CDC Director: “There is No Science. We Made it Up. ” Yes, We Already Knew.

The title line comes from a conversation Dr. Paul Alexander, an epidemiologist who served on the White House COVID-19 Task Force, had with former CDC director, Robert Redfield. Dr. Alexander, recounted the conversation during an interview on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s podcast. Dr. Alexander asked: “How did the CDC decide upon the ‘six feet rule’ for social distancing?” This simple and direct question received a simple and direct answer: “There is no science . . . We made it up,” per Dr. Redfield. Dr. Alexander was stunned, but if you have followed the COVID drama carefully the last three years, nothing should surprise you. The shocking thing is I am no longer shocked by such lack of competence, honesty, or integrity from those we should trust to guide us through difficult times.

Dr. Kelly Victory, another MD interviewed on this podcast added fuel to this fire, citing studies from Brown University and Rochester University which showed there is no better protection if you stand sixty feet or six feet from another person. Remember, being told to stand six feet apart while waiting in line? Remember the markers on the floor? Remember every other seat was occupied in arenas? Remember Dr. Fauci repeatedly reminding us of the importance of six feet? What was that based on if not science?

Masking too was another linchpin in the government strategy (minute 23). Dr. Victory says no evidence was discovered during the last three years to show masking is an effective remedy against an airborne virus (nor was there before), certainly not one as minute as COVID, nor one as transmissible as Omicron. I always doubted exhaled lighter-than-air viruses surround us in six foot bubbles instead of floating aimlessly and filling all crevices of a room completely. None of this should surprise those who stayed informed. More than a year ago, I quoted several other mask skeptical doctors:


Dr. Fauci’s initial take on masking in February 2020 was that they were not effective against COVID: He was joined in this opinion by other medical experts on President Trump’s Coronavirus task force, including CDC Director, Robert Redfield, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Dr. Deborah Birx, and U.S. Public Health Service Commissioner, Brett Giroir. None of these folks nor any other prominent medical experts advocated for masking last Spring. Lockdowns were the tool of choice initially.

Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford University, also a member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force along with Dr. Fauci said the following in an interview: “There is no good science on general population, widespread, in all circumstances, mask wearing.”

Dr. Ezekial Immanuel, former Biden medical advisor (and architect of Obamacare, by the way) was saying you really need to wear an N-95; cloth masks are not effective

He is joined in this opinion by Dr. Michael Osterholm, another former Biden advisor said the same thing this month:

The skepticisms regarding social distancing and masking are common, but have not been fairly received. The medical establishment continues to tout the same old failed remedies while doctors questioning “settled COVID science” from the CDC, FDA, NIH, “science” are attacked for simply daring to engage in debate. Two years ago, “Quackwatch” leveled a charge against Victory:


In a recent YouTube video, Kelly Victory, M.D. asserted that (a) COVID-19 is less serious than generally believed, (b) social distancing is not necessary, (c) wearing a mask does more harm than good, and (d) Americans should feel “secure and confident to fully return to your lives, your businesses, schools, and places of worship without fear and without limitations.” [1] The video had more than 700,000 views before YouTube removed it for violating its community guidelines.

Science has generally been advanced by smart people debating, but medical skeptics today are not tolerated by the political establishment and one channel media. The attack on Dr. Victory is standard practice unfortunately. The referenced video from Dr. Victory was removed in 2020 because those in power think the American public shouldn’t hear from COVID skeptics in the medical field–not random skeptics with no medical credentials, but highly credentialed skeptics who tell us about the relevance of medicine in our lives. The powers that be determined Drs. Fauci and Walensky are the science. You have heard claims of fascism the last few years; this censorship of debate is what it actually looks like. In 2022, Dr Victory and Dr. Alexander raise the exact same doubts again; this time, the You-Tube video is allowed to stand. There is still a flicker of truth present. More need to notice.

How Bad is it?

This particular podcast is compelling because the criticism is exceptionally blunt and stark. Dr. Drew, the host, laments the absolute destruction of the medical profession brought on by COVID fallacies. The three doctors agree COVID has revealed (and been the catalyst for) “catastrophic failures” of the medical industry along with shocking departures from professional and medical standards the last three years. The damage is severe; much is irreversible.

