Quick Hits: Vaccine Safety/Who Killed Ivermectin?

Here are a few quick hit to supplement my last post: OMG: COVID Crisis Just Ended. Most of the world has ended its COVID restrictions by now, but how much have our leaders really learned from this experience? Will those lessons further the public interest or will they be for our leaders own or their party’sContinue reading “Quick Hits: Vaccine Safety/Who Killed Ivermectin?”

Western COVID Tyranny (Go Canada Truckers!)

I start by posing a question in the tradition of the ancient great Socrates. Where do you think this picture is from? It looks like it could be in the Ukraine, but it is not. It is Canada instead. What could be the reason for the assault on this pickup truck? Is there a terroristContinue reading “Western COVID Tyranny (Go Canada Truckers!)”

My Own COVID Experience (and More Gaslighting)

A few interesting things occurred the past week in the COVID world. COVID continues as a soap opera as people pretend what many of us know to be true is not true. Gaslighting is the term used for this modern common experience, something that is becoming frighteningly more common by the day. I share aContinue reading “My Own COVID Experience (and More Gaslighting)”

Who is The Last One Off the COVID Crazy Train?

The facile answer to the question above is Dr. Fauci–or perhaps the one he is being manipulated by. The harder question, actually, is: why are we still on a COVID ride? For many U.S. states, the COVID crisis ended a year ago as they ended restrictions, but several other states refuse to admit we haveContinue reading “Who is The Last One Off the COVID Crazy Train?”

COVID Psychoses Continue (but the End is Still Near)

Considerable COVID information, much which should be labeled propaganda, has been shared in the last month. I provide samples so you can judge for yourself: who exactly has lost their mind and who has not? Who is providing information which helps you decide what to do for yourself and who is trying to manipulate yourContinue reading “COVID Psychoses Continue (but the End is Still Near)”

Writing a COVID Ending

How ironic that as COVID is reaching higher levels than ever around the world, we could actually be closer than ever to the end of this pandemic. How ironic also that as Representative Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Chicago Mayor Lightfoot contract COVID, they, of course, thank their lucky stars for being vaccinated. Actually, it’s no surpriseContinue reading “Writing a COVID Ending”

COVID Checklists (Please Be Prepared/Informed/Involved)

With Omicron! spreading so rapidly now, the chances you will contract COVID have increased dramatically. Even if you contracted COVID previously, the word is that there is a chance you can be infected again with Omicron! More than ever, you should be prepared for what to do if infected. I have put together a fewContinue reading “COVID Checklists (Please Be Prepared/Informed/Involved)”

All Roads Lead to the Vaccine (but Mother Nature Leads Us Out Instead)

The Omicron! variant is spreading like nothing ever seen before. The headline from CNN December 29 is: CDC director explains new Covid-19 guidance as the US heads into a harrowing phase of the pandemic. https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/29/health/us-coronanavirus-wednesday/index.html. Yet again, we are told to run in circles and scream and shout. Should we be scared? Joe Biden warnedContinue reading “All Roads Lead to the Vaccine (but Mother Nature Leads Us Out Instead)”