another month for cases to fall back to pre-Omicron levels–into mid-February likely. Another variant is on the way and it may bring another surge in cases, but the latest is closely related to Omicron; therefore, we can conclude it not as deadly as the Delta variant and those who had the prior Omicron are likely immune to the new Omicron (although not those with the vaccines ironically), meaning, it will not spread as widely as the original Omicron variant . I think by mid-March, we will be done with this nonsense. We will enter into the endemic phase, 100% back to normal in other words (at least in terms of this matter).

A large percentage of our population now has natural immunity, which clearly we must all now see as superior to vaccine immunity. Right? I suppose all but Fauci, Wallensky, their acolytes, and those not paying attention see it now (or at least admit to seeing it). The ultimate spread of such truths is very heartening to see, even at this late stage.

4 thoughts on “COVID Psychoses Continue (but the End is Still Near)

  1. You know the tide is turning when stuff like Canada is going on and the media just look like dicks and the leaders act like scared kids. The backlash is going to be interesting when the politicians try to maintain the power they have become used to.


    1. Thanks for raising the issue of the Canada trucker convoy. I didn’t manage to work it into the post. What will the political leaders do? I hope it would be something positive, like admit to their mistakes from the past, but that is probably one of the least likely responses, in truth. The Canada PM is flummoxed initially per reports this weekend:


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