It is all shocking if you have not heard such criticism before, but there are many more doctors who concur–the principled and courageous ones. Still, much of the public continues to trust medical institutions which have, in three years, destroyed decades of well-earned credibility. Censorship is the tool they use because it is the only way they can maintain the deception.

Please consider the criticisms and perspectives of these doctors before the next medical scare arrives. Our civilization, as educated and informed as ever, is no longer performing the basic functions needed to sustain itself. Please take notice and share these concerns before our civilization implodes.

These doctors come across as extremely knowledgeable. Of course, they may be smart enough to fool me. Dr. Alexander has a degree from Oxford and Dr. Victory one from Duke, and they have between 20 to 30 years of experience in their fields, but Dr. Fauci has even more time in grade. No. Dr. Fauci does not have the answers. After two years and more than 40 COVID posts, I have quoted so many more with equally impressive medical credentials raising similar concerns. In fact, Dr. Fauci is the one who so many in the medical field have challenged as the outlier.

Label and Attack

The pattern of attacking doctors challenging government COVID policy started with an attack on French microbiologist, Dr. Didier Raoult. In March 2020, he touted treating COVID with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). President Trump, perhaps hearing of Dr. Raoult’s research, also touted HCQ in March 2020. Dr. Raoult has no clear ties to American politics and had, prior to 2020, been dubbed “the world’s foremost authority on microbiology”. Unknowingly siding with President Trump placed his reputation under a cloud. I wrote of this in 2021:


the medical community is now in favor on using HCQ for treating COVID:  When President Trump touted it as a treatment last spring, there was all manner of controversy.  I covered earlier how Dr. Didier Rauolt, the world’s foremost microbiologist, as well as America’s FrontLine doctors and other MDs touted HCQ as a COVID treatment but were censored, had medical licenses and jobs threatened, and were publicly shamed as quacks for speaking out about HCQ.  They just couldn’t let President Trump have any credit for bringing this treatment to light in an election year.  God forbid.   Well now that President Trump is gone, it is okay to “follow the science” of HCQ again. 

Wikipedia, to this day, still lists Dr. Rauolt’s “controversial” position at the top of its page.

He gained significant worldwide attention during the COVID-19 pandemic for vocally promoting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the disease, despite the lack of evidence for its effectiveness and the consequent NIH and WHO‘s opposition to its use for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospitalized patient

Never mind he was defined as a lion in his field. Never mind one year after his “controversial” stance backing HCQ, others confirmed his viewpoint (it is fine now to tolerate HCQ because President Trump is no longer in office). Dr. Raoult will forever be known for his “controversial” position which was simply a professional opinion unrelated to politics. Why is the world’s foremost microbiologist offering a medical opinion on a topic in his area of expertise considered controversial?

Around minute 75, Dr. Drew notes the state of California is introducing a bill to go after doctors’ licenses: “if you dare to go over with the patient anything other than the dogma of the state of California’s bureaucracy”. Doctors must be cowered so the state can prevail; this is how they maintain untenable positions. Dr. Victory predicts this bill will compel doctors to leave California in droves. This is another facet of fascism. California will succeed eventually and more will follow California’s example. There are no surprises here.

In another recent event: a teacher was fired for giving students an extra credit assignment to listen to a Joe Rogan interview of Dr. Robert Malone. Dr. Malone is the man who invented the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, a man worth listening too. Yet, Dr. Malone is a policy critic as well; therefore, those who would simply ask others to listen to Malone, are censored. By the way, Rogan, the most popular U.S. podcaster, has been censored for simply interviewing policy critics such as Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough (another highly credentialed and oft-referenced medical authority).

How long will this pattern continue without more of a public challenge?


Dr. Malone is the discoverer of in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection and the inventor of mRNA vaccines, while he was at the Salk Institute in 1988. His research was continued at Vical in 1989, where the first in-vivo mammalian experiments were designed by him.

