COVID: Hope or Fear (and is Omicron Really the Big Bad Wolf?)

I like quoting CNN anchor Jake Tapper because he sometimes says the quiet part out loud. Last year, after President Trump was diagnosed with COVID, Tapper told us it is right for us to be afraid of COVID and he was aghast that Trump told the American people not to be afraid. Really? Cowering inContinue reading “COVID: Hope or Fear (and is Omicron Really the Big Bad Wolf?)”

Is COVID Overhyped? (Omicron! too?)

I wrote about the relatively low COVID numbers earlier this fall At the time, I mentioned COVID rates had declined into the first week of November, a surprising result for the respiratory virus to end all viruses. Since then Omicron! has invaded the U.S., but as I watch the numbers roll in, it seemsContinue reading “Is COVID Overhyped? (Omicron! too?)”

Curious Case of Sweden (and Omicron! Too)

The media does not like control groups because control groups provide a basis for comparison. Without a basis for comparison, our media and politicians can say without a doubt (as well as without adequate proof) that masks, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, curfews, and all the rest of their top-down controls work. But when there is aContinue reading “Curious Case of Sweden (and Omicron! Too)”

Asking the Tough Questions About COVID

I have continued to raise questions regarding the vaccine mandate for federal employees with those in my chain of command. Last week, I directly engaged another level of management; I am up to the fifth level of management, our CIO (our organization has a bunch of levels of management, one of our organizational weaknesses IContinue reading “Asking the Tough Questions About COVID”

COVID: October Surprise

The numbers often tell the story of COVID, a story that often differs widely from what our political leaders, public health experts, and media tell us. There are a few simple and obvious conclusions to draw from the current numbers. COVID Transmission Rates and Vaccines First, the numbers tell us vaccines are not stopping theContinue reading “COVID: October Surprise”

To my Employer and to Joe Biden: I Still Won’t Comply

A couple of months ago I shared with you a letter I wrote my chain of command outlining my concerns with the vaccine mandate for federal employees ( In the two months since that letter, the situation has only gotten worse. I wrote again to my chain of command this past week because IContinue reading “To my Employer and to Joe Biden: I Still Won’t Comply”

COVID: September Slide Continues into October (and more good news)

Let’s do a quick tour of the COVID numbers. We are in mid-October now and it is the time of the year that seasonal viruses kick in; however, since September 1, U.S. COVID cases are down from 166,000 per day to 85,000 per day, a drop of almost 50%. Last year around this time, weContinue reading “COVID: September Slide Continues into October (and more good news)”

Memo to Fauci, Biden, CDC: How Can You Live With Yourself?

For my last COVID post, I focused much on the good news, so let’s start there. After rising in July and August, COVID cases peaked in early September and have been falling since; we are down more than 42% in the last 5 weeks, the average having fallen down below 100,000 per day again. ItContinue reading “Memo to Fauci, Biden, CDC: How Can You Live With Yourself?”