The Fool’s Gold of Zero Covid

We have been bombarded with a couple of COVID narratives recently, first, that COVID is out-of-control again and we all need to go in the back yard and run in circles, and secondly, that the COVID problem is easily solved and we can all go back to normal and forget about our COVID worries ifContinue reading “The Fool’s Gold of Zero Covid”

COVID: Two Questions Answered, Some Good News, and a Reason for Pause

Recently, I posed a couple questions to our pediatrician and he has provided responses in his newsletter below.  My goal as always is to share as much information as possible, so everyone can be well informed and decide for yourself. Unlike the CDC, your local government officials, Dr. Anthony Flip-Flop, and your social media providers,Continue reading “COVID: Two Questions Answered, Some Good News, and a Reason for Pause”

COVID: Why Do You Need that Information?

Last week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked a straightforward question about COVID: “This administration has long claimed that you’re trying to be the most transparent in history. If that’s the case why don’t you just release the number of breakthrough cases that you have with vaccinated staffers? ” Psaki provided a non-answerContinue reading “COVID: Why Do You Need that Information?”

COVID: Do not Panic. Do not Listen to the Politician Behind the Curtain.

The COVID delta variant is spreading in the U.S. and other places, but today’s COVID is not the threat it was a year ago because deaths are not rising commensurate with the dramatic increase in cases.  This dichotomy needs to be explained and understood.  Two weeks ago, I posted that cases in the UK hadContinue reading “COVID: Do not Panic. Do not Listen to the Politician Behind the Curtain.”

COVID: C’mon Man. Let’s Be Real.

All this year, we’ve been hearing about COVID variants and how they are going to do us in–only they haven’t yet. The last two months, it has been the delta variant which when it reared its ugly head we were told was the most contagious and deadliest of them all. I first wrote about theContinue reading “COVID: C’mon Man. Let’s Be Real.”

COVID Cases Rise: What Does it Mean?

Last week (the week of June 13) there was another big drop in U.S. COVID cases, the ninth straight week of falling numbers, but this past week the trend suddenly reversed and cases started rising again. You may not have heard this news yet; I noticed because I watch the trends daily and saw anContinue reading “COVID Cases Rise: What Does it Mean?”

COVID: Fauci is the Science, Check Your Mask at the Door, and Be Informed on Vaccines

COVID is becoming less of a concern as the U.S. numbers trend in the right direction, but there is still plenty of news, much of it concerning, much still relevant, and much that we should all be aware of. The Numbers: The U.S. cases and deaths continue to fall, although it’s a mixed bag aroundContinue reading “COVID: Fauci is the Science, Check Your Mask at the Door, and Be Informed on Vaccines”

COVID: The Big Drop, Free Beer, and a Good Show

Analyzing numbers is not an interest for most people, but this week’s COVID numbers are chock full of information that can tell us a lot about what has happened and what to expect next. I explain what the numbers tell us and then share more tid-bits on variants, vaccines, masks, as well as more onContinue reading “COVID: The Big Drop, Free Beer, and a Good Show”