The Larger Point

The larger point made by Drs. Alexander and Victory, and echoed by Dr. Drew was that not a single COVID policy was effective: not lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, social distancing, vaccine mandates. Every government policy failed miserably. Dr. Alexander says the “CDC is one full year behind the science”. He adds (and the others concur): “The CDC has been an absolute failure,” and their “guidance has been wrong–repeatedly”.

The government first followed a “zero COVID” policy followed by a “vaccine only” policy, per Dr Alexander. “They failed to protect the vulnerable in nursing homes while at the same time locking down healthy and unaffected children and young adults.” Yes, we know. We watched in real time; it never made sense.

The price tag for COVID school closures could top $28T (

The new study analyzes the hideous nationwide decline in 8th-grade math scores on the 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress, a k a the nation’s report card. The average drop in math scores amounted to eight points — the largest ever recorded, erasing all gains since 2000, equal to as much as 0.8 missed years of school and a likely lifetime

Policies that might have worked were rejected. Hundreds of doctors signed the Great Barrington Declaration which advocated for a risk stratification by age. Doctors authoring the declaration were directly targeted by Dr. Fauci and his boss at NIH (as revealed by internal communication via a FOIA request). Viable alternatives were a threat to government strategy. Effective COVID treatments, such as HCQ and Ivermectin could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Dr Pierre Kouri testified to Congress regarding remarkable results from Ivermectin in late 2020 , but by then vaccines had became the holy grail; the Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin was (laughably) reduced to “horse medicine”. This is not just a medical catastrophe; it is indicative of a culture on the verge of collapse.

Per these doctors, the cost of such failed policies has been monumental. They tell us there has been no retrospective from any government agency three years after, nor is one likely soon. There has also been massive collateral damage, especially for those not at risk and the poorest among us. The FDA’s decision to approve vaccines for children was “junk science”, and “bizarre” per Dr. Alexander. The “evidence actually disproves their case,” he says. “How in the world could any self-respecting scientist come to this conclusion?” Throughout this podcast, established government agencies and their medical staffs are thoroughly indicted. Rightly so.

Why Such a Massive Failure?

I don’t invent concerns regarding COVID policy. I am not a flat earther following every government conspiracy theory. I recount doctors opinions along with relevant facts and data. It is clear we have massive problems in public health.

Dr. Drew (minute 38) asks: why did highly educated medical professionals fail us so completely? Why were the wrong steps followed? Why was the wrong guidance repeatedly given? The three doctors speculate: it is a power grab, a lack of critical thinking, unwillingness to stick one’s head up, a failure of the medical education system. They note also that Dr. Fauci has not practiced clinical medicine in 54 years. Why was he given so much power, first by President Trump and then by President Biden?

All these are contributing factors, but the real key, I believe, is: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). Dr. Victory notes that public health equity has become more important than clinical results. Showing your bona fides, showing allegiance to equal outcomes, while eschewing equal opportunities, has become today’s mantra. The EDI narrative is more important than truth itself. It doesn’t matter if the policies make no sense or are, in fact, counter-productive.

Devotion to the EDI narrative matters even if the policy supported inhibits EDI goals. Equity is why many states initially distributed vaccines to minorities first even though age (not race) was the most relevant factor to consider in vaccine distribution; sex is more significant than race (males have a far higher risk than females), but that reality didn’t fit the EDI narrative (who-are-we-vaccinating?). Futhermore referring to the China virus supposedly makes you a racist, despite the fact the virus did indeed originate in China and place of origin has often been used as a label. Dr. Alexander says political goals are now advanced in medical training, replacing good old-fashioned common sense. The EDI problem has infested every asset of our culture, not just medicine.


A vaccine discussion starts around minute 48. The doctors discuss technology problems as well as a lack of vaccine safety. They note risk/benefit analyses showed problems from the very start. Dr. Victory claims that, at this point, vaccines are actually driving the vaccinated to become more infected.

Last month, I wrote about numerous unexplainable health problems among professional, college, and high school athletes around the world elusive-COVID-truth. JJ Watt, an NFL star, had his heart shocked back into rhythm this season. Last Monday night, an NFL player suffered an actual cardiac arrest during a game. Were these incidents related to vaccinations? We don’t know, but we do know that routine football and soccer plays are not the cause. We also know such incidents have become more common since COVID vaccinations began.

The doctors agree vaccines do not benefit children and young adults, and even the middle-aged. This is especially true now as the virus has mutated so quickly and vaccines have not kept pace. Dr. Drew stakes a position that vaccines are of benefit for those 75 and older; the others dispute the vaccine benefits for even this demographic. Still, there is agreement that for most demographics, vaccines have been an awful failure.

Despite EDI narratives, I say facts are still facts:

  • In 2020 (from mid-March to December), U.S. COVID deaths averaged 1362 per day.
  • In 2021 deaths were 1298 per day. The rate barely declined after vaccines were introduced in December 2020.
  • In 2022, the rate fell to 728 per day. The decline happened despite a large drop in vaccinations in 2022.
  • Since mid-April 2022, the rate has been 386 per day.

We begin 2023 with a death rate in the 300’s, a fraction of what it was in January 2022. Progress was made despite dramatically declining vaccination rates. COVID was the third leading cause of death (behind heart attacks and cancer) for two years. Today it is sixth. As demonstrated above, vaccines had nothing to do with the decline.

Dr. Victory (minute 58), states that for every one life saved in the 18-29 age group, there are 18 or 19 serious adverse vaccine events, including death. Yet, the FDA advocates vaccination of children in the face of such evidence. My teenage children are not vax’d because the risk/benefit analysis is clear to me and my wife. Our pediatrician and doctor friends, who I often quote, agree on this point as well.

We also hear during the podcast that vaccines are problematic for males under 40 and pregnant women. The doctors are incredulous such safety concerns for these groups are minimized. Many countries have already eliminated vaccines for these demographics. Dr Alexander says, in the U.S., we are making well kids sick to avoid an extremely remote risk of a serious COVID infection. Why is debate regarding this censored?

New Chinese Virus:

The credibility of so many medical institutions has been destroyed during this pandemic, yet the public needs a reliable source. What do we do when the next scare comes? Is the last mutation, on its way from China, an imminent threat, perhaps?

The latest COVID mutation has infected large numbers in China and is already on its way to our shores. Dr. Campbell’s video from December 31 discusses this new development. The new virus has an insanely high R-value (replication rate), greater than any COVID virus thus far. Dr. Campbell predicts almost everyone will be infected in a very short period. Thankfully, it is still in the Omicron class and is not as deadly as past COVID viruses, so he advises calm:

Still, what happens when our government leaders tell us to panic and lockdown again? They will, if not with this COVID virus, then with another. They have learned the public can be manipulated and they will use that to their political advantage.

The COVID virus continues to mutate extremely rapidly. It is avoiding mitigating measures as if it actually knew its enemy’s tactics. We will eventually have a new COVID virus (or some other disease) which will require a serious response. Will we be ready? Will there be anyone left to trust? Please think about the consequences now before it actually happens.

Dr Campbell’s criticism is subtle, but he is a critic nonetheless. Please listen to what he and others say to determine the truth for yourself. In this episode from January 3, he subtly notes he cannot criticize numbers coming from the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is always right, you see. In any case, please remember if you limit your sources, you may be lead astray:

more on COVID:

3 thoughts on “CDC Director: “There is No Science. We Made it Up. ” Yes, We Already Knew.

  1. Hello again

    Many thanks for your post and for your persistence in this war of words. Much of the problem with doctors is they typically put Dr in front of their names, instead of MD after as they all typically did once upon a time I believe.

    No one should be entitled, and to do so only serves to make people think doctors are gods which they are not.

    If I haven’t said before, I now know more about disease that most main stream doctors and I certainly know that Covid 19 is merely the ‘flu made out to be a monster by persistent advertising. But then I did know that in June 2020.

    I have written this on Fauci should you be at all interested.

    kind regards


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